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Airsoft is an extreme sport and can be dangerous to play in the public. The most safest place is in the field.

There are 10 airsoft fields that are scattered around Ohio, but isn’t too far from the state either. Based on my research, these are some of the best airsoft field you don’t want to miss.

There are the airsoft spots in OHIO where they offer some of the best places in your area. 

Here are the airsoft fields You can play airsoft:

  • Splatter Park
  • Crucible Airsoft Ohio
  • Odin Paradise 
  • War Den Airsoft 
  • Devils Playground Airsoft Field
  • Fallen Warrior Airsoft 
  • Hidden Spring Ranch
  • Secktor 7
  • I70 Paintball and Airsoft 
  • Ohio Valley Airsoft 

5560 County Road 109, Mount Gilead, OH 43338


Open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am – 5 pm

Private Party play times: 9 am – 5 pm  (10 players minimum and reservation required) 


$25.99 for open play (and Free lunch)

$35.99 for open play & BBs 

Here you can find the detail for rental and extra BBs & Add-ons. 

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A great outdoor field for airsoft and paintball as well. Thanks to nature, this is ideal for those that love playing outside and stay active. Furthermore, it is located close to Columbus, so isn’t that far from the center. 

Here you can play from wooden terrain, container field with an airplane on top, I would say Splatter park is one of the biggest fields you can visit in Ohio.

The field can be wide-open to small area depending on what game you are playing. This place is something you won’t miss out.

Here is a small clip of how their field looks like. 

Additional Things to Know 

Here can you also play paintball (if you want to) and zombie hunting. This game is very simple, all you have to do is shooting down “zombies” while sitting on a vehicle (small kids are allowed to play. 

Interested in booking for a big party with friends or family? Here can you book privately online. 


346 11th St SE Massillon, Ohio 44646

This place is located close to Kiwanis Park which isn’t far from the airsoft indoor. You would notice the building because of a brick pipe that sticks out. 


The field are open from Saturday (12 pm to 9 pm) and Sunday (12 pm and 7 pm). 

They also have a store that is open from 10 am to 9 pm on Saturday, on Sunday, it’s open from 12 pm to 7 pm. 


Field Fee $15.00 for one day. 

Rental Fee: $25 All day play (including gun, full face mask, and 1000 BBs) 

Chest protection is available (additional $10).

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Earlier they were called Assault Airsoft Indoor, but now they have a new owner and have changed their name to Crucible Airsoft Ohio. 

The field is over 16,000 SqFt of playable space which is great if you play with a big team.

If you live in the center of Ohio this is the best place to place, especially if it’s too cold or rainy outside. 

The building is placed in a corner beside the road and have plenty of parking space so you don’t have to worry if you were parking there. Here can adult and children play together so no one would be left out. 

They also have tournaments for beginner and advanced bracket, but they will announce on facebook which date it starts. 

If you search on their facebook sites, they will post if there are any special events. I recommend following them so you can stay updated on when they are open, such as summer hours so you and others can play other days on the weekend. Click here to get to their group (Facebook group).

Additional Things to Know 

If there is anything you need, you can go to their store so you can purchase things so you don’t have to leave the field just to get more ammunition. They are open from 10 am to 9 pm on Saturday, and on Sunday, it’s open from 12 pm to 7 pm. 

You can also rent their guns, but you need to carry your Photo ID if you want to rent their accessories and guns. 

They also offer 3 Hr Private party, so if you and your friends want to play together only you can certainly do it, however, it’s only available during the week Mon-Fri. 

$350.00 Up to 10 people

$450.00 Up to 15 people

Are guys more than 15 people in the group? They can do it as well upon request – click here for party registration to their website.


56 St Marys street Norwalk, Ohio 44857 

The airsoft field is located inside a big old brick building.

You won’t have a problem to find this building because of the size and the color blue at the building. 



Open on Saturday and Sunday 9 am to 7 pm.


Field fee: $20.00

Rental $20.00 ( Includes full face mask, 2 magazines of ammo and choice of rental).

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Here can players go from Long range to Tight CQB (Close Quater Battle) and multiple game modes to play. Infected, Team Death Match, Kill Confirmed, Missle Mayhem are most common played. 

The field is designed to fit almost any game modes so you and other players won’t get bored.

The whole place is 42 000 Square, but you can move freely at least 35 000 because of tires, wood wall and etc.

Here is a clip of how it looks like being in Odin Paradise field.

Additional Things to Know 

This is a popular airsoft field so many players would often carry gun with high FPS which isn’t allowed. 

Here can you only use AEG with .2G and at a maximum of 370 fps. As for HPA (High Pressured Airsoft) can be use with .25G at a maximum of 1.3 joules.

Click here to see their rules, field, and grenades that are allowed to use. 


6798 Little Buckhorn Rd SW Stone Creek, Ohio 43840


First & Third Saturday 9 am to 5 pm.


$15 Pre-pay (You pay before arriving before the event starts).

$20 at the gate

$25 Parent with a child 

 If you pre-paid three times, you would save $5 dollars each time and that is enough money to play one more event. 

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If you prefer playing airsoft and stay out in the sun, I’m certain you would love to be here. 

Their airsoft field contains buildings and structures on old growth forest which is ideal if you want to play realistically. 

Curious what game modes they offer? They have tons to offer, but you should try out Chaos which is War Den Airsoft Original game modes. 

Additional Things to Know 

The airsoft field is open the first and third Saturday, but if you look up their events on their websites, you can see upcoming event here. 

If you haven’t played airsoft before on their field, you can choose your event and pre-registering here. From there, you can see event information about what type of game, how many players and Fee cost. 

Click here to keep updated on upcoming event on their Facebook group. 


6451 Striker Rd Maineville, Ohio 45039


They are open only during scheduled event dates only. For more info, you can follow on their Facebook site for all events date.

Click here to keep updated on upcoming event on their Facebook group. 


Their fee is $20 per players but the price can be different so check what is noted on the event page. 

They also offer a complete rental package for $25. In this package you will get:

  • AEG airsoft rifle
  • Field mask
  • 300 rounds High-cap mag
  • 9.6 Nunchuck battery 
  • 1000 ct Field BB’s
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This field is located outside in a forest environment. Are you the type that loves to play outdoor, this place has the realism of being on the battlefield in a war. 

If this is your first time, don’t feel scared to ask them questions, the staff are helpful and knowledgeable. 

Are you hungry but forgot to take it with you? Don’t worry about that, they offer lunch options such as Pizza, Chicken, dumplings, hotdogs and etc. Keep in mind lunch is different from each gameplay so you won’t have the same meal every time. 

Devil’s playground partner with One Stop Airsoft which provides anything from airsoft merchandise, rental equipment, and hot lunch.

Based on people experience, they would come back again and play there more (source) and would recommend new players to try out.

Additional Things to Know 

Ther aren’t rule that say you can blind fire. This can be painful if you get hit close range.  I would respect the players and don’t fire at close range. 

Here are you allowed using AEG up to 400 FPS with .20G. 

DMR can be used up to 425 FPS with .20G ( the player need to be 18 or older).

The players need to be 13 years old for attending. 

Want to secure rental equipment? In order to guarantee the availability of rental equipment you should make rental reservations online at www.onestoppaintballandairsoft.com 

Fallen Warrior Airsoft


6985 Egypt Pike, Chillicothe, OH 45601, USA


You need to check on Facebook in order to see the upcoming event.

Minimum Age: 12 


$15.00 for admission 

More Info

Since 2013, the map has been improved so much and have more cover and buildings around the field. This is an outdoor airsoft field that contains dozen of old buildings, trees, and elevations which simulates realism in a war. Unlike other fields, there are 2 and 3 story buildings that are designed for lmg/sniper user.

Many players have mentioned this place have great staffs, friendly airsoft players, and they keep on improving. 

Here is a small clip of how the field looks from the skies. This video was taken in the winter. 

Additional Things to Know 

If you don’t know when to come to the airsoft field, they have a game schedule so you know when they open and close.

Kids that are under age of 12, need their parents to sign in order to play on the field.

Here can you buy BBs, smokes, green gas and airsoft gear at the field.  

Right now, they are working with the website, but they are active on Facebook so you can ask anything from there.

Hidden Spring Ranch 


4624 Dayton Springfield Rd Springfield, Ohio 45502

Hidden Spring Ranch is located at close to the Mad River and is close to the road Dayton Springfield Road. If you live in the center of Ohio, you need to drive approximately 1 hour to the field. 


Check on the upcoming event to see how long they have open, but usually, most their event starts on a Saturday.


Their fee is usually around  $15-$20 per players but the price can be different so check what is noted on the event page. 

Most of their event have age restriction of 13-year-olds and up. 

More Info

The field started in 2003 and have been going till now, and is most known in Ohio because of the field designed. I would say this is one of the best fields for long range airsoft user such as sniper rifles.

Another great thing about Hidden Spring Ranch is how wide open, but at the same time, you can play CQB (close quarter combat) depending on game modes.  

Are you tired of small airsoft field, and field close too soon? then this airsoft field is for you and your friends. 

Additional Things to Know 

The field is great, but you should check how the weather will turn out. If there have been rained or raining on that day, the ground gets moisture. For many players, it’s not fun for them to walk around, so be sure to wear the right clothes if you insist on playing on a rainy day.

I asked recently if they rent guns, sadly they didn’t, however, they were willing to help gather a weapon or two with mags and battery. For me, this is a good service and I like how friendly they were on Facebook.


7300 industrial parkway Lorain, Ohio 44053


Open on Saturday or Sunday, but you need to check on their website for upcoming events.

Most of their events start either from 9 or 10 am and ends around 5 pm.


Their fee is $20 per players but the price can be different so check what is noted on the event page. 

More Info

Founded in 2016 and have been most known through North East Ohio airsoft community. 

Their field is located in the forest which have 40 acres of wooded terrain. If you prefer playing in a real forest environment and being in camouflage, I’m certain that once you are out there in the field, you will love it.

Here is a video of how it looks like if you were to play airsoft.

Additional Things to Know 

Unlike other fields, Sektor 7 allows airsoft player to carry airsoft guns with 400 FPS. Ideal field for those that have airsoft gun with 400 FPS with .20g or 1.55 joules with .30g.

Here are the rules for the field that requires you to follow. If you have any question feel free to ask on their facebook group or on the home page.


7750 Wildcat Rd Huber Heights, Ohio 45424

Located at Huber Heights which is close to the city in Dayton. The reason why the field is called I70 since it’s close to highway 70.


Open on Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm.


$10 + tax for entry fee

$35.00 + tax for shotgun rental (including loaded shells, speed loader, mask and entry for the day)

$55.00 + tax for M-4 rental (including rounds, 2 high-mags, battery, mask and entry for the day)

More Info

If you can’t wait to play airsoft only on Saturday or Sunday, this field ideal if you’re active players that love to play most out of it.  The field is close to the center of Dayton and is surrounded with wooded terrain. 

This is a great place for yourself, family, group or work crew.  They also provide group rental from to 8 – 25 players). Make sure to reserve your spot 24 hours before. 

Curious about the rental pricing, check the website for more information and rental reserve.


Additional Things to Know 

Shop let you rent airsoft guns. Here can you either rent either shotgun or M4 airsoft guns. In their description, you need to call 72 hours ahead for airsoft rental unless you have guns. 

In these packages, you will get the gun, rounds, entry for the day and most importantly, the mask to protect your face. The shotguns cheaper than rifle, but I would recommend picking up the rifle because you can fight further distance. Shotgun requires you to be close to the enemy to hit them and more ideal to close range. 

Not only can you play airsoft but paintball as well. If you have ball of steel try it out and see if other players can bring you down whenever it’s paintball or airsoft. 

On Facebook group they will have things to announce upcoming event.

  • Propper, approved* eye protection required.

    *No Mesh goggles, goggles must be full seal.

  • Full-auto 400 fps (feet per second) & under.

  • Snipers or 400+fps(feet per second) (No close contact will be tolerated).

  • Semi-auto  minimum engagement distance (100ft.).

  • Magizines out while on site (execpt while in game or a Target Range). (source)


2200 Union Street Bellaire, Ohio 43906

Locate close to M@C Discount Bellaire and Vest-Virginia Lake that cross through Ohio. 


Open from Monday-Thursday (By Appointment only)

Friday open from 5 pm – 11 pm (Store/open play)

Saturday open from 11 am – 11 pm (Store/open play)

Sunday open from 2 pm – 8 pm (Store/open play)


$35.00 All day 

$10.00 for 1 hour

$15.00 for 2 hours

$25.00 for 3 hours

$30.00 for 6 hours

This applies entry with rental equipment as well.

LEO, EMS & Military 10% OFF admission Only

More Info

Unlike the other field, you can either pick all day or how long (hours) you want to stay.

Their field is located inside a big building which is surrounded by concrete and bricks. Here can nerf for small kids, lazer tag and bow tag players play,  and if you book a party of 20 participants you get 4th hr of gameplay for free! Simply message them on Facebook and they will gladly help whenever you have question or booking. (Facebook group)

Here they will provide door prizes with food and drinks for the whole event by your admission. So you don’t need to starve if you forgot to carry around you.  

They have Pro-shop that offer airsoft equipment from beginner to experienced players. They have parts which can use for upgrading your airsoft gun. Here you can get anything from ICS, Ares, Eco1, G&G and Valken. 

Additional Things to Know

If you have a big party but want to celebrate it, this the right place. Here can 30 people play at the same time which is crazy for private parties. 

Here is a video clip was taken by one of the airsoft players and show you it looks like from the point of view.