14 Family Meals to Buy from Chain Restaurants — Eat This Not That

We get it. Mustering up the strength to cook another meal during quarantine is getting harder and harder each day. It’s nice to get a reprieve from ordering out at your local fast food joint or restaurant, but sometimes it feels like there’s still a struggle when it comes to actually placing an order. You have to gather up the troops, ask what everyone wants to eat, and triple check your list to make sure you have everything written down right. Meals should not be this hard.

Your favorite restaurants see you, hear you, and they’ve come up with a quarantine miracle: family meal bundles. Made to feed between four and six people, over a dozen chain restaurants have put together DIY meal kits with basic proteins and sides so every person in your family can serve themself what they want. No rummaging through bags calling out “who ordered this?” and no kids complaining “hey, she got mine!”

These 13 family bundles from popular restaurant chains will streamline your meals to make eating a breeze. Because you deserve a break. And when your local fast food joint opens up again, don’t be shocked to see that things have changed by reading about these Things You’ll Never See in Fast Food Restaurants Ever Again.


Taco Bell

Taco bell at homeTaco bell at home

Now, you have something even greater to look forward to on Tuesdays. You can let Taco Bell cater your family’s next Taco Tuesday. Each of their $25 “At-Home Taco Kits” comes with 8 flour tortillas, 12 crunchy taco shells, seasoned beef, nacho chips, nacho cheese sauce, and all the toppings you can imagine and feeds up to six people. For some taco inspo, check out Taco Bell’s Blog for recipe cards. Get it while it lasts: this kit is available starting Friday, May 1st, but will only go “for a limited time.” And if you are game for cooking next Tuesday, bookmark these 12 Best Healthy Taco Recipes for Weight Loss.

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Dennys on demandDennys on demand

So you have dinner covered—great. But what about breakfast and brunch? Denny’s put together 8 different “Shareable Family Packs” that can cover every meal of the day, from a Grand Slam pack to a Premium Chicken Tenders Pack to a Cheesecake Pack. Prices vary, but your full meal packs will run you $35 and will feed 4 to 5 people.

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Chick fil a family mealChick fil a family meal

In early April, Chick-fil-A started to offer convenient meal bundle options called “Family Meals.” Unlike their catering menu, these bundles are meant to feed smaller groups, like 4-person families. Choose an entree (either 30 nuggets, 4 chicken sandwiches, or 4 spicy chicken sandwiches), a side, and a beverage. You also have the option to order giant 8-ounce tubs of classic Chick-fil-A sauces.

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California Pizza Kitchen

California pizza kitchen spring meal kitCalifornia pizza kitchen spring meal kit

Under the “California Pizza Kitchen Market” umbrella, CPK is offering five delicious meal kits to satisfy all your dinner cravings. Choose from a spring kit (pictured above with the roasted salmon), an asian lettuce wrap kit, taco kit, kids build-your-own pizza, and a home dessert kit. Kits will feed two to four people and each comes with easy-to-follow recipe cards. The dinner meal kit prices range from $14 to $120 (that’s if you choose the grilled ribeye for the spring kit).

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Boston Market

Boston market xl sidesBoston market xl sides

Making a main protein for dinner is easy, but those sides can be tricky. Let Boston Market take care of that for you. Now, they’re offering “Chilled XL Heat and Serve Sides” that are large portions of their classic sides (like mashed potatoes & gravy, mac & cheese, and creamed spinach) that come chilled. You can then reheat them for dinner tonight or freeze them for later. Portions will serve 4 to 6 people. If you’re looking to offload even more of your meal, everyone’s favorite rotisserie kitchen also offers a full family meal for 3 to 6 people. You can choose from rotisserie chicken, roasted turkey, BBQ ribs, or homestyle meatloaf. It comes with your choice of sides and cornbread.

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panera family feastpanera family feast

Feed your family of four a healthy meal for just $29? Where do we sign up? Panera’s Family Feast Kits allow you to craft the perfect bundle for your family—dietary restrictions and all. While many of these chain restaurant meal kits don’t allow for substitutions, Panera knows that people have many dietary restrictions, and the chain is incredibly accomodating. Choose from “kid-friendly dinner favorites like simple sandwiches and mac and cheese, to better-for-you adult options like salads and sandwiches with fresh and flavorful veggies. Several of the choices included in the family meal pack are already vegetarian, and a few can be made vegan or gluten conscious by requesting customizations,” says Panera.

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Cracker Barrel

Cracker barrel sunday chicken family mealCracker barrel sunday chicken family meal

Cracker Barrel will satisfy all your food needs. They have two fantastic quarantine options to get food on your table: “Family Meal Baskets To-Go” and “Taken n’ Bake Sides.” Family Meal Baskets To-Go are complete meals that include your choice of two country sides and Buttermilk Biscuits. You have 7 options, which include Sunday Homestyle Chicken, All-Day Pancake Breakfast, and a Family Size Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola cake. Their 6 Take n’ Bake sides, which include hashbrown casserole and macaroni n’ cheese, come in quarts and are ready to heat up the minute you get home.

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Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s

Carls jr family bundleCarls jr family bundle

Carl’s Jr. is offering both breakfast and lunch/dinner family bundles that will feed up to 4 for just $15. You can get either burgers or chicken tenders with fries for dinner and breakfast options include burritos with either biscuits or french toast sticks.

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Moe’s Southwest Grill

Moe's southwest grill family mealMoe's southwest grill family meal

Moe’s Market is offering pre-cooked protein, sides, and dips. You can order everything a la carte so it’s easy to build a meal kit that works for you. Moe’s even offering inspiration for what you can do with the kits: pork carnitas mac & queso and steak & eggs breakfast burrito.

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Smashburger take and make meal kitsSmashburger take and make meal kits

Smashburger is offering three different “Take & Make” meal kits so you can craft your own burgers at home. Choose from “Classic Smash + Tots,” “Crispy Chicken + Tots,” and “Smoke Bacon Brisket + Tots.” Each kit serves four and comes with step-by-step instructions. Best of all? They all include Smashburger’s signature smash sauce and smash oil.

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Baskin robbins sundae kitBaskin robbins sundae kit

The classic ice cream chain introduced “Do-It-Yourself Baskin-Robbins Sundae Kits” in late April so you can build a perfect sundae at home with your kids. The kits come with “your choice of two quarts of Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavors, your choice of one wet topping (like hot fudge or caramel sauce), two dry toppings (such as classic options like rainbow sprinkles and cookie dough pieces), a full can of whipped cream, and cherries to top it off.”

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Pei Wei

Pei wei family bundlePei wei family bundle

Pei Wei’s family bundle will feed your family for under $30. The bundle comes with your choice of one of two appetizers, two of over 30 different entree options, one of four starch options, and an optional dessert. You can even adjust the quantity if you want more food.

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Panda Express

Panda express family feastPanda express family feast

Panda Express brought back their popular $20 Family Meal by popular demand. The meal includes 2 large sides and 3 large entrees. It’s only available until May 18th, 2020, so be sure to order soon!

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Zaxbys family mealsZaxbys family meals

Choose between 20-piece chicken fingers or 30-piece boneless wings for Zax Family Packs. Although Zaxby’s is a regional chain, we’re happy to say it did not make our list of 7 Popular Regional Restaurants You May Never See Again.

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