10 Best Restaurants in Acapulco | Your Ultimate Dining Guide

With refreshed resorts and hotels, this former party town is back on the menu—here are the best restaurants in Acapulco

Of all the incredible cities in Mexico, Acapulco takes perhaps the strongest beating—for years, highly publicized crime rates were bad news for the former party town, and the reputation stuck. And yet, a lasting charm remains thanks to its golden era, when bold-faced names like Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, and the Kennedys flocked to the beach town, leaving behind a sense of romance that keeps this resort city on our radar.

There’s good reason for its staying power: Acapulco has swoon-worthy beaches, spellbinding cliffs, stunning architecture, and some of the best restaurants along the Pacific coastline. Paired with the city’s dynamic mix of old-world and contemporary cuisine—plus international influences aplenty—you’ll find a lot to love about this place. As tourism slowly rebounds, be sure to visit these top eateries before the crowds return. 

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