016 Restaurant & Sandwich Shop menu in Chicago, Illinois, USA

My son and daughter-in-law brought us to 016 last night for dinner. One of my daughter-in-law?s co-workers recommended we try it. I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed a meal so much!

None of us had ever eaten Serbian food before, and we were not disappointed! The atmosphere was very inviting, the server was attentive, friendly, and helpful when we asked for recommendations.

We were all hungry, and dove right into the fresh warm, fluffy bread when it arrived at our table. We ate every single piece, and then there was more! We started our meal with the Meza Platter. The presentation was beautiful, and the meats and cheeses were all very flavorful. We also tried the fried peppers and cucumber and tomato salad which were also fresh and delicious!

Each of us tried a different entree, chicken, veal, lamb, and the sausage), none of us were disappointed! Everyone shared bites, so I tasted a little of everything. It was all delicious, and the presentations of each were beautiful.

I know we will all be back! I only wish my husband and I lived here, so we could come more often! Thank you for a fine meal, a new culinary experience, and a new family memory.