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Besides the many fruits you can partake of in the Caribbean, especially Trinidad and Tobago, there are some memorable Trini snacks everyone can enjoy. Here are 20 great snack ideas from Simply Trini Cooking.

Great Snack Ideas

Snack time can be fun.  In Trinidad and Tobago we have a lot of simple homemade Trini snack recipes.   The snacks vary from sweet to sour and to peppery.  We do love variety in our snacks. Note: Click on the link to take you to the recipe for each snack idea/

This jub jub is a favourite snack among children in the Caribbean.  It is therefore one of our snack ideas.

10 Popular Trini Snacks

This simple appetizer/snack is great during hot evenings, with good company. It is seasoned green or half ripe mango with a little pepper (no cooking is required).  You can add pommecythere (golden apple) and cucumber with the mango as well. It is best when you soak it in the brine.  

This cookie is not too sweet. What is different about this cookie is that it is not as oily as others cookies.  It has two of my favorite nuts: peanuts and walnuts.  It is simply a perfect cookie for any ocassion.

In Trinidad, it is always hot, save for the rainy season, and sometimes it gets so hot that you need something to cool down after spending some time in the stinging sun. We have quite a few ways to do just that. For the adults, a cold beer or some other cold beverage; but for the children, we have soft drinks, juices and a few frozen treats, such as the traditional sucker bag and ice blocks. The flavour of the sucker bag and ice blocks are varied, it can be coconut, soursop, vanilla, custard, etc.

breadfruit chips

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Breakfast chips can be an enjoyable treat, though very filling. One of the most enjoyable treats especially when you just feel like eating eating something crunchy. I hardly ever eat it with a dip. Instead it is mostly sprinkled with a dash of salt.  This is a snack for everyone.

These mouth watering Yam chips is a great way to past the time on hot day and lazy days. They are crunchy and have a simple taste that when added with a dip of your choice, it is even more enjoyable.  

6. Carrot cake 

This cake also had a few surprises. I could still taste the walnuts and pieces of pineapple.  Read more.

We Trinidadians love to make chow with all kinds of fruits we can get our hands on. Usually though, the fruits are either half ripe, green and sour, like chennette, mango and pommecythere.  Pineapple is no exception.  This pineapple chow is enjoyed as his or with a favourite sandwich, called bake and shark.

This snack is simple to make, and are done with natural flavours everyone can enjoy. You can prepare this candy treat with pineapple juice, orange juice, sorrel juice, even ginger and apple juice. Once you prepare your juice you are half way there. This candy treat is an extension of the gelatin desserts.

I love beef filled pies, especially its crusty dough. It is popular here in Trinidad and Tobago, from weddings to beach limes. But one pie never seems to be enough; if you intend to make these, make enough for the whole family to enjoy and be satisfied. Additionally, I should mention that the pastry for these little pies are basic and tasty, so much that they are also used to make another favourite, cheese straws.

There are sweet snacks made with coconut (like sugar cake) and some rolled into a ball (paw paw balls). Toolum is that combination, a sweet snack rolled into a ball. The coconut is mixed with molasses, and it makes this snack look dark with a sticky feeling.

Tell us, what are your favourite local Trinbago snacks?  Don’t forget to leave your comments in  the comment box below on this article on Trini snacks ideas.

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