10 insanely successful co-founders and why their partnerships worked

From Ben and Jerry to Steve Jobs and the Woz, here's how these founders got together and built their companies, and why they made such great partners.

steve jobs wozniak

Kimberly White / REUTERS

Not all entrepreneurs

Not all entrepreneurs need co-founders , but many successful companies — including Apple, eBay, and Twitter — were built by multiple leaders with productive relationships.

How did these individuals find their business counterparts? And what made their combined skill sets a recipe for success? 

Not surprisingly, many were long-time friends, classmates, or relatives.  Others, however, did not get along initially. Some still are not amicable, despite their joint achievements.

There is a common trend: the most well-rounded pairs recognized their individual limitations and respected what the other could bring to a partnership.  Many of these duos have gone on to run some of the most successful businesses of our time.