11 Best Bishop Arts Restaurants 2020 – Bishop Arts Apartments

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Dallas lives to be known for its artistic style and charm; and the “Bishop Arts District” has emerged as one of the hottest and most viable business hubs. During the course of time, The District has evolved as a hip, renewed fashion, and food district. The Bishop Arts District offers everything from fancy restaurants, bars, and cafes offering delectable delicacies, to chic fashion boutiques endeavoring the best wearables in the market.

The Bishop Arts District comprises a small area about three square blocks, yet it is densely girdled with mouth-watering restaurants and cooking joints that serve to different tastes. Extending from the ritzy, high-priced Italian restaurants to local bars; a variety of cuisines are available to all the locals and tourists that visit the place.

The most amazing thing about the district is the feel and the aroma that engulfs our mind when one sets foot in the community. Good food has lasting impressions on a tourists inclinations and The Bishop Arts District’s restaurants have lived up to this mark. The place is a living heaven for food lovers, where they get to devour everything delicious and simply scrumptious. From Italian gnocchi to Mexican empanadas and the Texas-style barbecued ribs, hot freshly brewed coffee to that soft yeast pretzel buns; all make up for the aromatic environment and bustling street life that is so obvious to all who visit the place.

If anything ever defines The Bishop Arts District then it is the superbly painted wall murals and the awe-inspiring food that serves many each day.


The neighborhood has evolved as a food and dining destination. The place is home to some of the best restaurants served by top chefs. Most of the businesses are locally owned. Food extends from the simple handmade pies and yeast rolls to the exquisite Italian fine dining. One can find some of the best wineries here as well. Accordingly, some of the best and highly rated restaurants include:


The place is best known for its pristine American breakfast and brunch menu. It is a contemporary diner and the food variety is incredible. The vibe of the restaurant is rather informal with exceptional service. Opens at 7 am and it is widely recommended for its sandwiches, burgers, and the ultimate buttermilk pancakes. Sweet or savory, Oddfellows is an eatery to be visited when in Dallas. Carefully grilled burgers layered with local cheese, tortilla strips with fried eggs and the banana cream pie french toast or the red velvet pancakes include some of the highlights of the menu. Its a long list of mouth-watering recipes that leaves one baffled at the food variations. Pricing for a meal ranges between $35-$40 per person.

316 W 7th St
Dallas, TX 75208
Website: https://www.oddfellowsdallas.com


Whenever a foodie is questioned about the most happening restaurant in town, the answer is Lucia, a rustic, 36-seat family owned establishment. Both husband and wife run the show here. But beware, the place is excessively popular and sometimes booked two months in advance. So if you want to visit the place and enjoy some fun-filled time at the eatery, prior booking is a must. Otherwise one has to try the luck for some occasional seats that are retained for walk-ins near the counter.Lucia is considered to be one of the choicest Italian restaurants in Dallas. The menu ranges from house-cured meats, handmade pasta, wild game, and fresh seafood. Some of the highlights of their menu include duck leg confit served with polenta and risotto with celery root and foie grass. The dishes vary in price but it costs over $50 per person. However, the quality and taste of the food are worth the money.

408 W 8th St

Dallas, Texas
Website: https://www.luciadallas.com


This classy restaurant is famous for its southern style food with a sense of fusion cooking. The place is a favorite amongst the locals and the foodies. Food is fresh, well cooked and delightfully devouring. Their famous shrimps and grits and the all-time favorite crab cakes form some of the best appetizers one can feed on. Eating at the joint might become an expensive affair but a trip here makes the day. Hence, Hattie’s is highly recommended as a dine-in place due to its impeccable service, light, comfortable environment, and the fragrant food infusions.The restaurant has been there for a good 20 years and has been consistently serving chicken and waffles that burst with flavor whenever you grab a bite of it.

418 N Bishop Ave
Dallas, Texas
Website: http://hatties.com

hatties bishop arts


Enos has been in the Bishop Arts District for the past 10 years and have a firm following for its crunchy yet light, thin crust pizza. It’s a small bar- cum restaurant where many locals feel proud to be called regulars.Owing to its ideal location, meal variety, and price affordability it is a preferred choice of the locals and tourists. The extensive variety of drinks on its menu adds to its arena. Flatbread pizzas, cheese sticks, salads, sandwiches and soups all are included, delivering the best use of locally grown ingredients.

407 N Bishop Ave
Dallas, Texas
Website: https://www.enospizza.com


There are numerous Mexican restaurants and cafes in Dallas but this cafe has devoted itself to the colorful cuisine of the coastal state of Veracruz. They serve a variety of meat, seafood and vegetarian dishes as per the liking of any typical Mexican food lover. Although the atmosphere is slightly upscale, the pricing is pretty reasonable. All these factors add up to its popularity and the consistency of taste and intellect that has made the eatery a top-rated favorite.

408 N Bishop Ave
Dallas, Texas
Website: https://www.veracruzdallas.com


Usually, small food stands do not reach the top of a restaurant list, but the extraordinary taste and the quality of food served at this Cuban food joint makes it hard not to include it in the list.Its a small Taco stand without a very elaborate menu. But the scrumptious tacos served for a mere $2 make up for a luscious and hearty meal for any local or tourist visiting Bishop Arts District.

330 W Davis St
Dallas, Texas
FB Page: https://web.facebook.com/C-Se%C3%B1or-715107681869503/

c.senor bishop restaurant


Bolsa is one of the oldest farm to table restaurants present in The District. The menu is simple like the branch and twig flatbread which showcases their artisan craft. Located on West Davis Street, it has the finest representation of the homegrown merchandise.

614 W Davis St
Dallas, Texas
Website: http://bolsadallas.com


Lockhart takes its name from the classic sausages that are shipped directly from Lockhart. The food joint is the best grilling and barbecue joint owned by Jill Grobowsky Bergus. Ther upbeat feel adds to the Texas-style barbecue. The moist brisket, melt in your mouth sausages and the near to perfection ribs are some of their specialties that are grilled over Texas post oak. And the restaurant serves the traditional cold beer to clear the palette. A sizeable wine and cocktail bar is also present.

400 W Davis St
Dallas, Texas
Website: https://www.lockhartsmokehouse.com


The Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. is a fresh addition to the Bishop neighborhood. The eatery has something to offer everyone. The restaurant has an elite, pubbish look to it and serves outrageously delicious grilled cheese sandwiches. Though a grilled cheese is a common man dish, here it’s serve with style and topped with a glass of beer. So dinner or lunch, this restaurant is a must on the list while visting Bishop Arts District.

310 W 7th St
Dallas, Texas
Website: http://www.dallasgrilledcheese.co


This exclusive French restaurant is considered by many as one of the best in Dallas. The price range varies from moderate to high but the stellar quality of food and service makes a visit to the eatery a remarkable one. The fine dining experience, the taste of fresh oysters and their various meat dishes cooked to perfection speak for themselves. For people who are more budget conscious, they should try their Sunday brunch which is definitely light on the pocket without any compromise on food.

408 N Bishop Ave, Ste 108
Dallas, Texas
Website: https://dallasboulevardier.com

Some Of The Other Food Joints At Bishop Arts

Bishop Arts District is home to many restaurants. Following are some more eateries that one can chant about while in Dallas.

  1. Stock And Barrel ( Mostly serving American Dishes)
  2. Pink Magnolia ( Southern style food)
  3. Hunky’s ( Hamburger joint)
  4. Zen Sushi ( Sushi)
  5. The Local Oak (Cocktails and American food)
  6. Greek Cafe And Bakery ( Greek style food)
  7. Bocce Italian Kitchen ( Italian food)
  8. Chan Thai Restaurant ( Thai Food )
  9. Pho 88 ( Vietnamese)
  10. Gloria’s Latin Cuisine ( Mexican)


Whenever we decide to travel its always best to plan ahead. And if traveling to an unknown destination or as a first timer, it’s of utmost importance to carry out a short research regarding the destination. And for that, Googling is the thing to do.

Just log in to google map and type:

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This opens a string of Dallas eateries and an overview about the chic Bishop Arts District. The modernized “Bishop Arts District” is the place to be! It is the most amazing and happening neighborhood, brimming with activity and nightlife. The Bishop Arts District is located in North Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas; USA. The district is most famous for its mouth-watering restaurants/ food joints and it’s remarkable fashion boutiques. It is known for the variety of bars, coffee shops, theatres, and art galleries that it has to offer. Located at only five minutes from downtown Dallas, it is the most outstanding neighborhoods whose walls are painted with artistic and colorful murals where eateries serve food that is fresh, healthy and local.

Once in Dallas, use google maps to find the most revered neighborhood and its delicious eateries, bars and fashion shops.

So, if anyone is looking for the most quintessential Dallas experience, one must visit the Bishop Arts District.

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305 Melba St

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[email protected]/staging

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