15 Best Italian Restaurants in Austin – So Much Life

The Italian restaurant presence in Austin can be a bit overwhelming…in the best way! We are fortunate to boast a wide variety of Italian food in Austin’s culinary scene. From family-run food trucks (Patrizi’s) to upscale date night spots (Juniper,) amazing red sauce (Sammie’s) to charming patios where you can sip the best Aperol Spritz in Austin (Juliet), I’m going to cover the best Italian food in Austin so you can pick the one that’s perfect for you. 

Why do we love Italian food so much? For starters: CARBS. Science tells us that our brain’s pleasure and reward centers lights up when we eat rich, fatty, creamy carbs (like cacio e pepe)…meaning Italian food just makes us happy! I’m particularly drawn to it because of the air of festivity that I feel when I walk into a beautiful Italian restaurant with my husband. I love it all: the handmade pasta, the rich, full-bodied bottles of Barolo, the white tablecloths and garlic and delicate tiramisu to wrap up the meal. Italian food makes for one of the best date night options (but you can find many other non-Italian date night restaurants in Austin, too.) It’s also a fun way to share food with a community. I love the loud, cheerful ambiance of Italian restaurants in Austin like Red Ash and Patrizi’s. They feel like a celebration.