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10 Free Salesforce Training Resources

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There are many Salesforce training resources, available for free! Salesforce has been on a mission to make technology skills more accessible by removing the traditional barriers to technology careers such as cost and complicated concepts. They are always looking for new opportunities to bring talent into the ecosystem, upskill people – and generally make the world a better place! 

Even more free training courses are produced by the supportive, global Trailblazer community of Salesforce experts that were once in your shoes.  

If you want to learn Salesforce without spending a fortune – good news – you can access free Salesforce training online without using your credit card.

1. Trailhead

No prizes for guessing Trailhead would appear at the top of this list! Trailhead is Salesforce’s free training site that has over 1,100+ modules, quizzes, and hands-on activities by linking a Salesforce Org (“Trailhead Playground”. 

The whole platform is gamified, making learning engaging, and the content approachable. It really is mind-blowing…

“Trailblazers” have reached incredible achievements leveraging Trailhead:  

What I learned from Completing Every Trailhead Badge: My Trailblazer Story 

Trailhead has been the beacon in Salesforce’s mission to upskill professionals who are new to the industry (and introduce the next generation of “Trailblazers”).

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2. Certification Days

Salesforce Certification Days are a selection of webinars to help you prepare for a Salesforce certification.

Completely free, they cover Certified Salesforce Administrator, Advanced Administrator, Platform App Builder, and more! Sign up here.

3. Salesforce Ben Courses

At SalesforceBen.com we’ve been producing training material since 2014, including certification guides and practice exams, to help you fully prepare for the real Salesforce exams. We also have a wealth of career content to help you understand different job roles, the Salesforce ecosystem, and how to get your first job.

Check out our recently launched Free Salesforce Admin Practice Exam (which includes answers). There’s also our pack of Salesforce Admin practice exams with 300 questions (paid for), if you are looking for more!

4. Learn Salesforce with Gemma

Salesforce MVP and all-around nice person, Gemma Blezard, recorded a series of training videos for those looking to reskill during the lockdown in 2020.

Gemma recorded a weekly video covering off all the elements you need to become a certified Salesforce Administrator. Check out all the videos here.

5. Salesforce Pathfinder

Pathfinders is another official program started by Salesforce to increase the number of new Salesforce professionals in partnership with Salesforce customers and partners.

As well as 200+ hours of free, immersive training, Salesforce connects you with mentors and also has a network of employers who are looking to hire entry-level professionals. Check out the program here.

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6. Apex Hours

Apex Hours is a community-led YouTube channel with an incredible number of free Salesforce training videos, recorded by some of the community’s most familiar faces. I believe these are the best Salesforce development courses out there.

Check out their playlists to find your feet with the hundreds of videos!

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7. Journey2Salesforce

India is a huge part of the community, and one of the fastest-growing Salesforce economies in the world. In fact, IDC reports that 1.9 million jobs will be created in India by 2024.

Are you based in India? Journey2Salesforce is a training program exclusively for Indian residents that provides training, mentorship, and connects you with potential employers.

8. Udemy

There are courses available on Udemy. What’s useful about Udemy, is the reviews indicate the courses’ popularity and quality. As Jo said in her guide to Salesforce training:  “some of the more specialist topics that are more difficult to learn elsewhere that can be discovered here, for example, a real deep dive into Apex.”

Here is the list of free Salesforce courses on Udemy. 

9. Mike Wheeler

Mike has taught hundreds of thousands of students how to use the Salesforce platform, gravitating towards tools and technology that empower the non-technical to build and create amazing things online.

Access the following free courses from his site:

10. Edureka – Learn Salesforce in 9 Hours

Is Salesforce Training Free? Yes!

There are many Salesforce training courses available for free! Give yourself a competitive edge – without having to use your credit card!