12 Best Restaurant Review Sites: +5 Review Management Tips – 2ndKitchen

1. Google Reviews

When a consumer is looking up your business online, it’s likely that they’re googling your brand. Therefore, the first thing a consumer sees when searching for your business is the Google results. Within these Google results, a consumer will see your brand’s website, links to review sites about your brand, and Google reviews and location. 

Google shows all there is to know about your business – if you let it. It shows where your business is located, your hours, your menu, reviews on Google, peak hours, and more. This is one of the most common first stops a user will make when searching for a restaurant or bar near them because of the ease of finding all the information most consumers are looking for. 

The first thing a user sees when using Google reviews is a brand’s star rating out of five stars and how many reviews the brand has, so it’s vital to keep this rating high and encourage reviews from all visitors. You can sign up for Google Alerts to monitor activity regarding your brand on the search engine.