Originally posted: May 27, 2015

I love involving my kids in the kitchen and find that they’re more open to trying healthier foods when actively involved in the cooking process. We make lots of easy, yummy, and healthy snacks at home – many of which can be made with less than 5 ingredients. These five-ingredient meals are easy snacks kids can make, helping them learn how to be more self-sufficient individuals in the kitchen.

Our favorites are fruit and yogurt-based snacks, or simple things to bake like muffins. We also like to make food more fun to eat – like our pineapple “cake” or homemade animal cheese crackers. Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks for kids, personally tested, and made by the kids!

Healthy Snacks for Kids to Make

Here are a few incredible healthy snacks that your kids can get involved with making, or simply make themselves.
4 panko crusted carrot cheddar patties(1)

Panko Carrot Cheddar Patties – Easy Snacks for Kids

These easy cheesy patties are a great way to sneak in some healthy shredded carrots and have a baked, crispy exterior. These are some of the tastiest kids snacks out, your children are sure to thank you for these yummy nibbles.
2 banana granola pops(1)

Frozen Banana Granola Pops – Easy Healthy Snack for Kids

These banana pops are a great way to use up ripe bananas and make a refreshing treat with just two ingredients! You can omit the chocolate and even dip it in yogurt instead to make it a healthier snack. After all, aren’t we always looking for more healthy snacks that kids can make?

english muffin donuts(1)

English Muffin “Donuts” – Quick Snacks for Kids

Make realistic-looking donuts out of cream cheese and an English muffin. Looks just like the real thing, minus the sugar rush! As far as healthy snack ideas for kids go, this is a real winner. They not only look absolutely delicious, but they taste that way too.
homemade cheese animal crackers(1)

Cheese Animal Crackers – Easy Kid Snack

These cheesy crackers taste just like the cheddar Goldfish kids love, but so much healthier with ingredients you can recognize! And recognizing ingredients is just one of the benefits of cooking from scratch. This is even more important when looking for snack ideas for kids.

Fun Snacks Kids Can Make

When it comes to feeding your children, the trick is to keep it fun and interesting. Here are some snacks that not only taste great but are fun to make.

3 aussie bites cooking with kids(1)

Aussie Granola Bites – Simple Snacks for Kids

These granola muffins, also known as “Aussie Bites” are packed with good ingredients such as sunflower seeds and oats as well as whole wheat flour. These are easy snacks for kids to make and they’re absolutely delicious.
5 acai bowl cooking with kids(2)

Acai Berry Bowls – Best Snacks for Kids

Acai is a superfood and is delicious blended into a smoothie, topped with crunchy granola and your kids’ favorite fruits. As far as easy snacks kids can make go, this one is a real winner. It’s not every day you can get your little one to munch down superfoods with a smile on their face.
4 strawberry yogurt bark(1)

Strawberry Yogurt Bark – Healthy Snacks for Kids

Talking about easy healthy snacks for kids to make – just 2 ingredients are needed to make this refreshing yogurt bark. You can use any flavor yogurt or toppings like chopped nuts or other fruits. Jazz these up as much as you like, to create a variety of different flavors, ensuring you keep snacktime interesting.
1 graham cracker banana chocolate cake(1)

Graham Cracker Banana “Cake” – Fun Kids Snacks

Kids will have fun assembling this graham cracker “cake”, with a chocolate cream cheese spread. This is one of those snacks to make with kids that’s fun for the whole family to get involved in. Not only will your kids love it, but you’ll enjoy making it with them too.
3 blueberry banana muffin(3)

Whole Wheat Blueberry Banana Muffins – Easy Homemade Snacks Recipes

This is one of those kid snack recipes that’s sure to go down as an all-time favorite. Add whole wheat and flax to make these moist and healthy banana blueberry muffins.
3 fruit pineapple sprinkles cake(1)

Pineapple Sprinkles “Cake” – Fun Snack Idea for Kids

Cut up a pineapple into “cake” slices and fill with a yummy cream cheese and Greek yogurt “frosting.” Fun snacks for kids don’t get much better than this. Cut the “cake” into slices and have a tea party. If you’re going to make the “cake”, you might as well have fun with it.
3 roasted honey sesame chickpeas(2)

Roasted Honey Sesame Chickpeas – Fun Healthy Snack for Kids

Roasting chickpeas (a.k.a garbanzo beans) in the oven gives them a crunchy texture. We love this slightly sweet honey and sesame version. But feel free to add a topping of your choice to these healthy kid snacks.

When it comes to easy healthy snacks kids can make, the options are truly endless. You just have to get a little creative, so that their food is not only delicious, but it’s exciting to make. What are your favorite snacks to make with the kids? Take a look at more kid-friendly recipes here!