10 Best Rooftop Restaurants In NYC

The world-renowned city of New York knows how to impress tourists. It has some of the most iconic buildings on the planet, and its urbanity continues to wow anyone – even those just seeing it through movies. New York is nicknamed “The City That Never Sleeps,” and its 66.6 million visitors in 2019 surely understood why: NYC has a lot to offer.

Aside from its parks – there are lush parks in this bustling city – New York is famous for its skyscrapers, high-rise buildings, and charming hotels. In said structures lie some of the best rooftop restaurants in the world, probably. Dining out in The Big Apple means taking a bite out of this global city.



Located on the 60th floor of 28 Liberty Street, Manhatta has good food that matches the best views. The restaurant is most proud of its selection of international spirits and wines, which, when complemented with their delectable dinner menu, would make diners want to stay until midnight. Unfortunately, Manhatta closes at 10:30 p.m. But that’s an interesting thing, too, because it means guests can come back the next day and the following day and so on. The breathtaking views await diners.

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The cocktail bar of Westlight is located on the 22nd floor of The William Vale. The bar offers diners a wide selection of classic and original spirits, wines, and craft beer. Those who want to try new things are in for a treat because the bar also keeps rare spirits – not the ghosts, but they probably want a taste, too. Their bites, meanwhile, are inspired by street food from around the world. That, plus the generous flow of drinks, will make sightseeing in NYC a slice of heaven.


Hotel Chantelle

Hotel Chantelle might not be located above towering buildings, but it’s not to be missed. They are proud to be a top venue for events, parties, and shows in New York City. They are a three-story building restaurant, tiny yet big on servings of food and joyful memories. Their Parisian garden-inspired rooftop matches the French menu. When the clouds are absent, dining under the stars is a memorable experience. However, if it rains, there’s a retractable enclosure, and with climate control, visitors will enjoy the sound of the raindrops that complement the rooftop’s ambiance.



Those who enjoy the vibe of a traditional lounge should look no further than Harriet’s. Located in 1 Hotel, the rooftop lets guests enjoy the views of the skyline and hills. Visitors should imagine this: as they enjoy the hors d’oeuvre and their handcrafted cocktail, they will have the cityscape as a companion. That, plus the old-fashioned ambiance of the place, makes for a classic dining experience. Whether guests want to finish a full meal or just have a quick sip, Harriet’s is the place to take it slow.

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RH Rooftop Restaurant

RH New York’s rooftop restaurant is straightforward: the interior design is perfect for those who want to be in the presence of chic and elegance while satisfying their tummies. Restaurant recommendation website The Infatuation loves the waiting time because, after ordering, guests can explore the Restoration Hardware as they sip their drinks. By the time their food is ready, visitors will eat it with satisfaction, knowing that in the next few days, they’ll have new furniture at home. Shopping and dining are a match made in heaven.



Looking at the photos of Republica is enticing because of its colorful design that’s a sight for sore eyes. Visiting its rooftop feels like staying in a playground for adults. After guests satisfy their eyes with the aesthetics, their tummies would demand attention. Luckily, the restaurant offers delectable Dominican food. From appetizers to dessert, customers of this dining hotspot will have a party in their tummy. Add the satisfying taste of the drinks and the relaxing vibes, and anyone will have a good time.


A.R.T. NoMad

Perched on the 31st floor of Arlo NoMad, A.R.T. NoMad is the perfect place to enjoy the panoramic views of the city. Its lounge is a relaxing place whether guests want to have a late breakfast, a lunch meeting, or a romantic dinner date. Manhattan, after all, is an exciting place, and atop, the views are breathtaking. Customers will enjoy checking out the Empire State Building as they sip that cocktail and finish it with pita chips. Open until midnight, A.R.T. NoMad is the place to be before hitting the bed.

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Zona de Cuba

There’s a taste of Cuba in The Bronx, and it does not want to be overlooked. What makes a stay in Zona de Cuba unique is its offer of Cuban and Latin cuisine with a modern take. Add the live salsa band and the majestic view of the skyline, and guests will have nothing but a good time eating and bonding with loved ones, or how about dancing? With the music, the food, and the hospitality, The Bronx is lucky to have Zona de Cuba because it’s not among the most expensive NYC bars, yet it’s the most giving.


Bar Blondeau

The sixth floor of Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn is home to the posh Bar Blondeau, which aims to give guests a dining experience unlike any other. Though the Manhattan skyline looks the same wherever rooftop tourists plan to stay, the experience in this French-style bar makes each moment a retreat. Bar Blondeau offers a combination of European cuisines matched by natural wines from around the world. This chic bar is exquisite, from the food to the views and its quiet atmosphere.


Electric Lemon

With the Hudson River as a silent witness, anyone dining on the terrace of Electric Lemon might as well bring a yoga mat. The area is so relaxing, thanks to the view of the skyline, the mesmerizing artworks, and the ambiance that spells elegance. With all that, eating in this excellent dining spot is like meditating. Peace comes easy in Electric Lemon whether customers come for brunch, dinner, or just a sip. Ignoring outdoor restaurants in NYC is fine because, with rooftop dining spots, anyone will feel brand new.