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With a massive lineup of big names in the Wisconsin public golf lineup, the cheese state has certainly earned it’s moniker as the best state for public golf. However, the big boys aren’t the only option for golf in the cheese state. This WSGA internship is about the landscape of Wisconsin golf and a big part of that landscape are the public golf courses where real golfers play golf.

There are over 400 golf courses in Wisconsin and about 375 of those are officially off of the national golf radar.

Below you will find 10 of those 375 golf courses. The people that I encountered at these courses were some of the most pleasant that I have met on my travels. While their golf courses might not measure up to Whistling Straits, the locals take great pride in them and they mean a lot to the golfing fabric of Wisconsin.

Please enjoy my rundown of these 10 often neglected golf courses as I present them to you in no particular order.