13 Free Online Computer Courses With Certificate

Here are free online computer courses with certificates that could help you start up a digital skill or improve your already existing skill. You earn an international certificate confirming that you took part in the course which would help you attract more clients if you are a freelancer or start a better chance of getting a good-paying job for your skill.

You want to be skilled at using computers or deep learning workstation to deliver services and jobs but do not know how to start probably because you don’t know where to get resource materials? Here are online computer courses that would help you.

That is no longer an issue, all thanks to the internet.

You can take computer classes online for free at your own time and convenience, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. Oh yes, you can include a glass of wine or a cup of coffee to that list.

Online study has become a common thing over the past couple of years and anyone can decide to take an online course either to sharpen their skill, start a new career path or gain promotion in their office, either way, it gives you more income, you become more of a professional and you go up the academic ladder.

We have a range of free guides on online studies. These guides cut across awesome online courses you can take for free and those that require payments too.

We’ve provided guides for students who want to obtain a fast degree online from international universities and we’ve listed in detail a number of online universities in Australia for international and domestic students.

In Canada, there are several online courses you can take for free and there are a number of online universities you can apply for admission fully for free.

These online study guides just like this our guide on free online computer courses with certificates are ways we help students get access to study materials and opportunities to expand their academic horizon while getting ready for the ‘money market’.

To add to the list, you should know that there are a range of online certification courses that you can enroll for even today.

This is the technology age and getting a computer-based skill is one of the best life choices you’ll get to make as these skills are sought after in almost every company out there, whether big or small and if you are a professional at what you do, giant tech companies will come after you and yea, with a good paycheck!

The computer network is really broad but every part of it is essential and it can be learned. Through this article, you can choose the ones you wish to study (you can study more than one). We came up with about 13 free online computer courses that you can take part in.

You won’t have to pay to take any of the courses, and you’ll be given a certificate after completion to prove that you are skilled in that subject matter.


Free Online Computer Courses With Certificate

  • Introduction to Computer Science -Online Computer Course
  • Google Analytics – Online Computer Course
  • Machine Learning – Online Computer Course
  • Coding for Designers – Online Computer Course
  • Deep Learning – Online Computer Course
  • Data Structures and Algorithms – Online Computer Course
  • Web Application Development – Online Computer Course
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing – Online Computer Course
  • Web Design Fundamentals – Online Computer Course
  • Digital Marketing – Online Computer Course
  • Artificial Intelligence – Online Computer Course
  • Become an Android Developer – Online Computer Course
  • Google AdWords – Online Computer Course


This free online computer course is necessary for beginners to take or people with zero programming knowledge, the course will enlighten you on basic computer and computing concept.

After completion, you will gain knowledge in software development, object-oriented programming, fundamentals of Java and user-defined methods.

Course Duration: 52 hours
Certificate: Free

This is a computer-based course offered by Google to anyone who wishes to be skilled in Google Analytics, you will know how to implement tracking code, set up data filters, create and manage an account.

After completion, your skills can be applied to various businesses such as support sites, online publishing, and lead generation sites.

Course Duration: 4-6 hours
Certificate: Free

Machine learning is a branch of data science that involves making computers act without being programmed.

This course will expose you to know machine learning techniques and practical implementations so that you can get them to work for you or apply them to solve problems.

Course Duration: 56 hours
Certificate: Free

Before taking this course you must be experienced in graphic design this is important but you may have little or zero web or coding knowledge. Coding for designers is a free, self-paced introductory course to HTML, JavaScript and CSS for graphic designers.

This course will teach you as a designer to merge programming with design thus you can be able to create and design a website completely.

Course Duration: 60 hours
Certificate: Free

This free online computer course is a subset of machine learning whereby artificial neural networks and mechanisms inspired by the human brain learn from huge amounts of data but it has its own separate certificate upon completion.

After completion of this course, you will get the know-how on how to implement deep learning on machines to solve complex problems.

Course Duration: 60 hours
Certificate: Free

This course will equip you with the necessary techniques to solve different computing issues and self-implement up to 100 algorithmic coding problems in any programming of your choice.

After completion, your skills can be applied in medicine and sought after by giant tech companies.

Course Duration: 8 hours per week for 3 months
Certificate: Free

Before you begin this course study it is required you have a basic understanding of web design with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The course will teach you how to create web and database applications in PHP by utilizing SQL for database development as well as functionality in JSON, jQuery, and JavaSript.

Course Duration: 11 hours per week for 2 months
Certificate: Free

This is an introductory course on web design and you will learn how to design a website. You can be able to design web sites with quality graphics, animations, provide contents etc.

Course Duration: 11 hours per week for 2 months
Certificate: Free

Before you begin this course it is important you have a basic understanding of IT. Cloud computing is the storing and accessing of data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.

This course comes handy in advertising and developing applications.

Course Duration: 56 mins of on-demand video
Certificate: Free

This is the use of a computer or other digital devices to promote your product or services online. You will learn to design and develop quality content that should appeal to your clients and consumers.

Course Duration: 40 hours
Certificate: Free

This course will teach you how to apply AI, know how it works and how to implement it to solve real issues in your organization.

Course Duration: 4 weeks, 2-3 hours
Certificate: Free

This course will guide you into becoming an Android developer even though you have no programming skill, you can be able to develop Android apps from scratch after course completion and decide to work for companies or start up your own business in becoming an Android developer.

Course Duration: 12hr of on-demand video
Certificate: Free

This will teach you how to use Google ads to advertise your own products and services or that of another company online.

You will be equipped with the skills on creating and designing Google ads content that will attract people and produce an efficient result.

Course Duration: 54hrs
Certificate: Free

Conclusion on getting free online computer courses with certificates

Learning one or more of the above-listed computer courses online will help boost your knowledge of computer-based (digital) skills. You will no longer be a newbie or beginner after you have successfully completed your preferred computer skill course.

As a certificate holder in these computer courses, you get to become more professional, not just by mere certificates but by real knowledge too.

If you are a solo entrepreneur with your business built around any of these digital skills, you will certainly make more money as you deliver better jobs.