10 Things You Never Knew About Gordon Ramsay

Popular celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s life is under a microscope. But even so, we’ve dug up some facts and trivia about him you might not know about.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well-known and successful chefs of all time, and the gruff, no-nonsense personality is beloved around the globe. With countless restaurants around the world, multiple cookbooks, television shows, and more, “success” is an understatement. He’s a celebrity in his own right.

It’s most definitely through his work on television that he has really become a worldwide star. Whether it Hell’s Kitchen or Masterchef, Ramsay has proven to be an audience magnet with his grumpy attitude and constant swearing entertaining the masses to no end.

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He has become so popular he has even gained television work outside of cooking, such as Hotel Hell. While many people know a lot about the Michelin star chef, here are 10 things you might not have known about him.



His Feud With Mario Batali

Gordon Ramsay is well known for not having an issue with letting people know his thoughts or holding anything back. While it makes him very entertaining, it does also lead to some conflict.

One famous feud that the British chef has is with fellow celebrity cook, Mario Batali. The two men simply do not get along and they’ve both been more than happy to publicly state it in the past. Batali went as far as to ban Gordon Ramsay from all of his restaurants, proving that he has no desire to feed him at any point.


Held At Gunpoint

Gordon Ramsay doesn’t just do straight cooking shows on television, many of his shows see him adventure out into the wild to discover new tastes or challenges. His show, The Big Fish Fight, saw him look into the illegal situation regarding shark fin trading.

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This show saw him travel to Costa Rica to investigate. At one point, he ends up on a roof with hundreds of shark fins as he gets caught where he’s not supposed to be, shouted at, and he even has gasoline thrown on him. However, things got more serious than that, as he revealed to The Telegraph that he was actually held up at gunpoint by rifles as people demanded that he stop filming, with the police having to get him out of the situation.


Completed An Ironman

While his career as a chef does take up a lot of his time, when Gordon Ramsay has a major passion for fitness. He is always in tremendous shape and clearly works hard on being fit and healthy.

A prime example of that is the fact that he actually competed in and completed the Hawaii Ironman competition back in 2013. He finished the incredibly difficult event in just over 14 hours. This is one of the toughest competitions any athlete could hope to do, including a 2.4-mile swim followed by a 112-mile bike ride, then finishing off with a marathon.


His Speciality

If you ever end up in one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, then chances are that you will find a beef wellington on the menu. That’s because this hearty dish just so happens to be one of his signatures. It’s an incredible dish when done well, and you know that Gordon Ramsay of all people can do just that.

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This is why on Hell’s Kitchen Gordon has this on the menu regularly for the chefs to cook. He knows how to do it and how to do it well, so he can tell if they have the talent by trying it.


Struggle With Hot Ones

The YouTube show, Hot Ones is one of the fastest rising internet sensations, where celebrity guests eat insanely hot chicken wings while doing interviews. There have been some huge names on the show in the past, but one everyone wanted was Gordon Ramsay.

Eventually, the stars aligned and he ended up appearing, and it’s fair to say he doesn’t handle the heat well. It’s an absolutely hilarious episode that any fan of either Hot Ones or the celebrity chef should check out. He brings so many different things with him in an attempt to combat the heat, but ultimately none of them help him as he struggles to beat the heat.


His Favorite Snack

When you think about top chefs from around the world that are able to create amazing dishes, you don’t ever think of them eating everyday dishes or cheap meals like most people do.

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However, during an interview with Bon Appétit, Gordan Ramsay revealed his favorite snack, “That would be baked beans. Chili flakes, garlic, Tabasco sauce, hot sauce. Sourdough bread—grilled—baked beans on top, with a duck egg, covered with Parmesan and gratinated under the grill.” Of course, he took the classic English dish of Beans on Toast to a totally different level with everything else he added on. However, thinking of Ramsay enjoying some baked beans isn’t what most would have in mind for him.


Family Legacy

Gordon Ramsay has got quite a big family himself, having five children with his lovely wife — their most recent baby boy having been born in 2019. While he proudly showcases all of his kids, one, in particular, has caught his love for food.

It seems that his daughter, Matilda Ramsay, is set to follow him down the path to being a chef and television personality. She’s already making waves, having her own children’s show on television in the UK. Matilda has appeared on television alongside her father and is very talented, which isn’t a big surprise.


Video Game

It might be surprising to see that Gordon Ramsay has his own video game, but given how influential he is — perhaps it shouldn’t be. Ramsay has built his personal brand very smartly, and this includes branching into the video game world.

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His game was released for the Nintendo Wii and was called “Hell’s Kitchen.” He also has a mobile game named “Gordon Ramsay DASH,” which sees gamers try to level up and become the next big chef while Gordon mentors them. It sounds stressful, and with Gordon being known for his screaming, it likely is.


He Was Nearly Not A Chef

While being a chef hasn’t certainly worked out quite nicely for him, if he had his own way, Gordon Ramsay would never have got into this line of work. Initially, like many people in Europe, Ramsay wanted to be a soccer player.

He was actually quite a talented player as well, having a trial with Rangers at the age of 15. It seemed like he did have a prospect in the sport and the potential to have an actual career, even if it might not have been as successful as his cooking career. However, Ramsay suffered a lot of injuries during his young career, and at one point he actually tore his cruciate ligament, which brought an end to his early dreams.


What He Won’t Eat

You would think that as a chef, Gordon Ramsay would be willing to try just about anything, and on his television shows, he does. But if a network really wants to test his will, they need to get him in the air.

He revealed to Refinery29 that the one thing he will not eat is airplane food. This is an issue that many people have, with most just not finding it enjoyable, and Ramsay is among them. Because he worked with airlines, he has a good insight into what goes on. And with him being a renowned chef, the fact that he won’t eat it goes a long way.

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