12 common foods that’ll help you beat menstrual cramps

  • When it’s that time of the month, you want nothing more than to get rid of your cramps.
  • Turns out, certain foods can help you alleviate the pain.
  • From peanut butter to yogurt, these are the best foods to eat for a pain-free period. 

Killer period cramps, endless bleeding (making you want to rip your uterus out) and crazy cravings is something we’ve all negotiated with, in the larger part of our adult lives. Turns out, giving into those junk food cravings and reaching out for that slice of deliciously hot pizza that your devil of a body DEMANDS, is actually bad for you? Who knew? (yes, the human body is 80% part evil and 20% part cheese)

So, here is our humble attempt to appease the period demon and experience a relatively pain-free, stress-free period next month. We bring to you a list of super-foods to power through your period.