10 Best Florida Keys Restaurants to Watch the Sunset

As inspirational author C. JoyBell C. said, “Never waste any amount of time doing anything important when there is a sunset outside that you should be sitting under.” Truer words could not be uttered, especially in the Florida Keys. When you visit the Keys, you’re bound to have an excellent time, with certainties like sunshine, seafood, and flowing spirits being stone-set parts of your plan. You’ll be able to relax, eat, and party like royalty while clad in a tank top and shorts — a truly unbeatable way of life.

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Perhaps the top perk of being in the Keys is that you’ll have unobstructed views of the sunset, which has become the focal point of nightly celebrations that run from Key Largo all the way down to Key West. Depending on where you’re staying, you’ll have options aplenty for places to dine on classic Keys cuisine (conch, grouper, Florida lobster…) while basking in the beauty of the sun as it melts down into the sea. The purple, peach, burgundy, and orange mélange of colors in the sky will enchant you as you savor slurps of creamy fish chowder and bites of blackened mahi, and the surreal feeling will wash over you, putting you in a state of unmatched tranquility. 

Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it? Well, now that you’re interest is piqued, you’re going to need some suggestions for where to partake in a Keys sunset celebration, since there are so many worthy vantage points with different styles of cuisine and décor across the archipelago. The Daily Meal understands this, and we’ve compiled the following list to make selecting a sunset-viewing spot easier than cracking a conch shell with a sledgehammer. Click through our slideshow to discover our top restaurants for enjoying the sunset and a satisfying meal in this divine destination. 

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