14 Best Places to Buy Wallpaper Online – Unique Home Wallpaper

Putting up wallpaper—whether it’s covering a whole room or merely creating an accent wall—can totally transform your home and create a distinct aesthetic. And thanks to talented creatives and the Internet, it’s incredibly easy to shop for eye-catching wallpaper. As designer Mally Skok explains to us,the old school way of thinking was that people wanted to touch and feel the wallpaper before deciding, but you can always request a sample” online before taking the plunge. There are plenty of great, high-quality wallpaper sources online, including temporary options that can be easily removed, so renters can also decorate their walls.

If you’re on the hunt for wallpaper that’s unique (even if that just means a new take on an old classic!), you’re in luck. These online stores have just what you need, at all different price points, color, and pattern options—including removable murals, abstract prints, and customizable designs. Your walls are about to get the coolest makeover ever.