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Engaging and learning these free online childcare training courses with certificates we will be listing in this article will guide you on how to look after kids for a safe, intelligent and powerful future!

I’m sure you’re not hearing this for the first time, “our children are the future” so we ought to know what’s best for their upbringing. These online courses can help you with that.

Just as early childhood education is important, so is adequate childcare important in a child’s vulnerable early years. Taking time to demonstrate loving care reassures the infant that they are genuinely cared for and safe. As a kid develops, it is crucial that the methods used in teaching and caring change and this free online course analyzes strategies and techniques for teaching and looking after children as they mature.

These free online childcare training courses will teach you about caring for and supervising children of any age. High-quality childcare has a great influence on a child’s development readiness to continue into the next stages of their life.

They will teach you how to provide valuable educational and social experiences to children, while keeping them safe and healthy.

In addition, these courses will also teach you how to prepare a happy environment for your kids at home. And, it will guide you about the methods to be relaxed while helping the kids.

10 Free Online Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

Duration: 4 weeks

This course equips you with a more detailed understanding of the mental health conditions that affect children and young people, the legislation and guidance surrounding mental health, risk factors that may affect mental well-being and the impact that mental health concerns may have on young people and others.

This  free online childcare training course is ideal for students who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of children and young people’s mental health.

This qualification supports the progression onto further mental health qualifications and into relevant employment in the health and social care or education sector.

Duration: 4 weeks

Studying this course will provide you with a detailed understanding of behaviour that challenges in children, including how such behaviour can be assessed and the avoidance techniques that can help minimize the effects of behaviour that challenges.

You will look at the different coexisting conditions, such as a learning disability, a mental health condition, sensory issues and autism and how they can impact on behaviour that challenges and how to support those children who experience these complex behaviours.

In addition, there are enough assessments to check the skills you gained through the study materials.

3. Introduction to Child Psychology

Duration: 8 hours

This course can be studied by anyone, whether you are a newbie or about to step forward for the intermediate level or an expert in need to polish up your knowledge, this is perfect.

The course is a visual, audible and written conceptual program. And, it is designed to deliver everything you need to know on the psychology behind caregiving.

So, you will be able to gather information on how the child development process is going to combine with their mental strength.

In addition to all of these, it will guide you to understand how to approach a kid in study purpose. If you are a teacher, it will increase the level in your pedagogy skills.

Duration: 6 hours

It is most certain that, the teacher and caregivers may be familiar with Bowlby’s attachment theory. This theory describes how you should care for your child in every aspect. The ultimate goal is to ensure their physical, mental and spiritual well-being with enough social exposure and because of this goal, there should be teamwork between teachers or caregivers, parents and children. So, within the 6 hours of the study program, you may be able to discuss the adaptive and adapted concepts in depth.

Be rest assured that the final feats of the course will help you to continue your teaching career confidently. You may test your skills up until you reach the last spot of the lessons.

Duration: 8 hours

This is an intermediate-level course work and it describes how working as a team help your child’s development. Further, it provides information on how to make good leaders for future challenges

Do not miss the chance to learn how to care your kids until they meet their dreams in adulthood.

Duration: 2 hours

Here are the study materials on the commonest cause of child deaths all around the world. It is aimed to minimize child deaths due to abuses by educating caregivers and parents.

So, this is a must-learn course for everyone who loves to see the pleasant smile of kids.

Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours

This is free online parental separation course that teaches you about the implications that parental separation has for a child’s school staff, and will identify and clarify the role, responsibilities of the child’s school following parental separation.

This course will teach you about parental separation, the rights of parents, custody disputes and the courts, children in care, school communication, school collection requirements according to parental status, and many more.

It begins by teaching the definition of guardianship, followed by the duties of a guardian, which is to properly care for the child’s Education, health, religious upbringing, and general welfare.

In addition, the conceptual learning does not always fit for kids. So, it is important to establish an activity-based learning environment at schools, daycare centers and homes. Hence, this short course has been designed to share the tips related to this concept.

Duration: 2 hours

You will learn how to utilize different abilities of the children for an effective direction through the course. This is ideal for both parents, caregivers and teachers too.

This coursework is so important that being an expert in this field, enables you to drive a team to a common goal and create self confidence and realization of how important it is to support one another in the minds of the children.

Duration: 1 – 5 hours

This course will help to provide useful information and basic tools for parents and teachers to address bullying. You will understand why this is such a pertinent issue and recognize that all children involved need help this includes, those who are bullied and those who bully. You will also learn about cyber bullying and the relevant legislation against it.

In this course you will get the information on how to protect children from self doubt and suffering in the context of incidents of bullying.

Children who are bullies, exhibit some behavioral characteristics which will be discussed to provide you with clarity on how to recognize the problem and not just to recognize it but to also solve it.

Duration: 6 – 10 hours.

This free online course will equip you with more knowledge to approach children with developmental disorders like Autism, ADHD, and anxiety disorder.

You’ll explore the characteristics and common problems faced by children with such conditions. There is also a guide to show you through proven techniques for managing such children in different scenarios – like Applied Behaviour Analysis, which is considered the gold standard for treating Autism.

You will also be introduced to children with developmental disorders and how they affect them. You will be introduced to various virtual aids like social stories and virtual schedules used in managing children with special needs.

Online Platforms that gives Free Childcare Training Courses with Certificates

Alison is an online platform that has thousands of free online courses and is adding more all the time. You can study this program free of charge and get certificates.

They offer three different types of certificate, one of which is an online certificate which is in form of a pdf and can be downloaded, the other is a physical certificate which is security marked and shipped to your location, free of charge and lastly, the framed certificate which is also a physical certificate that is shipped free but it is put in a stylish frame.

CCEI meaning ChildCare Educational Institute offers professionals over 150 online child care training courses in English and Spanish to meet licensing, recognition program, and Head Start requirements. The coursework offered by this platform, is used to meet the educational needs of practitioners in a range of settings, including family child care, preschool, prekindergarten, childcare centers, and more.

Online child care training courses offered by CCEI cover topics applicable to the child care industry and also grants certificates for on completion.

Continued offers courses that addresses the core competencies and other valuable professional development topics such as child growth and development, lesson planning, and family engagement/parent involvement.

These courses are led by expert trainers that are willing to help you stay updated on best practices to implement for your classroom, school, or child care center.

H&H Childcare Training Center offers free online training courses, with a certificate at their completion. This platform is IACET accredited, and their certificate is acceptable in multiple states.

AgriLife Extension’s Child Care Online Training website offers a wide variety of online child care training courses to support your continuing education and early childhood professional development needs, whether you work with young children in a preschool, Head Start, or other early care and education setting.

OpenLearn is an online educational website and it is UK’s Open University’s contribution to the Open educational resources project. Also it is the home of free, open learning from this university.

This is an online platform with more than 10,000 free online Courses from World-class Universities & Institutions – Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale, Google, IMB, Apple, and so many others.


In summary, all these free online childcare training courses with certificates will become massive help for you but these should not stop you from searching for extras as there are more that comes up every day at various platforms.

That is why we included a few platforms you can check continually to get more educated in various field that concerns childcare.

Just like we stated in our introduction, adequate childcare is very important just as early childhood education. You can get to know more about the colleges that offers early childhood education and apply.