12 Best Japanese Restaurants Miami Has for Eating Sushi and Ramen

June 2019: Japanese restaurants in Miami are aplenty, though few take a classic approach to the wide-ranging cuisine. New additions, such as Makoto and Katsuya Brickell, elevate the genre with modern approaches to traditional dishes. 

What can one expect at one of the best Japanese restaurants in Miami? Don’t think for a second it’s all raw fish (not that we don’t also know where to find the best sushi in Miami). No, Japanese cuisine is as eclectic and thoughtful as the country that made it. Hiding in quiet corners across this city (many adjacent to many of the best things to do in Miami) you’ll find tender meat sizzling on robata grills and ramen being slurped mercilessly, among other things. We know you love to chow down at the best Cuban restaurants in Miami and the best Italian restaurants in Miami—but do not forget to go visit Japan every once in a while. Your stomach will thank you.