10 Best React Courses to Learn in 2022 [Updated]

React is turning heads worldwide as one of the most popularly used libraries in JavaScript. Developers who are adept at using React and Redux for programming are experiencing an all-time high demand.  We have compiled a list of popular and best React courses that will help you meet the demand head-on and secure your future exponentially. Get started with learning React and choose the course best suits your interests. 

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10 Best React Courses

We have compiled a list of the best React Courses offered by various online forums and top-tier universities to learn about React. 

This best react course is apt for anyone who wishes to learn and program using React. It is a developer program with hooks included. It teaches programming in JavaScript using React and the Redux library. It also teaches the development of applications for app stores and web apps.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Basics of React app

  • Installing and using Node JS

  • Learning JavaScript module systems

  • Generating your first React project

  • Understanding the create-react-app project

  • How to start and stop a React project

  • Creating and displaying functional components

  • Learning about the fundamentals of JSX

  • Converting Styling and HTML to JSX

  • Understanding class, class name, and how to find forbidden property names.

  • Learning the fundamentals of Exercise and finding JSX Exercise solutions.

  • Learning to communicate with props.

  • Specifying images using JSX

  • Learning about component nesting and freestyling

  • Learning to duplicate components and reusing components.

  • Structuring and deploying Apps with class-based components.

  • Understanding the methods of Lifecycle.

  • Handling various user inputs using forms and events

  • Designing API requests using React.

  • Learning to record lists.

Students can apply for web programming jobs and meet an ongoing need for developers in multinational companies to complete the course. They can also apply for jobs in application development or design independent applications for the app stores.

Prerequisites: None

Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.7
Duration: 52 hours and 21 minutes.

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This course has been designed to provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of React and use it for practical real-time purposes. With this course, students can learn the A-Z of React library and how to use it for programming applications, including meeting particular needs. 

The course covers topics such as:

  • Building and testing React Apps.

  • Launching Applications for real-time use

  • Learning JSX and expressions.

  • Learning to set up user accounts and deploy authentication systems.

  • Practical use of advanced ES6/ ES7 in JavaScript

  • Learning and using various React tools and libraries for practical purposes.

  • Fundamentals of Webpack and its uses

  • Installing Web packs and configuring them as desired

  • Setting up React Router and 404

  • Learning Firebase and its authentication process.

  • Setting up private and public routes.

Students can apply for jobs in network programming and engineering with higher pay grades on completing the course. This knowledge can also be used to create their own apps and debug them. They can help alter various projects to meet the needs as specified.

Prerequisites: An understanding of core JavaScript.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.7
Duration: 39 hours and 10 minutes

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This course implements a practical approach to instill the learning process in students. It provides a certification upon completion that can further assist the course participants in presenting their professional networks.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Learning the Front-end framework with Bootstrap

  • Initiating and practicing Node.JS and Express.JS

  • Learning to use and implement React in the JavaScript library

  • Learning and using Redux

  • Learning to work with JQuery

  • Learning to create and operate with stylesheet language

  • Creating and deploying authentication programs

  • Learning to implement NoSQL with the use of MongoDB

On completing the course, students can apply the fundamentals they have learned towards mobile development. They can use front-end and hybrid development methods to create their individual projects or apply for engineering jobs. They can also apply for promotions based on certification.

Prerequisites: The website does not suggest any prerequisites for the course.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.7
Duration: 4 months

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This program is suitable for beginners and intermediates as it takes an efficient approach to learn React from the very basics. It is well suited for developers who want to learn modern React techniques with hooks, context, and other fundamentals.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Learning modern React through a practical approach.

  • Building projects to practice and implement fundamentals.

  • Using Hooks such as useContext and useReducer

  • Creating flux patterns using the Hooks

  • Learning the fundamentals of Redux and its various uses in development.

  • Developing Full Stacks using MongoDB, React, Node, and Express.

  • Learning basic animation techniques.

Students can create their own projects and apply for jobs in analysis and development on completing the course. They can also take up critical roles in programming and developing applications for various portals.

Prerequisites: Thorough knowledge of JavaScript, including arrow functions, promises, etc., in ES6.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Rating: 4.7
Duration: 14 hours

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This course is designed for learning the inner workings of the React library. It teaches students to use React to program routers and communication projects. It also deals with front-end application development to equip students with complete knowledge of conception and deployment.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Learning the basics of React and its varied use in programming.

  • Developing and programming React Routers.

  • Working with single-page programming.

  • Working with React forms.

  • Using Flow Architecture.

  • Fundamentals and usage of Redux.

  • Using Redux for client-server communications.

On completing the course, students can switch careers to begin a life as a developer or engineer. They can also earn real-time benefits in their current jobs or apply for promotions. Students are also well-equipped to initiate individual projects for monetary benefits.

Prerequisites: The website does not mention any prerequisites for this course.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.7
Duration: 36 hours

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This is an all-inclusive course in the field of React to master every aspect of the development process. The course is extensive and provides all the information necessary to understand the fundamentals, practice the development process, and deploy real-time solutions.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Learning to build Professional React applications.

  • Deploying applications in productions.

  • Learning to build large-scale applications that are reactive as well as practically applicable.

  • Learning advanced features in React, such as Hooks, Context, Suspense, React Lazy+, API, etc.

  • Learning and using Graph QL

  • Learning to use Redux, Redux-Saga, and Redux Thunk.

  • Learning to set up user accounts.

  • Creating authentication systems.

  • Learning to use firebase for full-stack applications.

  • Learn Routing using React Routers.

  • Learning to handle online payments using Stripe API

  • Clean coding with the use of ES6, ES7, ES8, ES9, and ES10

  • Learning to convert applications into web apps.

  • Learning and practicing React to design patterns.

Students will be adept at using React to develop crucial processes to solve problems on completing the course. They can apply for more comprehensive roles in the development process or advancements in their current organizations.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Rating: 4.6
Duration: 40 hours and 21 minutes

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This course takes a hands-on approach to create applications and deploy them. This allows students to learn real problems and design projects to deal with them.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Learning to build powerful reactive web apps.

  • Understanding the basic features of React.

  • Learning React syntax and how to program using them.

  • Learning to leverage JavaScript to fulfill specific goals.

  • Learning about React Hooks.

  • Implementing class-based components for project specifics.

  • Learning React with alternatives.

  • Learning and implementing single-page and multi-page applications.

  • Learning to work with lists and how to address conditionals

  • Learning to style various React components and elements.

  • Learning to debug React apps.

  • Working with the Burger Builder Project to learn how to access servers.

On completing the course, students can apply for appraisals and project inclusions. They can also further their career working with React if they are from a development background. Students can also choose a career change and apply for engineering and development jobs to complete professional goals.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and HTML is a must. Additional knowledge of ES6 can be helpful for the student.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.6
Duration: 40 hours and 37 minutes.

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This course is tutored by senior JavaScript and React Engineer Shaun Wassell. The course teaches students to create React Ecosystems and refine them using Redux, Thunks, Style components, etc.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Learning the fundamentals of React and Redux.

  • Creating basic React projects from scratch.

  • Adding style functions and Redux.

  • Working with Selectors.

  • Testing the project for bugs.

  • Analyzing and rectifying problems in real-time.

On completing the course, students can create their own development projects for monetary benefits. They can also apply for jobs with development nuance to further their career objectives. They can earn recognition for the ability to detect and debug using the core functions of React.

Prerequisites: The website does not mention any prerequisites for the course.

Level: Beginner
Rating: 4.5
Duration: The website does not specify the duration of this course.

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This program addresses React from the basics to its advanced levels to build more efficient developers and developers. It targets the various components and tools in React.js to create integrated applications for web stores.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of React.js.

  • Learning to use JSX as the core of React.js.

  • Learning the building blocks of React.js.

  • Creating components of React.js.

  • Implementing the fundamentals of React to make components interact with each other.

  • Using Hook components in React.

  • Converting stateful components to stateless components and mixing components with the state with components without the state.

  • Learn the in-depth working fundamentals of React for advanced programming.

Students will be well equipped to develop, analyze, and deploy React functions for web applications on completing the course. They can apply for jobs that incorporate in-depth programming and apply for promotions based on their new skills.

Prerequisites: Advanced knowledge of HTML and JavaScript is a must.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.5
Duration: 20 hours

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This course is designed to gain a strong foundation on React’s basics and implement it in today’s technology. It teaches students the core fundamentals and their usage to program and develop React functions. It deals with building new applications for app stores and web stores.

The course covers topics such as:

  • Learning the basics of React and its multitude of applications.

  • Learning to implement React the right way to meet real-world needs.

  • Learning to use React for web development.

  • Breaking down the components of React to further implement them for modifications and styling.

  • Learning core React concepts and how to deploy them in JavaScript.

  • Familiarizing with all aspects of the React library.

  • Building a React application: The Countdown Champ.

  • Building functions using Redux

  • Using cookies to build Reminder Pro with Redux

  • Using API to build Music Master

  • Learning to create authentication processes.

  • Building Goal Coach with Redux and implementing the authentication process to its functions.

Students can apply for a career change to work as a developer or engineer on completing the course. The programming experience, coupled with thorough knowledge, makes the students skilled developers create their own web application projects.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML is recommended for better understanding.

Level: Intermediate
Rating: 4.4
Duration: 10 hours and 30 minutes.

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This wraps our list of best React courses. React, being a core library in JavaScript, has quickly gained recognition. Engineers and developers should now be looking to upgrade their knowledge base to compete with the changing times. This may be the awakening of the technological era during which anything and everything is subsequently dependent on the web. Every application that is designed has monetary value and a unique purpose. It is time to tap into a whole new programming world to further your career and stay ahead of the game. Which course would you like to suggest to the React community? Do you have any other good courses to share? Let us know in the comments.

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