10 U.S. public golf courses with the best vibe

Sometimes you can just feel it.

I've often found the vibe you get at a golf course is almost as important as the course itself. Generating good feelings and an emotional connection can be the difference between just another round and getting that person to return again and again.

There are many things that affect a golf club's vibe. Does it feel welcoming or is there an air of pretentiousness? What's the first impression when you pull into the driveway or set foot in the clubhouse? How good are the staff at showing they care? What amenities stand out?

Every golf course's vibe is different. In my travels, I've found a few that stuck with me. This list certainly isn't exhaustive, but it's a sampling of those that made an impression. I tried to avoid choosing too many ultra-expensive courses. Obviously, Pebble Beach Golf Links and Shadow Creek in Las Vegas are special in their own right, mainly because they just don't sell tee times – they deliver an "experience."

But it takes more than money or a great course to create the perfect vibe. Fire pits and music certainly help. These courses have it mastered.

What courses have you found to have cool or unique vibes? Let us know in the comments below.