15 Best Digital Marketing Certifications Courses Online 2022

In today’s world of internet, gadgets and technology, Digital Marketing has become one of the hottest industries. It is a very important skill to have not only for marketing professionals but business owners and entrepreneurs as well. Surprisingly there is a big talent gap in digital marketing with demand far outweighing the supply. This offers plenty of opportunities for those looking to enter the field of online marketing.

Also this industry is ever changing and we often see new digital marketing trends evolving, making it essential for executives and professionals to keep up-to-date with these trends and technologies, if they want to stay relevant. Online Digital Marketing courses are a very fast and convenient way to stay on top of these latest strategies and trends.

One can earn a certification in Digital Marketing right from the comfort of one’s home. Several renowned universities and industry professionals are offering digital marketing training programs through the online mode that teach vital digital marketing skills with exercises, practical assignments and hands-on projects. These are more flexible and much less expensive than regular university degree courses. So whether you want to learn new skills or brush up your knowledge, you just need to pick a Digital Marketing online course that suits you and your business.

We have compiled a list of best Digital Marketing Courses, Certifications, Classes and Trainings that you can take online in 2022. Several of these courses are free to join. They give you a certificate upon completion that will greatly help to ramp up your resume and stand out from your peers.

Online Courses on Udemy With over 450,000 students enrolled and high ratings, this Udemy Digital Marketing course is a bestseller and top choice in the space of online marketing courses. Created by Daragh Walsh and Rob Percival, who have collectively taught around 3 million students, this is the most comprehensive course on digital marketing that covers SEO, YouTube Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and more.

It comprises of 12 modules covering following different aspects of Digital Marketing, with real life practical examples that help to link all theses aspects into a coherent marketing strategy.

  1. Market Research – Learn how to validate your business idea
  2. WordPress – Learn to build a world-class website in no time without any technical coding skills
  3. Email Marketing – Learn to set up email campaigns and build a mailing list of 1000 people in 30 days from scratch
  4. Copywriting – Covers how to write sales pages that drive more sales
  5. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Understand everything about SEO, and learn tips and tricks to get free traffic to your website with SEO
  6. YouTube Marketing – Learn how to drive traffic & sales with simple videos
  7. Social Media Marketing – Learn to master social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Quora
  8. LinkedIn Marketing – Learn to go viral on LinkedIn and 400x your connections
  9. App Marketing – Discover 43 ways how you can promote your App
  10. Google Adwords – Learn how to set up profitable ad campaigns the very first time, and avoid any common mistakes
  11. Facebook Ads – Learn how to run Facebook Ads and make money from them without spending a fortune
  12. Google Analytics – Improve your marketing by integrating Google Analytics and learn to interpret the analytics data and draw insights

This course is packed with around 24 hours of on-demand video content along with quizzes, assignments, checklists and practical steps. It is a very interactive course with every section including a project that builds upon the last one in a logical sequence.

The course is beginner-friendly and does not require any prior marketing experience. It is suitable for professionals looking to land a job as a digital marketer or business owners who want to increase their marketing expertise and build their business online or existing website owners looking to drive more traffic and revenues or anyone who wants to freelance as an online marketer or affiliate marketer.

Key Highlights

  • Best-selling Digital Marketing course on Udemy for 3 years in a row
  • Learn how to develop a digital marketing strategy
  • Learn to grow a business online from scratch
  • Understand how to create effective content for each social media platform
  • Learn to set up profitable ad campaigns without spending a fortune
  • Get lifetime access to all future updates to the course
  • Certificate of Completion from Udemy

Duration : 23.5 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.4
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Online Courses by Google This Digital Marketing certificate program from Google is available on Coursera and is designed to prepare learners to launch a career in digital marketing and e-commerce. Participants do not need to have any prior degree or industry experience to enrol for this program. So, if you’re completely new to the field of digital marketing and ecommerce or even if you’ve had some exposure, this Google certificate is a great choice.

In this program, learners gain in-demand skills to prepare them for entry-level jobs in digital marketing and ecommerce. There are 7 courses in the program comprising of over 190 hours of instruction and practice-based assessments. Throughout the program learners learn to use tools and platforms like Canva, Constant Contact, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, and Twitter. They also get opportunity to build their own portfolio with projects like customer personas and social media calendars to showcase to potential employers.

The certificate courses cover the following topics:

  • Elements and goals of a digital marketing and e-commerce strategy
  • Marketing funnel and how it shapes the customer journey
  • Attracting and engaging customers through digital marketing channels like search and email
  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • How to create media plans and set performance goals
  • Measuring marketing analytics and sharing insights
  • Build, launch and manage E-commerce Stores
  • Best practices to create an engaging customer experience online
  • Analyzing e-commerce performance
  • Strategies for building customer loyalty in e-commerce

The certificate program has been designed and built by subject-matter experts and senior practitioners at Google. It equips learners with both theoretical and practical knowledge and also real-life problem-solving skills to be successful in their job.

Upon completing this Google Digital Marketing certificate, learners will have access to a job platform where they can directly apply for jobs at top companies (part of Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium) committed to considering Google career certificate graduates for entry level positions.

Key Highlights

  • Get professional training designed by Google experts
  • No prior education or experience necessary to enrol for the certificate
  • Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and e-commerce along with popular tools and platforms
  • Highly interactive content with simulations of real-world digital marketing and e-commerce scenarios
  • Complete the program at your own pace and time
  • Opportunity to connect with top employers through the Google Employer Consortium

Duration : 6 months, 10 hours per week
Rating : 4.8
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Illinois University Online Courses This Coursera Digital Marketing training program has been designed by internationally renowned faculty of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It is a part of the University of Illinois Masters of Business Administration degree program, the iMBA. It is a beginner’s specialization and discusses several aspects of the new digital marketing environment, including topics such as digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and 3D Printing. Not only does it teach the conceptualization of digital marketing, but also the practical application of it. Students learn the foundations of digital marketing through examples, stories and acquire concepts and tools for digital creation, distribution, promotion and pricing of products and services.

The specialization is divided into 7 courses with last one being a Capstone project offered in association with Grainger industries. The courses as are follows:

  1. Marketing in a Digital World
  2. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory
  3. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Practice
  4. Digital Media and Marketing Principles
  5. Digital Media and marketing Strategies
  6. Marketing in an Analog World
  7. Digital Marketing Capstone

The learning approach used in the program is highly interactive and includes video lectures, case studies, hands-on exercises, and interviews with leading marketing scholars.

This Digital Marketing Certification program has the highest number of enrolments on Coursera. The first course “Marketing in a Digital World” has been ranked as one of the top 5 courses across multiple MOOC providers. The instructors are truly world-class. They include Professor Aric Rindfleisch, an award-winning scholar who has been named by Princeton Review as one of “The Best 300 Professors” in America; Prof. Kevin Hartman, a Visiting Professor & Head of Analytics at Google; Dr. Mike Yao, Professor of Digital Media and Department Head of the Department of Advertising; Prof. Vishal Sachdev, who is Director of Illinois MakerLab.

Key Highlights

  • Most popular course in Digital Marketing category on Coursera
  • Uses MBA-driven theory and practice with digital marketing techniques
  • Learn the theory and strategy behind Marketing Analytics
  • Examine ways in which the Analog world has been affected by the Digital Revolution
  • Understand step-by-step process for conducting thorough and insightful digital data analyses
  • Gain hands-on experience in data analysis and learn to make memorable presentations and data visualizations
  • Understand the underlying processes of marketing communication, so you can select the appropriate channels to deliver the right marketing message to the right audience at the right time
  • Learn how to plan a digital marketing campaign comprising of various digital channels
  • Certification is openly available, so anybody at any experience level can enrol in the program

Duration : 8 months, 5 hours per week
Rating : 4.6
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Online Courses on Udemy This Course on Udemy is one of the best online digital marketing courses, with close to 200,000 students having taken this course. With a total of over 32 hours of video lectures, loads of articles and supplemental resources, it is an in-depth course that imparts complete knowledge of all aspects of digital marketing from social media marketing to email marketing to content marketing and much more. It uses a project based approach and includes real world case studies to teach concepts and techniques that can be directly applied to real businesses.

The course covers the following topics – Finding your target market, Branding your business, Designing a website, Content and Paid marketing, Blogging and Copyrighting, Search Engine Optimization, Video marketing and YouTube, Facebook pages and groups, Facebook and Google Ads, Retargeting with Facebook ads, Social Media marketing (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn), Periscope and other live streaming platforms, answering questions on Quora, Podcasting and more.

The course has been created by Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila, who are both entrepreneurs and have been using digital marketing to grow their own six-figure businesses. Together they’ve taught over a million students on Udemy. They’ve designed the course for beginners, but even if you know some topics, there’s a lot to gain from taking this course. It is well suited for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to use digital marketing to grow their business or anyone looking to get a job in online marketing.

Key Highlights

  • Covers all the major marketing strategies that help learners gain a well rounded understanding and approach to online marketing
  • Learn social media marketing using all of the most popular social media platforms to grow your business
  • Increase conversions and sales with real world techniques
  • The tools and strategies taught in the course are completely free to use
  • Improve your brand identity and grow your brand’s audience
  • Learn how to grow your email list, website traffic, subscriber count, and social media following
  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates along with personalized support
  • Course content includes 28 downloadable resources that include checklists, guides and case studies

Duration : 32.5 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.4
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Online Courses on Udacity Udacity offers a Nanodegree program in Digital Marketing that aims to provide learners with a 360-degree understanding of the whole digital marketing ecosystem. The program is structured into 9 modules that cover how to create marketing content, use social media to amplify your message, make content discoverable in search, run Ads campaigns and advertise on Facebook. Additionally, students learn how display and video ads work and how to market with email, and measure and optimize with Google Analytics.

The content of the program has been co-created with Facebook Blueprint and includes several real world projects where students get to run live campaigns on major marketing platforms. Specifically the learning modules are as follows:

  1. Marketing Fundamentals
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Social Media
  4. Social Media Advertising with Facebook
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Search Engine Marketing
  7. Display Advertising
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Metrics with Google Analytics

Key Highlights

  • Program designed in collaboration with industry leaders in advertising and social media like Google, Facebook, Hootsuite, Hubspot, Mailchimp and Moz
  • Learn how to develop content that works well for the target audience, and how to measure its impact
  • Learn how to manage your social media presence, and how to create effective content for each platform
  • Learn about targeted advertising in Social Media
  • Learn how to create, execute, and optimize an effective ad campaign using Ads by Google
  • Learn how to create an email marketing strategy, create and execute email campaigns, and measure the results
  • Get a ton of practical knowledge with real world projects
  • Run live campaigns on major marketing platforms
  • Live Q&A sessions and forums to engage with industry experts and mentors

Duration : 3 months, 10 hours per week
Rating : 4.5
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Online Courses on SimpliLearn SimpliLearn’s Digital Marketing Specialist is a Masters program that aims to make learners industry-ready by training them in 8 core disciplines of Digital Marketing – search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing. The program content is very broad and deep. Not only does it teach the concepts of each discipline but also the tools associated with that area. It also includes elective offerings in advanced mobile marketing, advanced email marketing, advanced content marketing and advanced website conversion rate optimization that gives learners flexibility to master other areas as well.

This Digital Marketing training provides learners with the essential building blocks to get started and start practicing in Digital Marketing industry. It includes several real-world projects and virtual simulations using Mimic Pro for imparting domain experience. Learners are exposed to more than 40 digital marketing tools and taught how to use them in real projects.

SimpliLearn’s digital marketing certification program is accredited from OMCP. It provides access to 35+ live instructor-led online classes conducted by multiple expert trainers. Students also get access to the highest quality of e-learning content, projects, simulation exams, quizzes, active community moderated by experts, monthly mentoring sessions by experts, downloadable workbooks and other resources to help master the complete digital marketing skillset.

The program also prepares you for various expert exams such as OMCA (Online Marketing Certified Associate), Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, YouTube and more.

Key Highlights

  • Understand how digital marketing disciplines all work together and how to optimize your use of each one
  • Gain required hands-on experience through 4 projects to become job-ready
  • Learn to formulate, plan and execute effective Digital Marketing campaigns
  • Master the Digital marketing execution tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing and YouTube Marketing
  • Program designed and instructed by the world class leaders and practitioners of digital marketing
  • Blended learning model that includes both virtual live classrooms sessions and self-paced videos
  • Access to Monthly mentoring sessions from industry experts
  • Get OMCP exam voucher worth USD 395 on completion

Duration : 4 months, 10 hours per week
Rating : 4.6
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Online Courses by NorthWestern The Social Media Marketing Certification offered by NorthWestern on Coursera is designed to teach learners how to develop, deploy, measure and monetize social media marketing programs. Participants gain the expertise and tools they need to become an expert in the social markets. They learn to expand their online audience, manage their social strategies effectively and establish a social brand.
The program is made of up five courses that primarily focus on 2 objectives. First is to provide the learners with right social analytics tools, and training to help them become influencers on social media. Second is to give them the knowledge and resources to build a complete social media marketing strategy – from consumer insights to final justification metrics. The program culminates with a capstone project. The participants can complete the courses and project on their own schedule.

The courses are extremely hands-on and include interactive quizzes, graded assignments, exercises and practice exams. Upon enrolling students receive access to social marketing toolkits containing items like advanced marketing and analytics tools, that are critical in developing successful social strategy.

The specialization is led by Professor Randy Hlavac who is an expert instructor of Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing and Content Curation and Digital Marketing at Northwestern University for over 20 years. He has authored the book Social IMC: Social Strategies with Bottom-Line ROI.

One does not need to have any marketing background to enrol for this specialization. It is suitable for all professionals who would benefit from a more effective social marketing strategy, be it entrepreneurs, executives, marketing professionals or business leaders.

Key Highlights

  • Understand how to leverage a variety of social media platforms, including blogs, social networks, private virtual communities, passion sites, and video sites, to achieve business and organizational goals
  • Learn social media growth and promotion strategies that are trackable and monetizable
  • Learn to identify influencers and experts within a social community, develop targeted strategies and content to engage those communities
  • Learn to track the success of your strategies and campaigns through social monitoring and real-time analytics
  • Conversations with experts in fields such as data analytics, infograpics, gamification, blogging, and content marketing
  • Specialization is updated every quarter to ensure that participants receive the most up-to-date training
  • Option to audit the course for free and get access to all the instructional content for own self-directed learning

Duration : 5 months, 2-4 hours per week
Rating : 4.7
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Kellogg School of Management Online Courses This Digital Marketing Certification from Kellogg School of Management is intended for business leaders, managers, and marketing professionals and strategists who manage a marketing team and are responsible for chalking out marketing strategies to drive growth and/or are responsible for attracting and retaining customers in some way or delivering products and services.

This program imparts an end-to-end perspective of the modern marketing process. It teaches students how to make use of automation to make marketing practices more productive and agile, how to mine new sources of customer data to create personalized communications, and how to leverage analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to optimize marketing activities.

The program comprises of 8 modules. It uses a very practical, applied learning approach, so students learn to put all strategies to practice. Throughout the program, students work on a Marketing Transformation Challenge. They identify a business challenge and then solve it with a marketing solution. The 8 modules cover the following topics:

  1. A Framework for Marketing in a Digital World
  2. Understand Customers and Generating Insights
  3. Customer Segmentation and Behavioural Marketing
  4. The Customer Journey and Content Strategy
  5. Brand Storytelling in a Digital World
  6. Accelerating Marketing Execution through Agile Marketing
  7. Marketing Attribution, Testing, and Experimentation
  8. Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

This Digital Marketing Certificate program is led by Professor Mohanbir Sawhney – a globally-recognized scholar, educator, consultant, and speaker in business innovation, modern marketing, and enterprise analytics. He has authored several bestseller management books, and his research has been published in several leading academic journals.

Key Highlights

  • Learn Marketing Strategies applicable to a wide range of industries that include retail, telecommunications, hospitality, global shipping, technology, automotive, manufacturing, and others
  • Understand ways to discover customer insights using social mining, AI applications etc.
  • Learn how to map customer journey and how to design content according to that
  • Discover how to evolve your marketing by incorporating data, analytics and optimization techniques for improved decision-making
  • Learn segmentation techniques and behavioural marketing
  • Real world case studies of companies using new marketing technologies, including AT&T, FedEx, Google, P&G, Claussen and more
  • Verified Digital Certificate of Completion from Kellogg Executive Education

Duration : 2 months, 4-6 hours per week
Rating : 4.5
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Online Courses on LinkedIn Learning - Lynda LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) offers a variety of Digital Marketing courses and certifications for individuals at all levels, from short duration introductory courses to ones targeted at more experienced professionals. These courses cover different aspects of online marketing like, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Web Analytics, Brand Marketing, Social Media Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc., Email Marketing, Product Marketing and more.

These courses serve as a great starting point to build knowledge and advance digital marketing skills. They are suitable for anyone just starting out or someone looking to update themselves on new marketing trends and strategies.

Here are some of the Online Marketing courses that learners can take on LinkedIn Learning platform:

  • Online Marketing Foundations
    By: Brad Batesole
    This course teaches how to promote your business effectively online and demonstrates how to build a successful online marketing campaign for all digital channels: search, video, social, email, and display.
  • Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing
    By: Anson Alexander
    In this course learners discover the tools available to them across the different areas of digital marketing and gain key inights into Digital Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Trends
    By: Martin Waxman
    In this course, students learn the latest trends in digital marketing so they can leverage these trends to make businesses more successful.
  • Social Media Marketing: Strategy and Optimization
    By: Martin Waxman
    Learn the latest developments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok, so you understand how to position your brand correctly on each platform.
  • Marketing Tools: Social Media
    By: Carlos Gil
    Learn how to make the right choices for your business from among the thousands of social media apps, tools, and platforms.
  • Learning Web Analytics
    By: Matt Bailey
    In this course, learn what analytics is, what it can do, and how it will change your online business.
  • Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan
    By: Matt Bailey
    In this course, you can learn how to build an integrated online marketing plan for your organization.
  • Brand and Marketing Integration
    By: Dina Shapiro
    Learn a comprehensive brand and marketing integration approach that encompasses all external and internal stakeholders and touchpoints.
  • The Data Science of Marketing
    By: Chris DallaVilla
    In this course students discover how to gain valuable insights from large data sets using specific languages and tools. They also learn best practices for data-driven marketing that can increase an organization’s marketing performance.
  • Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter
    By: Megan Adams
    Learn how to craft, execute, measure, and optimize a winning social media marketing strategy.
  • Marketing on LinkedIn
    By: Marcus Murphy
    In this course you can learn how to market your small, medium, or solo business on LinkedIn.
  • Managing Email Marketing Lists and Campaigns
    By: Megan Adams
    This course teaches how to build and manage email marketing lists and run more effective campaigns
  • Advanced Product Marketing
    By: Jonathan Chang
    This course teaches advanced techniques designed to help product marketers to define their audience and match products to their needs, as well as create a go-to-market strategy.

Key Highlights

  • Expert-led courses on Digital Marketing
  • Wide range of short duration courses that teach key marketing skills
  • All courses can be availed for Free in first month
  • Supports flexible learning at one’s own pace

Duration : Self-Paced
Rating : 4.5
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Online Courses on Udemy This Digital Marketing course on Udemy focuses on how you can take any product, service, or business and sell it to 1,000s of customers. It is intended for small business owners, bloggers who want to increase their traffic and drive more sales, or those working in Marketing, Sales etc. or just anybody who has a product or service to sell.

The course teaches learners how to use Social Media, Content and Video marketing to bring on board their first 1000 customers. It also covers SEO, SEM, PR, FB and Instagram marketing and many other important digital marketing domains. Students learn the following:

  • Social media marketing through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
  • How to make a comprehensive content marketing plan
  • How to get into Video Marketing
  • How to promote through Reddit, ProductHunt, & HackerNews
  • How to get press for your product or service and get covered in blogs, news outlets and other media sites
  • Long term strategy around Search Engine Optimization
  • Designing and executing CPC ad campaigns through Google, Bing & Facebook
  • Creating, managing, and promoting blog posts through WordPress, Medium and guest blogs

The course is taught by Evan Kimbrell, Founder and Director of digital agency Sprintkick. Evan has created several courses on Udemy and has taught over half a million students. His courses have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, BusinessInsider, BuzzFeed, Mashable, TheNextWeb, The Daily Beast, & Techcrunch.

The course comes with over 200 lectures and 26.5 hours of video content, 14 articles, and 154 downloadable resources that you can access anytime you want. It has been taken by over 70000 students till date. It doesn’t require you to own a business or a product, but it assumes that you do.

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to proactively find customers through modern marketing channels
  • Understand the basics of growth marketing and traction channels
  • Learn to use Twitter and Facebook to conduct research and sales outreach
  • Learn marketing techniques for Instagram and Snapchat
  • Build a comprehensive content marketing plan
  • Set up, manage, and analyze user stats & behaviors through Google Analytics
  • Analyze & understand search engine marketing & social ad marketing metrics
  • Strategize and produce videos for marketing on YouTube

Duration : 26.5 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.3
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Online Courses on Google Digital Garage Digital garage is Google’s online courses platform that offers free courses on a variety of subjects in Data, Tech, Business and Career Development domains. Digital Marketing is one such domain where Google provides free digital marketing training courses to help participants grow their business online.

These courses are open for all and can be taken by anybody who wishes to enhance their digital marketing skill set. Whether a small time blogger or business owner or marketing professional or entrepreneur, one can choose a course based on one’s specific requirements.

The courses vary in duration from under 2 hours to more than 40 hours and include both video and text materials. One can opt to go through individual modules in a course or take an entire course end-to-end. Some of the popular Google marketing courses are:

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (This course includes a Google Marketing Certification which is globally recognised)
  • Get a business online
  • Make sure customers find you online
  • Promote a business with online advertising
  • Promote a business with content
  • Customer Segmentation and Prospecting
  • Content, Advertising and Social IMC
  • Marketing in a Digital World
  • Learn about Agile project management and SCRUM
  • Write a business plan
  • Google Ads Search
  • Google Ads Display
  • Google Ads Measurement
  • Google Ads Video

Google Fundamentals of Digital Marketing course is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. It has 26 modules created by Google trainers, and is packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples.

Key Highlights

  • Flexible and personalised training courses that can be learnt at your own pace
  • Courses are Open for all with no prerequisites
  • Hands-on exercises, quizzes and real world examples included for better understanding
  • Courses designed and instructed by experts
  • Free, unlimited access to all content

Duration : Self-Paced
Rating : 4.5
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Online Courses on Udemy This Udemy course by Isaac Rudansky is rated as the best Google Adwords training course with more than 150000 student enrolments so far. It enjoys the highest student satisfaction rating in the entire Udemy marketing library. The course aims to impart the required knowledge, skills and tools to profitably advertise any product or service online. It teaches how to drive profitable, reliable and consistent traffic to your website or landing page every single day with Google Adwords in a very clear, step-by-step manner.

Upon completion of the course, students are able to create, develop and optimize a professional Google AdWords campaign that brings in high quality traffic. They also learn advanced topics like ROI calculations and formulas and conversion tracking, but no prior experience with Adwords is needed to go through this course. It gradually moves from beginner to advanced.

The course contains over 25 hours of video content. Participants also get access to student discussion forum, where they can also ask the instructor any questions as they progress through the course.

Key Highlights

  • Course is regularly updated and covers the new Google Ads interface and dashboard
  • Learn to use Conversion Tracking To Determine The Value Of Your Ad Campaigns
  • Learn how to use keywords to your advantage and analyze keyword data in Excel to gain deeper insights into the data
  • Learn how to track sales, revenue and form submissions using Google AdWords
  • Understand how to remarket to your previous website visitors to bring them back to your site
  • Learn how to take advantage of competitor reports and customer data in your campaigns
  • Learn how to write and A/B test your ads
  • Learn to use tools like SEMrush and Optmyzr to automate your optimization tasks and run better analyses
  • Get lifetime access to course content and future updates

Duration : 25.5 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.6
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Online Courses on Udemy This Udemy Facebook Marketing course is highly rated and has already benefitted 150,000 students. The aim of this course is to help learners understand the Facebook platform from A to Z and master the paid social media advertising campaigns. Along with Facebook it also covers Instagram advertising.

The course offers a step-by-step guide to learners for launching their Facebook page and then using all the features, ads etc. It delves deep into every aspect of Facebook and the Facebook Ads Manager, covering the following topics:

  • How to optimize your Facebook Page
  • Install Facebook Pixel on your website
  • Create custom audiences based on pixel audience or external things such as email lists
  • How to create engaging content to share with your audiences
  • Understand all types of Facebook Ads and which one to use in which scenario
  • How to split test and optimize Facebook Ads for cost
  • Learn about Remarketing/Retargetting Ads
  • Learn about the tools used to analyse Facebook Ad spend and Ads Reporting

This course is ideal for small business owners, bloggers, social celebrities and influencers, local brick and mortar businesses, corporate marketing professionals, advertising managers or anybody looking to benefit from social media advertising especially Facebook and Instagram.

Key Highlights

  • Learn Facebook Marketing from beginner level to advanced
  • Optimize your Facebook ads for increased conversions and decreased costs
  • Be able to create and make use of every type of Facebook Ad
  • Be able to grow your Facebook page likes and post engagement
  • Be able to find new customers and increase your brand value via online marketing
  • Learn to mass post quickly to various social media networks
  • Be able to use the advanced features available in Facebook Business Manager
  • Course content is regularly updated
  • Access to students forum where instructors directly answer questions within 48 hours

Duration : 13.5 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.4
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Online Courses on SkillShare Skillshare is an online platform that offers a wide array of short duration skill-based courses. It includes various courses on Digital Marketing that cover different disciplines of Online Marketing like content marketing, social media marketing, digital strategy, search engine optimization, email marketing, copyrighting and blogging, google analytics, google ads, brand management and much more.

Most of these courses are of short duration and target a particular topic rather than building a comprehensive digital marketing skill set. So these are best suited for current digital marketers who want to skill up, add a specialty, or refresh their skills in a specific domain.

Here are some of the courses one can take:

  • Introduction to Social Media Strategy
  • The Complete Instagram Marketing Masterclass
  • Introduction to Social Media Advertising | Learn with Buffer
  • Digital Marketing for Writers: Grow Your Audience and Author Platform
  • Growth Marketing Essentials: Build Effective Acquisition Funnels
  • Create a Simple Digital Marketing Plan
  • How to use Google Analytics to set your SEO strategy
  • Turn Content Into Clients: Content Marketing For Freelancers
  • 4 Design Principles To Brand Your Social Media
  • YouTube Marketing: Grow Your Business with YouTube
  • Affiliate Marketing: The Complete 2020 Masterclass
  • Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERCLASS 2020
  • SEO Basics for Non-SEOs

Skillshare platform is free to use for first 2 months, so essentially this makes these digital marketing training classes practically free for everyone. One can choose to enrol in their premium plan at a small fee.

Key Highlights

  • Courses offered by teachers and industry experts
  • Access to all classes for free for a 2 months period
  • Flexible learning at one’s own pace
  • Community area for swapping strategies and ideas
  • Downloadable worksheets and resources along with video content

Duration : Self-Paced
Rating : 4.5
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Online Courses on Udemy This Social Media Marketing training course takes learners from A to Z on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger. It teaches how to create highly targeted and cheapest advertising strategies online. This course is a bestseller on Udemy with more than 73000 student enrolments and high ratings.

The course covers the following topics in detail:

  • How to optimize your Facebook page and Facebook Ads
  • How to optimize your Instagram account and create sponsored ads within Instagram
  • How to optimize your Twitter account and use targeted Twitter paid advertising platform
  • How to build a robust Pinterest page and learn about Pinterest paid advertising methods
  • How to use YouTube for marketing
  • How to create Video Google Ads
  • How to build LinkedIn personal and company page and create LinkedIn Ads
  • How to use Google for marketing and local businesses
  • Understand blogging, Search Engine Optimization and backlinks
  • How to mass post all social media platforms via Tumblr

The course progresses from beginner level to advanced topics and hence is suitable for both newbie and advanced users. Anybody looking to learn how to create Ads on any social media networks is a good contender for taking this course, including business owners, bloggers, influencers, public figures, marketing professionals etc.

Key Highlights

  • Understand everything about Social Media platforms and be a master of optimizing paid social media ad campaigns
  • Understand how to enhance your brand using social media marketing
  • Learn social media marketing posting automation via IFTTT
  • Use Google Business to benefit your local business and help your Search Engine Optimization
  • Lifetime access to full course lectures, articles, downloadable resources and future updates
  • Access to discussion section where students can ask any questions and clarify doubts

Duration : 8 hours on-demand video
Rating : 4.5
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Online Courses by Wharton Digital Marketing affects the businesses ability to reach their customers directly, understand their behaviour and be more efficient and effective. It is a crucial skill set for marketing professionals in today’s age. This Digital Marketing Certificate program on edX designed by world-renowned marketing professors at the Wharton School imparts these key marketing skills most in-demand today – omni-channel marketing, marketing analytics, social media strategy and analysis, and data-driven customer-centric approaches to customer retention. It helps learners to become familiar with new types of data (like mobile data, search data etc.) and new types of analysis that can be done on this data to make better marketing decisions.

The program comprises of following 4 courses, each of which are expected to require around 6 weeks to complete:

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce – Gain an understanding of how the digital economy works and develop critical insights in e-commerce and digital and social media marketing.
  2. Marketing Analytics: Data Tools & Techniques – Learn how to measure, manage and analyze customer data to make effective marketing decisions.
  3. Managing the Value of Customer Relationships – Learn how to identify your most valuable customers to develop and implement customer-centric strategies.
  4. Selling Ideas: How to Influence Others, and Get Your Message to Catch On – Learn how to use social media and word of mouth to spread your message and grow your business.

This program is suitable for young professionals looking to cut into the marketing job industry or find larger range of job offerings and equally useful for seasoned professionals looking to upgrade their skills to remain more relevant in the changing landscapes of digital economy.

Key Highlights

  • Build the marketing skills needed to grow and flourish in the digital economy
  • Designed and taught by professors of Wharton, the top marketing school in the world
  • Learn how to leverage new models in business and e-commerce to increase profitability
  • Learn new techniques in Market Research, including Regression Analysis, Conjoint Analysis, and Social Media Analytics
  • Learn how to choose metrics to gauge and guide ongoing customer-centric efforts

Duration : 6 months, 3-4 hours per week
Rating : 4.5
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