10 quick and easy healthy snack ideas

10 quick and easy healthy snack ideas

Need to fill a gap between meals? Try these easy heart-healthy snacks that aren’t too high in calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, 100 calories is a good amount for a snack, although it’s also ok to have more if you’re having an active day. 

1. Blueberries and yoghurt

100 calorie snack - blueberries and yoghurt

Combine a small handful (40g) of blueberries with a small pot (125g) of plain low-fat yoghurt.

2. Apple and peanut butter

100 calorie snack - Apple and peanut butter

Slice one apple and enjoy with 1/2 tbsp of pure peanut butter – make sure it doesn’t contain added sugar, salt or oil.

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3. Cottage cheese and tomatoes on a rice cake

100 calorie snack - cottage cheese tomatoes and rice cake

Add about two heaped tablespoons (50g) of low-fat cottage cheese and six cherry tomatoes to one rice cake.

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4. Banana on toast

100 calorie snack - banana on toast

Slice one small banana and add it to a medium slice of wholemeal toast.

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5. Red pepper and hummus

100 calorie snack - hummus and red pepper

Have 3 tbsp of reduced-fat hummus with a whole red pepper cut into sticks.

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6. Dried apricots and almonds

100 calorie snack - dried apricots and whole almonds

Snack on three dried apricots with eight whole almonds.

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7. Avocado on crispbread

100 calorie snack - avocado and crispbread

Slice one quarter of an avocado and enjoy with a crispbread.

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8. Crumpet

100 calorie snack - crumpet with spread

Top a crumpet with 1 tsp of low-fat spread.

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9. Milk and raisins

100 calorie snack - milk and raisins

Have a small glass (150ml) of semi-skimmed milk with 1 tbsp of raisins.

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10. Boiled egg, tomato and spinach

100 calorie snack - egg tomato and spinach

Add a hard-boiled egg to one chopped medium tomato (80g) and a handful of spinach leaves (25g).

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