11 free or affordable online classes that can help make public speaking less daunting, even over Zoom

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  • Strong public speaking skills can help you nail a job interview and access new career opportunities.
  • These online courses can help you get more comfortable in front of a group — many of them are free.
  • Some focus on storytelling and persuasive writing so you can be confident in what you’re presenting too.

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If giving presentations or chiming in during brainstorm sessions makes you nervous, you might not mind your current remote work setup. But a pandemic may actually be the best time to brush up on your public speaking skills.

For one, many online classes remove the scariest factor — a live audience. When you can pre-record your assignments or simply watch an expert share their tips, the barrier to entry gets lower. And even in courses held over Zoom, presenting via camera takes away the very real panic of standing at a podium. 

Beyond that, the ability to captivate a crowd is invaluable even when you’re working remotely. Whether you’re trying to make your virtual team all-hands more engaging or need to nail those final rounds of job interviews, having more confidence as a presenter can make all the difference in your career.

The courses below range from public speaking and communication tips to storytelling and rhetoric, since your presentation is only as good as your actual speech. Some classes are also free to audit, meaning you have access to them but won’t receive a grade or certification. If you want to take a paid course or earn a certificate of completion, prices can range from $15-$49 a month, depending on the learning platform.

11 affordable online courses that will make you a better public speaker: