10 of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Austin, Texas

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10 of the Best Mexican Restaurants in Austin, Texas


This city, known for its music, politics and burnt orange undertones, is also rich with Latino culture most visitors never fully experience.

Austin’s diverse culture is not just contained in museums but is sprinkled throughout the entire city.

In Austin, Mexican food is one of those cuisines that are just always good! From the authentic stuff to iconic Tex-Mex, with late-night stops at taco trucks in between.

When a state goes as far as to form its own culinary subcategory—Tex-Mex—it’s clear that there’s a serious love for mole, pozoles, ceviche, tacos and just about everything else  from south of the border

Tex-Mex, as a cuisine, originated when early Mexicans settled in Texas and began fusing Spanish flavour with American ingredients – think ground beef, American cheddar, and wheat flour (as opposed to traditional maize).

From food trucks to fine dining, the best Mexican restaurants in Austin offer patrons the full scope of the cuisine.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best Mexican restaurants in Austin to guide you.



1. Taqueria Los Altos

3301 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, Austin, TX 78722, United States

Phone: +1 512-236-1219


Mon – Sun
         7am – 10pm

Great for: Bare-bones Mexican eatery & take-out joint serving breakfast tacos, ranchero steaks and combo plates.

Tacos, Taco, Mexico, Tortilla, Kitchen, Food, LunchTacos, Taco, Mexico, Tortilla, Kitchen, Food, Lunch

If the asada tacos on flour with a side of green sauce from Los Altos were the apple in the garden of Eden, we’d be screwed.

We just can’t stay away from this hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint right off 35. Stop in for their amazing chips and salsa, a Modelo and the aforementioned asada tacos.

Look for the unassuming graffitied building near Cherrywood.

This place is a hidden gem a hole in the wall is exactly what this place is. The tortillas are homemade and the enchiladas with green sauce are excellent.

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2. Juan in a Million

2300 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702-4604

Phone: +1 512-472-3872


Mon – Sun
           7am – 3pm

Great for: Breakfast tacos and traditional dishes in a basic setting with an outdoor patio.

Breakfast, Cook, Food, Bread, Bacon, Eggs, PotatoBreakfast, Cook, Food, Bread, Bacon, Eggs, Potato

Juan in a Million is home to the cheapest, most bountiful Tex-Mex breakfast in town, bar none.

Around 11 am on weekends, you’ll notice a long line forming. It’s only open until 3 pm, so fighting through that hangover to get yourself a seat is essential.

This monstrosity of eggs, bacon, potatoes, and cheese is the equivalent of at least five or six breakfast tacos.

This thing is huge. So huge in fact, that the presenter on Man Vs Food tried to eat several of these in one sitting and failed.

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3.    La Piscina

600 W 2nd St 5th Floor, Austin, TX 78701, United States

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Phone: +1 512-628-1415

Mon – Sun
             11 am – 10 pm

Great for: Family-style platters, ceviches & table-top sizzling fajitas, with fresh seafood grilled over a wood fire, house-made tortillas and more.

Fish, Sea Bream, Grilling, Grilled, Grill Proof, FoodFish, Sea Bream, Grilling, Grilled, Grill Proof, Food

Located in the Austin Proper Hotel & Residences La Piscina is the poolside bar & restaurant from McGuire Moorman Hospitality, the team behind some of the city’s favourite dining spots including Jeffrey’s, Elizabeth Street Café, Swedish Hill and more.

Situated within walking distance to ATX Cocina and La Condesa, La Piscina has transformed downtown’s 2nd Street District into a mecca for elevated Mexican dining.

The vibrant, open space overlooks the downtown Austin bustle as groups convene over family-style platters, ceviches and table-top sizzling fajitas, with fresh seafood grilled over a wood fire and house-made tortillas from an open comal.

The bar provides an accompanying selection of frozen margaritas, native Mexican spirits, small-batch tequila & mezcal as well as an assortment of outdoor-friendly snacks.

Their ceviches and oysters are fresh-off-the-boat tantalizing (just a squeeze of lime and you’re good to go); their Cochinita Pibil (pork shoulder and belly in banana leaf with rice, beans, and tortillas) is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

4. Curra’s Grill

614 E Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704, United States

Phone: +1 512-444-0012


            11am – 8:45pm


Wed- Thu    
           11am – 8:45pm

Fri – Sat

        9am– 2:45pm

Great for: Supplying standard Mexican eats and  popular avocado margaritas.

Cocktail, Mexico, Drinks, Alcohol, Ice, Drink, BarCocktail, Mexico, Drinks, Alcohol, Ice, Drink, Bar

At Curra’s Grill, you’ll find some of the most heavenly, authentic, interior Mexican dishes including cochinita pibil, chiles rellenos, moles, enchiladas, tacos and breakfast dishes like huevos a la Mexicana and migas.

The famed avocado margarita is also available, along with an array of cocktails, frozen drinks, beers, spirits, and aguas frescas.

Brothers Jorge and Marco Garcia opened Curra’s on East Oltorf in 1995. They had operated expansions on Burnet Road and Parmer Lane, which closed in 2008.

Daylon Garcia, Jorge’s son and the restaurant’s managing partner is overseeing the Hyde Park location.

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5.  Fresa’s Chicken al Carbon

Bouldin Creek & South Lamar (915 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703, United States)

Phone: +1 512-428-5077



Tue – Thu

Fri – Sat

        10 :00am–3pm

Great for: Drive-thru & walk-up window dispensing wood-grilled chicken, modern Mexican eats & ice cream.

Chicken, Poultry, Leg, Grill, Grilling, Flesh, Hot, BbqChicken, Poultry, Leg, Grill, Grilling, Flesh, Hot, Bbq

For the best Mexican-style chicken around, look no further than Fresca’s Chicken Al Carbon. Here, you’ll chomp on rotisserie-style birds doused in either achiote and citrus or Yucatecan spice rubs.

Both are served with charro beans, rice, onions, jalapeño, corn tortillas, and salsa.

Fresca’s, of course, caters to Texas dietary requirements: the red meat option is a Chimichurri Skirt Steak and the seafood option is Aji-glazed prawns.

Note that there are now two locations, one on 9th and Lamar and the larger South First location, where more variations are available.

They give a 15% discount to faculty and staff all day, every day.

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6.  Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

11500 Menchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78748-2712


Phone: +1 512-221-4248

Mon – Tue

Wed – Sun

Great for: Their creative blending of traditional BBQ and “Tejano” cooking.


Watch this video on YouTube

This family-run trailer serves up traditional Texas barbecue with a Mexican twist. Chat it up with your neighbors in line (you’ll be there a while), then find a seat at one of the umbrella-shaded picnic tables to sprawl out with your tray.

This family-run trailer serves up traditional Texas barbecue with a Mexican twist. Chat it up with your neighbors in line (you’ll be there a while), then find a seat at one of the umbrella-shaded picnic tables to sprawl out with your tray.

Valentina’s barbecue comes as a sandwich, tacos, or by the pound.

Favorites include the smoked carnitas with caramelized onions, cilantro, and tomatillo habanero salsa enveloped in a handmade flour tortilla, as well as the pulled pork sandwich in a tangy slaw and barbecue sauce.

Come early for killer Tex-Mex-style breakfast tacos.

There are several refreshing options to wash down Valentina’s mesquite-smoked fixings—Big Red, sweet tea and limeade.

7. ATX Cocina

110 San Antonio St #170, Austin, TX 78701, United States

Phone: +1 512-263-2322


Mon – Tue

Wed – Thu

Fri – Sat


Great for: Modern Mexican fare including seafood and mezcal and tequila cocktails anchor this upscale eatery.

Tacos, Mexican Food, Meat, FoodTacos, Mexican Food, Meat, Food

Modern Mexican with a touch of glam, ATX Cocina takes you back to sunny days at Riviera Nayarit’s beach clubs.

Each plate is generously portioned, gluten-free, and good to share, with highlights spanning Carne Asada with mole pozole, tomato, roasted jalapeños and cilantro, and the miso-marinated Big Glory Bay Salmon with caramelized rice, macha-ponzu butter sauce and wilted greens.

There’s also a daily happy hour and even taco and margarita kits to go, if you want to take the fiesta

8. La Fruta Feliz

3124 Manor Rd, Austin, TX 78723

Phone: +1 512-473-0037


Mon – Sun
 7am – 8pm

Great for: Serving up Mexican favourites & bottled beer in a low-key setting.

Lamb, Stew, Meat, Food, Dinner, Meal, Hot, TraditionalLamb, Stew, Meat, Food, Dinner, Meal, Hot, Traditional

The star at Fruta Feliz is the barbacoa de chivo—braised goat. The slow cooking coaxes the gentler side from the meat, meaning you’ll not encounter the gamier side of goat flavour.

All the elements were in perfect balance here: the large portion was a bit messy due to the moist, stewy meat, but it wasn’t greasy; the spice level of the dish is assertive and warming, but not excessive; and the high-quality tortillas are just the right thickness, strong enough to handle the meat and the generous helpings of cilantro and chunky onion.

Of the three salsas offered, the roja was a standout for its sneaky, slow burn that built over the course of our meal.

For diners not inclined to sample goat, the beef picadillo taco ran a close second during our visit.

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9. Marcelino’s

901 Tillery St, Austin, TX 78702, United State

Phone: +1 512-926-1709


Sun – Mon

Tue – Fri
          6am – 12pm

           8 am–1pm

Great for: No-frills, counter-service joint offering Mexican standards such as breakfast and lunch tacos.

Food, Tamales, Christmas, Dinner, New MexicoFood, Tamales, Christmas, Dinner, New Mexico

For the morning people, Marcelino’s is open from 6 am until 1 pm – or until they run out of food, whichever comes first.

Everything is made from scratch and served on gorgeous fresh tortillas try the barbacoa. Choose your taco ingredients.

Marcelino’s is family-owned since 1987 and touts a rich East Austin history.

This restaurant is famous for its great service and friendly staff that is always ready to help you. Prices at Marcelino’s are worth attention as they’re attractive.

10.  Fonda San Miguel

2330 W N Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78756

Phone: +1 512-459-4121


Mon- Thu
             5pm – 9:30pm

Fri – Sat
             5pm –10pm


Great for: Sophisticated takes on traditional Mexican cuisine served in a colourful, hacienda-style space.

Pozole, Restaurant, Food, Nachos, Mexican CuisinePozole, Restaurant, Food, Nachos, Mexican Cuisine

Maybe you have something to celebrate, or perhaps the celebration is just the insanely good food you’ll enjoy at Fonda San Miguel.

Also especially famous for its margaritas, this restaurant features traditional Mexican foods in a gorgeous, upscale dining environment.

From the food and drinks to the restaurant itself, this place is a work of art.

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Austin is becoming one of the most popular cities in the US for good reason; it has plenty to offer for anyone who visits.

One of the best things that it boasts to locals and visitors alike is food. The Austin food scene is phenomenal, and if you’re planning a trip we have made this list filled with mouthwatering restaurants to pick and choose from.