14 foods under 50 calories that help keep you full

Knowing what to eat when hunger strikes can be a challenge. You want to make healthy choices, but that leftover cake in the employee break room keeps calling your name.

That’s why having healthy options at your fingertips is one of the best ways to help you feel good, maintain your energy levels, and reach your weight-loss goals.

Megan Ostler MS, RDN, and iFit dietitian told INSIDER that if you feel hungry all the time, there are a few ways to change your diet to keep you fuller for longer periods of time. Protein, fat, and fiber are all macronutrients that help with satiety and fullness. Ostler said each of these nutrients takes longer to digest, making your stomach feel full throughout the day.

INSIDER asked Ostler and Stephanie Ferrari, MS, RDN, to share some of their favorite low-calorie snacks guaranteed to pack a nutritious punch and satisfy hunger. We rounded up their picks with a few of our own.