#1 Microblading Certification & Training Academy | BrowBeatStudio USA

Get trained by Texas’ #1 Microblading and Ombre Powder Brow Certification & Training Academy

BrowBeat Microblading Certification & Training Academy is the most recognized and trusted microblading academy in Texas. We know that one stroke in an eyebrow can make all the difference. Our mission is to make you confident and skilled. Our instructors are dedicated and passionate about helping all of our students boost their confidence and self-esteem by teaching them to create the most natural-looking eyebrows.

Our instructors will show you the latest techniques allowing you to provide good quality work for your clients. It takes time, practice, and the support of our BrowBeat team, which will help you become very successful with your microblading career. That’s not all. We also teach you marketing skills and business building skills that will take your business to the next level. We can also provide microblading training online to our students. Whether you are a tattoo artist, a permanent makeup artist, or a beginner, we will give you all the training you need to become a successful microblading artist.