10 Oreo Snacks That Make Getting Up From Your Couch Worth It

Being a person who is constantly hungry and has a huge sweet tooth, I’m always on the lookout for delicious concoctions that satiate my hunger and also satisfy my sugar cravings. That’s where OREOS come in. These classic sandwich cookies are something that everyone grew up loving and now, are taking this simple yet amazing cookie to a whole new level of awesomeness. They’re a perfect match with almost all sweet ingredients and go well with all desserts leading to delicious Oreo snacks like No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Bars, Fudgy Oreo Bombshell Brownies, Oreo Mugcakes and so much more!

So, let’s take a look at some drool worthy Oreo snack ideas that make getting up from the couch worth it and undoubtedly leave us wanting more.

1. No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Bars

candy, goody, sweet, cream, cake, chocolate
Jina Kim

Nothing gets simpler than a no bake dessert. For this easy AF snack, all you need are Oreos, marshmellows, butter, vanilla essence, white chocolate chips and viola! You’ve got yourselves some amazing No Bake Oreo Cheesecake Bars that are definitely worth trying.

2. Deep Fried Oreos

Kartik Sharma

These homemade Deep Fried Oreos are the perfect creation that promises you the experience and fun of all sweet and fried carnival food in just one bite. Would definitely recommend since fried foods almost always make everything better.

3. Stuffed Oreo Cupcakes

buttercream, candy, cake, sprinkles, chocolate, cupcake, cream
Morgan Willie

Stuffing a chocolate or a basic vanilla cupcake with an Oreo cookie just makes sense doesn’t it? Well here you go then. DIY ravishing Chocolate Cupcakes stuffed with Oreos.

4. Triple-Decker Oreo Sandwich

milk, cookie, goody, coffee, pastry, cream, candy, cake, sweet, chocolate
Caitlin Shoemaker

Taking it up a notch, this triple-decker Oreo sandwich is dipped in chocolate and is often referred to as the “dessert of the gods.” This exotic creation is literal perfection made up of America’s and Argentina’s favorite cookie and is undeniably one of the show stoppers!

5. Vanilla Oreo Mugcake

Aishwarya Arora

This Vanilla Oreo Mugcake is super gorgeous and tasty and requires literally a minute. Something that’s delicious and doesn’t ask me to spend a whole day trying to figure out the recipe and is ready in almost no time? Count me in please!

6. No Bake Oreo Peanut Butter Dessert

pastry, sweet, cheesecake, mousse, pie, cream, cake, chocolate
Megan Clarkson

Combining one of the holy trinities of desserts- Oreos, peanut butter and chocolate– this ambrosial chocolaty goodness is just as pleasing and heavenly as the name suggests. And a no bake dish is always a plus as no oven means no burning down the house.

7. Red Velvet Oreo Truffles

sprinkles, sweetmeat, berry, pastry, goody, strawberry, cream, chocolate, cake, sweet, candy
Meredith Ross

You can’t ever go wrong with the combination of red velvet Oreos, cream cheese and white chocolate. These three ingredient cream cheese frosting filled truffles covered in red tint are the perfect snack and unmistakably satiate my sugar cravings.

8. Oreo Jello Shots

marshmallow, cream, chocolate
Aracelia Skridulis

Yup. There is something for everybody. For all the alcohol lovers, these Oreo jello shots are unquestionably worth trying. These jello shots seem like a perfect twist to the regular ones and even include Oreos’s partner in crime: milk.

9. Nutella & Oreo Stuffed Cookie Cake

cookie, chocolate
Jocelyn Hsu

This delectable and decadent Oreo snack honestly stole my heart. But seriously? A chocolate chip cookie cake. Stuffed with Nutella and Oreo. Enough said.

10. Oreo Bombshell Brownie

milk, cake, fudge, goody, cream, brownie, sweet, candy, chocolate
Meredith Ross

How could I ever leave out brownies? Oreos are amazing but paired with these brownies? Fan-freaking-tastic! These brownies are super fudgy, easy to make and absolutely a dream come true.