10 Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses for 2022 – E-Student

Those who already have a strong grasp of the basics of the theoretical and technical aspects of AI are best suited for this course. Students are also required to have prior knowledge in calculus, probability, object-oriented programming, Python, Numpy, linear regression, and gradient descent. The course material covered here is highly technical, and there are no introductory.

If you already have prior knowledge in AI, then this is a course which will help you take your expertise even further. This AI course moves straight into the technical details, while also expanding on the psychology of what makes AI achieve such a human-like learning capacity. You’ll understand the different ways that AI’s can learn and evolve based on different situations. And, you’ll learn to use that to model a program that can be self-sufficient. The course also dives deep into the two other directions of A.I: machine learning and deep learning.

Artificial Intelligence: Reinforcement Learning in Python is an excellent expert-oriented AI course designed for programmers looking to improve their knowledge of Python-based AI reinforcement learning. The course covers all the essential building blocks of creating smarter and better AI systems while skipping the introductions. As one of the more intensive technical courses on this list, this is not a good AI tutorial for the inexperienced. However, it is one of the best artificial intelligence courses you can take if you already have a solid background in programming and want to develop complex applications which show that a self-learning AI is more than a simple machine.