11 Best Online Filmmaking Courses For Beginners [2022 Update]

Online filmmaking courses can teach you new skills from the comfort of your home. Sounds great right?

In fact, film education has never been easier. So, no matter where you are, you now have access to thousands of courses at your fingertips.

Of course, there are lots of free websites and videos online that also teach filmmaking. But they can sometimes lack structure, quality and miss out on the finer details.

This is where online film production courses come in. They offer cheap organised learning that you can complete in your own time.

If you want to learn about the best online filmmaking courses then keep reading. Interested in a full-time degree? we also have a list of the best UK film schools.

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Screenwriting MasterclassScreenwriting Masterclass

Firstly, the best way to learn a new skill is through hands-on practice. But it’s hard to begin if you don’t know the basics. An online screenwriting course will teach you how to find ideas, format your writing and create revisions.

Luckily, Udemy offers short online filmmaking courses for a one-off payment. If you want to learn the basics of screenwriting, check out their range of screenwriting classes.

Phil Ebiner’s Screenwriting Masterclass only costs $24.99 and is a good start for beginner screenwriters.

Screenwriting & Storytelling BlueprintScreenwriting & Storytelling Blueprint

If you want a more advanced course that focuses on storytelling then have a look at Michael Haugh’s Screenwriting & Storytelling Blueprint. Also on Udemy, this course teaches goal setting, character building and plot. Michael also shows how to write for both commercial and artistic success.

Storytelling Blueprint has over 4.5 hours of lectures and only costs $22.99 with discounts for new students. Also, it’s had lots of positive feedback over the years with past students saying it’s helped them finish their screenplays and even find work. ?

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting online filmmaking courseAaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting online filmmaking course

Masterclass courses are all taught by leading industry professionals. For example, screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s (The Social Network, The West Wing) screenwriting course teaches you to go from idea to final draft. You can take this lesson for the starting price of just $15/month (billed annually).

The great thing about Masterclass is that you can take multiple classes in different categories with just one subscription. So if you want to take all of the different online filmmaking courses at once then you can (make sure you use our Masterclass discount code).


Lighting for Film and TelevisionLighting for Film and Television

Are you an aspiring DOP? then online filmmaking courses can teach you the basics. For example, over on Udemy, this starter course has over 6 hrs of immersive content that take place as short films.

In these short films, you will learn how to light for both drama and television shows. There is also a section on hard and soft light, as well as shadows, mood and equipment.

At the moment the course is only £12.99 which is pretty reasonable and there are usually big discounts for new Udemy students. 

Cinematographer's PreparationCinematographer's Preparation

Creativelive has many affordable online cinematography courses for filmmakers. Check out Jim Denault’s Cinematographer’s Preparation to learn the basics of preparing for a shoot. With over 4 hours of content, you will learn the basics like production meetings, hiring equipment and how to break down a script.

CreativeLive online filmmaking courses have had excellent feedback from previous students. This class is only $14 at the moment plus there are lots of discounts available for new students. You can even get a monthly subscription to all classes starting at only $13/month. ?

Cinematography Basics online filmmaking courseCinematography Basics online filmmaking course

Skillshare is also a subscription based site for just $13.99/month or $167.88/year. On there you will find hundreds of online filmmaking courses.

Zak Mulligan’s class stands out as one of the highest rated for cinematography students. In this course, you will learn about camera shots, lighting styles and most importantly how to work with directors.

For first time filmmakers, Skillshare is an excellent place to learn the basics. If you want to find out more then read our full Skillshare review ?.


Directing ActorsDirecting Actors

Online directing courses can teach you how to work with actors and crew. If you want a complete breakdown of directing, check out this online film production course created by Per Holmes. It’s a product of the production software company Hollywood Camera Work.

This advanced directing course aims to get you comfortable working with actors no matter what the scene demands. Interestingly they have recordings of directors on set, so you can learn by watching directing happen in real-time.

Hollywood Camera Wok keeps things simple with fixed pricing. You can get the complete course for $499 or buy individual lessons for $35.

Ron Howard Teaches DirectingRon Howard Teaches Directing

Over on Masterclass, you can also find Ron Howard (Apollo 13, Rush) breaking down directing from finding a story to creating the final cut. With 32 video lessons, it’s a great online filmmaking course for someone looking to jump straight in.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also find lessons by Martin Scorsese, David Lynch and Jodie Foster. As mentioned you can access all of these directing classes and everything on Masterclass for just $180/year

If you want to find out more then read our full Masterclass review ?.


Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners online filmmaking courseAdobe Premiere Pro for Beginners online filmmaking course

Want to learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro? check out Jordy Vanderput’s basics of editing course. He has created a handful of Skillshare courses for beginner and advanced editors.

The Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners course has had over 100,000 students to date. In addition to this, Jordy has a successful editing YouTube channel with hundreds of videos on editing and special effects.

Video Editing with Final Cut Pro XVideo Editing with Final Cut Pro X

For Apple and Final cut pro users, Ali Abdaal’s film editing classes for beginners will provide a basic outline of how to edit a video. It’s a great online filmmaking course for someone looking to get started.

Ali is also a popular YouTuber and shares advice on how to assemble, cut and polish your footage. The course has already had 43 thousand students and comes with excellent reviews.

Inside the EditInside the Edit

Want to learn to edit beyond the basics? then check out Paddy Bird’s course Inside the Edit which focuses on the craft of editing. This is an advanced editing course for those serious about pursuing a career in post-production.

In this course, you will learn how to choose the right shots to edit a story dramatically rather than only learning the software.

This online filmmaking course costs $49/month or $497/year and is one of the most celebrated editing courses online.

Free Online Filmmaking Courses

Have a low budget? no worries as there are lots of free lessons for filmmakers online. Many of these lessons are by filmmakers or people who have already worked in the film industry.

Screenskills is a UK film career website that has lots of useful resources for aspiring filmmakers. You can find job profiles, career maps and work experience advice.

Also, twice a year they open a trainee finder, which helps film students find work placements. Even if you are not from the UK you should check them out as their advice applies worldwide.

Filmmaker IQ is just one of many free filmmaking websites that provide free courses for filmmakers. Here you will find hundreds of blog posts and videos on screenwriting, directing and editing. Before paying for a course why not take a look through their archives.

Wrapping Up – Best Online Filmmaking Courses

In short, if you don’t have the time or money then you should definitely consider taking an online filmmaking course. It could be the perfect first step if you are a beginner filmmaker. Online lessons can teach you the basics and provide a solid foundation for your career. 

Even for experienced filmmakers, a short online course can help you sharpen your skills and brush up on new ones. Also, it’s interesting to see how other professional filmmakers work.

Finally, before you leave make sure you also check out our own film course section for the latest online filmmaking courses in the UK. ?

Have you ever taken an online course that you would recommend? let us know in the comments below.