10 Vegan Snacks from Target You NEED To Try

You can find the BEST vegan snacks at Target! From creamy dips to chocolatey cookie dough, there are a ton of vegan options to chose from. Check out these 10 amazing vegan snacks from Target below!

vegan larabar from targetvegan larabar from targetImage credit: Lärabar

Peanut butter chocolate chip Lärabar’s have recently become my new go-to snack. These bars are insanely delicious! For real, it tastes like a candy bar without the added sugars. These also make for a great quick and easy breakfast.

Chipotle Bitchin’ sauce is guaranteed to be your new favorite vegan find! Despite it lacking any kind of dairy, it’s super creamy and packs just the right amount of heat. Try some with tortilla chips, tacos, veggies, rice, and more!

vegan skinnydipped almonds from Targetvegan skinnydipped almonds from TargetImage credit: SkinnyDipped

These chocolate-dipped almonds are so good you’ll be going back for a second handful. One’s never enough, anyway. The subtle roasted taste of the dark chocolatey goodness melts in your mouth as you crunch down on the almonds. 10/10 recommend!

vegan nacho vibes hippeas from Target vegan nacho vibes hippeas from Target Image credit: Hippeas

If you were a cheese puff lover before going vegan, then nacho Hippeas is the BEST vegan alternative for you! I thought these were the real thing the first time I tried them. Yes, they’re that good.

Boom Chicka Pop makes snacking on busy days a breeze. This light, crunchy snack is made with ingredients you can actually pronounce. Plus, you have a 0% chance of burning it in the microwave.

My Italian family will probably disown me for this one, but, this fresh mozzarella is shockingly authentic tasting! The texture and taste are similar to the classic non-vegan version. It exceeded all of my expectations the first time I ate it.

Pro tip: Try this fresh mozzarella with tomato slices, basil, olive oil, balsamic glaze, and salt and pepper. You won’t be disappointed.

I started buying Sweet Loren’s wayyy before I went vegan. They have the best-premade cookie dough I’ve ever tasted. The cookies come out incredible every time: lightly crisp on the outside yet soft on the inside. Their fudgy brownie cookie dough is also incredible.

vegan buffalo dip from Targetvegan buffalo dip from TargetImage credit: Good Foods

I never thought store-bought buffalo dip would be good, but this dip really surprised me! It’s packed with flavor with a little kick to it. This is a great vegan alternative if you don’t feel like spending the time and money making your own buffalo dip.

These chewy brownie bars are the perfect sweet snack that can double as dessert. Try them heated up in the microwave then served alamode. You can thank me later!

corn dogscorn dogsImage credit: Morning Star

I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE corn dogs. If I didn’t tell you these were vegan before you ate them you would never know the difference.

Do you want to see more vegan store finds? Let me know in the comments!

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