15 Best Japanese Snack Box: Must-Try Treat Boxes From Japan in 2022

Are you searching for the best Japanese snack boxes online? We’ve gathered 15 different options that are worth trying! 

Japan is home to thousands of tasty nibbles, such as sweet candies, salty bites, and spicy treats. You can find several of these products outside of Japan, especially if you visit a market that specialises in Asian food. However, many popular Japanese snacks are still hard to find outside this small island nation. 

But when you order a Japanese snack and drink box, you’ll get a variety of tasty authentic Asian treats shipped right to your home. You may even end up finding your new favourite nibble! 

Best Japanese snack box illustrationBest Japanese snack box by Honest Food Talks

Our Favourite Japanese Snack Box

With so many treat boxes from Japan to choose from, you’ll surely find one or a few that you will love. 

However, if you’re having a difficult time deciding on which to buy, consider these three boxes, as they are the best ones on our list! In our opinion, Sakuraco, TokyoTreat and Bokksu are the best Japanese snack box you can buy online.

Best Value Japanese Snack Box

We think Sakuraco’s monthly bundle is the best for value. With this bundle, you can get traditional Japanese candy, baked goods, green tea and even traditional tableware! To get a wholesome Nippon experience, go with Sakuraco.

Best Quality Japanese Snack Box

With a wide variety of full-sized food and drinks and its reasonable price, the quality of Tokyo Treat’s subscription box exceeds all expectations.

Best For Variety

If variety is your top priority, then go for Bokksu. With over 20 types of food and drinks included in the pack, you will indeed get a taste of Japan.

So, if you’re in the mood to try something new, consider ordering one of the boxes on this upcoming list. 

Tokyo Treat – Best Japanese Snack Box for Quality

If you’re looking for a varied assortment of treats, Tokyo Treat may be the best Japanese snack box you can find! Weighing at about 1300g per box, Tokyo Treat is a pretty generous size. It’s the best Japanese snack box to treat yourself or a loved one who’s fond of Asian treats. 

Tokyo treat bundle best japanese snack boxTokyo Treat’s colourful boxes bring you the trendiest limited-edition food and drinks that are exclusively available in Japan! | Image from cooksinaai

The items in this box vary, but you can receive drinks like Ramune and candies like Japan-exclusive KitKats. You’ll also receive baked goods like melon pan, taiyaki, and other yummy East Asian nibbles. 

If you’re also hoping for some savoury nibbles, this one has you covered. It offers plenty of salty treats like Japan-exclusive potato chips or dried seaweed. And if you’re craving a simple lunch, you might get some instant noodles like ramen or udon. 

Tokyo Treat is a paid subscription service so that you can get a different assortment of delicious treats from Japan every month. The items in their boxes will vary by month, so you can always expect something new. Of course, you can try it for just one month to see if you like it. If you’re still craving more, you can simply extend your subscription. 

Tokyo Treat offers worldwide express delivery. So, no matter where you are, you’ll receive your order pretty quickly. 

What we love about it  

  • Many of the products from Tokyo Treat come in packages with anime character designs! This design makes it the best Japanese snack box gift for anime collectors. 
  • This service includes a wide range of food items and is one of the most varied options on this list. 
  • Each box contains between 15 and 20 full-sized treats, making this a perfect choice if you’d like to share with friends. 

Tokyo Treat
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Sakuraco – Best Japanese Snack Box for Value

Some delicious baked goods simply aren’t complete without a cup of tea. This is especially true in Japan, a country with its reputation for delicious teas. So, if you’re looking for a tasty Japanese snack and drink box, Sakuraco might be what you need. 

Sakuraco goodiesA Sakura Festival box from Sakuraco showcasing the rich Japanese culture with the inclusion of these authentic goodies from Japan. | Image from notsogentlejenny

Each Sakuraco box includes twenty assorted items. Expect a variety of seasonal loose-leaf teas straight from Japan. You’ll also receive sweet baked goods to enjoy with your tea, such as senbei rice crackers, castella cakes, or chewy mochi. As their name suggests, you can expect plenty of sakura-inspired items, as well. 

Tasty treats and teas aren’t the only things you’ll get in your Sakuraco treat box. Sakuraco can also provide some stunning home goods straight from Japan! You can get a beautiful ceramic dish or even some quality chopsticks in your gift box. This makes Sakuraco an excellent choice for collectors. 

Sakuraco is a paid subscription service, so you can expect a surprise every month when you choose a monthly plan. But if you don’t want to commit to several months, you can pick their one-month option instead. They also offer worldwide express shipping! 

What we love about it 

  • Sakuraco Japanese subscription boxes include a variety of unique teas. Matcha, sakura, and ginger are just a few different flavours you can receive. It’s the best Japanese snack box for tea lovers. 
  • You’ll also get kitchenware you can use to enjoy your Sakuraco tidbits. This kitchenware can make your experience all the more authentic! 
  • Baked goods aren’t the only treats you’ll get from this service. They also provide small traditional candies such as konpeito. 

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Bokksu – Best Japanese Snack Box for Variety

Bokksu has a reputation for its variety of teas. Whether you enjoy steaming hot matcha, iced tea, or even instant tea, there’s something on this site that every tea lover should give a try. Their unique teas have been around for centuries, and it all began with one family’s small business! 

Bokksu japanese snack boxAn aesthetically pleasing goody box from Bokksu that has incorporated the lovely colors of spring season. | Image from lucy_serendipity

Of course, tea isn’t the only thing Bokksu has to offer. You can also receive baked goods like mochi or cookies that’ll taste delicious with a cup of tea. They include plenty of savoury food items, such as potato chip flavours you can only find in Japan. 

Each delivery from Bokksu comes with a 24-page guide for the tidbits in your box. It can help you know what each treat is if you can’t read the packages. It can also be helpful if you’re avoiding potential allergens. 

Bokksu is a monthly service with a different theme every time, ensuring that each box you receive differs from the last. These boxes feature seasonal ingredients in Japan, and some will have appropriate items for any upcoming holidays. 

Bokksu is one of the best Japanese snack boxes for Christmas or Valentine’s Day gifts! They also provide free shipping worldwide, saving a lot of money when you choose Bokksu. 

What we love about it

  • If you don’t want a monthly subscription, you can choose a single gift option instead. 
  • You can browse Bokksu’s online market if you want to buy individual products rather than a whole box. 
  • For orders over $199, you can get free express shipping. 

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Japan Crate – Best for DIY Japanese Candy

Subscribing to Japan Crate is a great way to experience the flavours of Japan every month! This service has a wide variety of Japan-exclusive products. Treats aren’t the only things they have to offer. You can get stationery or anime merchandise, as well! However, we will focus on their food boxes in this section. 

Japan Crate tidbit packThe flagship Japan Crate box that brings to you a good amount of delectable food and drinks from Japan in full sizes! | Image from pixelwitch25

Their most popular product is their Japan Crate box, which offers between 18 and 20 different goodies. They can range from popular candies to savoury chips! You’ll also get a Japanese drink, a manga with English translations, and one secret bonus item. 

Do you enjoy DIY candy kits? They’re a popular activity in Japan, and they’re also one of many goodies you can get in their bundle. These kits are an excellent choice for kids who want to experience Japan’s culture.

Alternatively, if you’re a big fan of noodles, you may want to choose their Umai Crate. This box will provide between 8 and 10 different types of instant noodles you can only buy in Japan. It also includes one secret bonus item, a recipe card, and a translation guide. 

In addition, Japan Crate provides free shipping worldwide, so you’ll only need to worry about paying for the goodies themselves. This company runs as a subscription service so that you can expect something new every month.

What we love about it 

  • Did you know that Japan Crate is the first Japanese subscription box? It’s been around since 2014 and still running strong.
  • They collaborate with companies like Funimation and Kodansha. Because of this, they offer lots of anime and manga-inspired items in their boxes.
  • If you’re not sure whether you want to subscribe, you can try a few of their products from Sugoimart. 

Japan Crate
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Japan Candy Box – Best for Candy Lovers

The candy of Japan has a reputation for being beautiful, colourful, and unique in flavour. If you’re in the mood to try some delicious sweets from Japan, this is the Japanese candy box for you! 

japanese snack box Japan Candy BoxJapan Candy Box caters for a fancy selection of goodies from Japan, as the packaging also features some known animations. From the classic Winnie the Pooh to the anime Demon Slayer! | Image from carlattrindade

With each crate from Japan Candy Box, you can expect a vast selection of sweets you’ll only find in Japan. Traditional candies, such as konpeito or kinosei, are a must-have for candy enthusiasts. You can also get DIY candy kits if you want a treat with an additional fun factor to it. 

Are you fond of Japan’s adorable food packaging? If you’re lucky, you might receive some character nibbles. These feature popular mascots like Hello Kitty, Anpanman, and Doraemon! Japan Candy Box is one of the best Japanese snack boxes for collectors. You’ll want to hold onto these adorable wrappers long after you’ve enjoyed your treat. 

Japan has a reputation for its vast selection of KitKat flavours. So, if you’re sick of the standard chocolate KitKats, you may want to give this Japanese candy box a try. Green tea, mango, and sakura are just a few different kinds of KitKats you can only find in Japan. They’re super delicious and worth trying at least once. 

To top it all, they ships their delicious goods worldwide at no additional cost. Their 12-month plan is their best value, but if you’re hesitant, you can try it out for a single month, as well. 

What we love about it  

  • Many boxes have seasonal themes, making this candy box an excellent way to get in the holiday spirit. 
  • Some of their products feature characters from popular anime like Demon Slayer and Pokemon. 
  • Overall, Japan Candy Box is one of the cheapest subscription boxes on this list. It’s the best Japanese snack box for people on a budget. 

Japan Candy Box
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Japan 2oz – Best for Traditional Japanese Snacks

This Japanese treat box from Japan 2oz includes a wide assortment of bite-sized treats. Most of the items you’ll receive will be sweet, so this is best if you have a big sweet tooth. However, they include a handful of savoury nibbles from Japan, as well. 

Japan 2oz dagashiJapan 2oz provides a variety of options by offering different dagashi candy boxes based on your sweet craving needs. | Image from eccentricpip

This box features goodies you will have a hard time finding outside Japan. The green tea flavoured KitKat, for instance, is something every Japanese food enthusiast needs to try. If you’re a collector, you might enjoy their packaged treats featuring Sanrio characters. Or, if you’re craving something salty, the Umaibo corn puff sticks are a must-have. 

Other yummy treats in this box include konpeito, daifuku, Ramune-flavoured candy, and much more! Overall, you can expect a pretty good range of small bites from Japan 2oz. 

If you can’t read Japanese, don’t fret. Japan 2oz provides a guide to help you understand what’s in your snack box. So, if you want to learn more about your Japanese snacks, this bundle might be a great option for you. 

This product ships worldwide with Amazon, and you can get free delivery with a Prime subscription. It’s a one-time delivery, so this is a good option if you’re seeking the best Japanese snack boxes with no subscription. 

What we love about it

  • All of your products from Japan 2oz will arrive several months before their expiration date. It ensures your goods are fresh and you have plenty of time to enjoy them! 
  • Unlike many options on this list, the Japan 2oz treat box provides the same products in every package, making it the best Japanese snack box for people who are picky eaters. 

Japan 2oz
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Mashi Box – Best for Classic Asian Snacks

Are you looking for more variety in your Japanese snack and drink box? The Mashi Box might be the way to go. While it mainly has Japanese snacks, it contains treats from China, Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian countries. It’s the best Japanese snack box to enjoy a variety of East Asian foods! 

Mashibox goodie packA mystery box curated by Mashi Box that features food and drinks that are based on the anime Naruto. Perfect for the fans of this series! | Image from mymashibox

You’ll get between 15 and 16 sweet or savoury goods when you order the Mashi Box. In addition, you’ll receive between 9 and 10 pieces of candy, meaning a total of 25 items per box. What you get will vary, but each box includes a drink, a package of noodles, and one full-sized tidbit. 

This treat box from Japan can make an excellent gift for a loved one. It comes neatly wrapped in a pretty Mashi Box package. And with the wide variety of treats inside, there’s something in here for everyone regardless of their preference. 

This Amazon product ships worldwide, but the cost of shipping will vary depending on your location. It’s a single product rather than a monthly service, so if you’re looking for the best Japanese snack box with no subscription, Mashi Box is the way to go. 

What we love about it 

  • Mashi Box contains nibbles from across East Asia, not just Japan. So, if you’re curious about different foods across this continent, this is the best Japanese snack box for you. 
  • This box includes classic Japanese snacks such as Pocky, Ramune, and Hi-Chew. You can even get some delicious Japan-exclusive KitKat flavours like green tea. 
  • Remember that only three of these items will be full-size, while the rest are sample-size. 

Mashi Box
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Shogun Candy – Best for Sampling Nibbles

“Dagashi” is a word that refers to small, sample-sized treats you can get in Japan. Each product in the Shogun Candy box is dagashi, so if you’re looking for lots of variety and tiny nibbles, this is the way to go. 

Shogun Candy packageDagashi are authentically Japanese, and it comes through small packets that are suitable for sharing! | Image from dawnacrawford

Each box contains thirty pieces of dagashi treats from the region. These can range from sweet to salty and crunchy to chewy. The contents of this box will vary, especially depending on the season. However, you can usually expect Asian classics such as umaibo, green tea cookies, or rice crackers. The variety makes Shogun Candy an excellent choice for parties, family gatherings, or even Halloween. 

Overall, the Shogun Japanese Candy Box is the cheapest option on this list. If you’re hoping to get a taste of East Asia on a budget, this may be the one you want to buy. Even at this low price, you’ll enjoy a wide range of tasty treats from Japan. 

The snack box ships worldwide on Amazon. If you have Amazon Prime, you can even get free shipping! It’s also a one-time purchase if you seek Japanese snack boxes with no subscription required. 

What we love about it

  • Many of the products included in the Shogun Japanese Candy Box include popular animated characters in Japan. You may see characters from American cartoons like Donald Duck or icons from Japan like Hello Kitty, making it the best Japanese snack box for kids who love the culture of Japan! 
  • Do you have a classroom that’s studying Japan? Consider sharing these small bites with your students – with thirty pieces per box, there’s enough for everyone. 

Shogun Candy
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Taste of Japan – Best for New & Old Japanese Snacks

If you want to experience the flavours of Japan, Taste of Japan might be the way to go! This product includes a wide variety of small bites straight from this beautiful island country. Treat yourself to this Japanese snack and drink box, or share it with a loved one. 

taste of japan premium optionWith a great number of premium food items included, Taste of Japan’s snack box aims to bring to you the authentic Japanese tidbit experience in your home! | Image from tasteofjapan.official

With this Taste of Japan subscription box, you can expect a minimum of 30 items per box. Most of these items will be dagashi or sample-size, but you may get a couple of full-sized items, as well. 

Taste of Japan’s treat box includes both sweet and savoury Japanese snacks that’ll satisfy your tastebuds. Cookies, rice crackers, and chocolates are just a few of this service’s treats. You may even get some instant tea to enjoy along with your treats! 

The Taste of Japan subscription box comes in some beautiful packaging, making it an excellent choice for a gift. It ships worldwide with Amazon, so no matter where you are, you can still enjoy these Japan-exclusive nibbles. And if you’re looking for a Japanese snack box with no subscription required, Taste of Japan is the way to go. 

What we love about it

  • This box of light bites includes some popular name brands in the US, such as Hi-Chew or KitKat. However, you’ll receive plenty of Japan-exclusive products, as well. 
  • You can expect both traditional Japanese snacks and newer ones that are currently trending in Japan. So, if you want to enjoy some goodies from Japan, new and old, this treat box can do just that! 

Taste of Japan
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Ohimesama Snack Selection – Best for girls

Are you looking for another dagashi box from Japan? The Ohimesama Snack Selection could be the one that satisfies your cravings! The name of this brand means “Princess,” making this treat box an excellent gift for a special girl in your life. Of course, these Japanese snacks can be delicious to anyone. 

Ohimesama Selection of nibblesA dagashi box from Ohimesama Snack Selection is a collection of fun and enticing Japanese treats that makes it a great present to the people you love. | Image from ferment_diss

With this fun selection of light bites, you’ll get 35 pieces of candy and savoury treats straight from Japan! Their milk candies, fruity candies, and chocolates will satisfy your sweet tooth. And if you’re yearning for something salty, you may also receive some rice crackers or corn puffs. 

All of the products in the Ohimesama selection are sample-sized, so if you’re looking for full-sized East Asian goods, look elsewhere. But if you’re hoping to get a nibble of everything Japan offers, then Ohimesama Snack Selection is right for you. 

You can find this product on Amazon. You can get it super quick with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime! The subscription is also a tremendous one-time Japanese snack box with no subscription required if you seek a one-time shipment of small bites. 

What we love about it 

  • The wide selection of small treats makes this box perfect for classroom sharing. Or, if you want to give your neighbourhood trick or treaters some more variety, these mini bites are the ideal size to pass out on Halloween! 
  • Each package comes with an Ohimesama sticker and an exclusive Ohimesama candy. 
  • The Ohimesama Selection weighs around 0.36 kilogrammes per box. It’s the best Japanese snack box if you’re looking for something small. 

Ohimesama Snack Selection
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Anime Snack Selection – Best for Anime Fans

If you’re fond of Japan’s culture, there’s a good chance you’re a fan of anime, as well. So, if you want to combine your passion for the country’s treats and animated media, you’ll want to order Anime Snack Selection. 

Anime Snack Selection packageSpecially curated for anime lovers, this one contains an assortment of flavourful food items and drinks, and cutesy stickers from some of your favourite anime series! | Image from pagemasterbookcrate

Each month provides a box with a different assortment of foods from Japan. Expect a mixture of both sweet and salty treats. It weighs two pounds, so you can expect this snack box to last quite a while – or you can share it with some friends. 

Enjoy baked goods, sugary candies, or salty nibbles like dried nori with this box from Anime Snack Selection. It also includes a tasty drink from Japan! Indeed, it is one of the best Japanese snack boxes to enjoy at home or put in your packed lunches. 

And if the nibbles weren’t enough, this box also comes with an assortment of stickers. These stickers feature characters from the most popular anime, so you can expect to see some of your favourites. Stick them on your laptops, phone cases, or school binders! 

You can choose between a single order or a monthly subscription. So, whether you want monthly treats or a one-time Japanese snack box, Anime Snack Selection has you covered. 

What we love about it

  • This box is one of the best Japanese snack boxes for fans of anime and manga. 
  • When you place your order, you can request stickers of characters from specific anime. 
  • If you opt for a monthly subscription, you can expect your box to arrive on the 15th of every month. 

Anime Snack Selection
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Manga Snack Box – Best for Manga Fans

Here’s another amazing subscription box for anime lovers! This monthly Japanese subscription box from Crate Joy is a great birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s day gift for manga fans. You can enjoy the flavours of Japan and its most popular graphic novels with the Manga Snack Box. 

Manga Snack Box for anime loversManga Spice Cafe offers packs with tasty Asian goodies, as well as a variation of known manga that comes to you in surprise. | Image from mangaspicecafe

Each pack includes between 3 and 5 different light bites from Asia. For example, possible items include Japan-exclusive KitKats, Hello Panda, Pocky, and much more. Plus, you will also receive a special cafe drink mix. 

You will get some tasty treats from Japan, but you’ll also get a few volumes of a random manga. Moreover, you can expect three different volumes of the newest manga in Japan. So if you’re hoping for some new manga series to start reading, this is the Japanese subscription box for you. 

The Manga Snack Box is only available as a monthly service, so if you’re looking for a one-time Japanese snack box, you may want to look elsewhere. Each package arrives around the 9th of the month. It ships worldwide from the United States. 

The Manga Snack Box is best for teens or young adults, as some graphic novels may contain mature content. However, the yummy treats inside are perfect for people of all ages! 

What we love about it

  • The Manga Snack box includes an info sheet with manga artist bios and the latest anime news. 
  • Each one has a chance of containing an exclusive secret prize. 
  • One of the best Japanese snack boxes for manga collectors and Asian food enthusiasts alike! 

Manga Snack Box
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Assorted KitKat Box – Best for Kitkat Fanatics

In the US, KitKats only come in a handful of flavours. However, Japan has a reputation for its wide variety of KitKat flavours. This American candy has become quite popular in Japan, and many students view them as a symbol of good luck! As a result, the popularity of KitKats in Japan has skyrocketed, resulting in a variety of Japan-exclusive flavours. 

kitkat assortmentsA generous medley of mini KitKat bars from Japan with diverse, and noteworthy flavours. | Image from mommomyum

With this assorted KitKat box, you’ll get a considerable assortment of KitKat flavours. One package includes 16 fun-sized KitKats total. You’ll want to give all of these flavours a try at least once! If you have a sweet tooth, the pancake or strawberry cheesecake might be your next favourite. Or, if you’re looking for something more unusual, the wasabi or green tea KitKats will satisfy your tastebuds. 

This assorted pack is a Japanese candy box that requires no subscription—the KitKat box ships worldwide from the United States with Amazon. You can get free shipping with a Prime subscription. 

Because chocolate melts so quickly, you may want to order these in the wintertime, making the Assorted KitKat Box an excellent Christmas gift for KitKat lovers! 

What we love about it

  • This is the best Japanese snack box for fans of chocolate and the culture of Japan. This country has so many unique flavours that you can’t find anywhere else. 
  • If you’re picky about food but know you love KitKats, this may be the best Japanese snack box for you. 
  • While it does not come with translations, you can quickly parse what each flavour is by looking at the pictures on the wrapper. 

Assorted KitKat Box
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My Japan Box – Best for Classic Themed Treats

If you’re a fan of Japan’s media and food, My Japan Box could be a great way to treat yourself. This Japanese subscription box features plenty of treats and fantastic merchandise from Japan that are hard to find anywhere else. 

My Japan Box treatsMy Japan Box has curated Japan’s most popular snacks on these vibrant and lively red boxes. | Image from myjapanboxcom

My Japan Box offers several fun bundles full of Asian goods. If you’re fond of noodles, you may want to try their ramen bundle. If you’re looking for a variety of tasty Japanese snacks, this subscription box could be the way to go. And if you’d like to enjoy some authentic teas from Japan, try their tea box! 

For the fans of Japanese media, you can also choose between several different anime and manga-themed bundles. They can carry a mixture of merchandise and anime-themed treats. Choose from popular titles like Pokemon, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, and more. 

If you’d like to purchase a single pack, you’ll want to choose their “one-time box” option. Or, if you’d like a fun surprise every month, choose their “subscription box” option instead. 

You can enjoy these great Japanese snacks from My Japan Box no matter where you live. They ship worldwide with no additional fee. It’s one of the best Japanese snack boxes to send to a loved one living abroad. 

What we love about it 

  • My Japan Box includes a wide selection of different Japanese snack and drink boxes, so you can find something that suits your unique tastes. 
  • Their package come in two sizes: classic and mega. The mega is twice as big as the traditional and has twice as many goodies inside! 

My Japan Box
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Kawaii Box – Best for All Things Cute

Japan has a reputation for its cute (or “kawaii”) food and merchandise. Popular characters like Hello Kitty, Totoro, and Pikachu are expected to see on food packaging. So, if you’re looking for the best Japanese snack box to put a smile on your face, you want the Kawaii Box! 

Kawaii cute snack boxHave these pretty and playful merchandise and snacks that will make your eyes twinkle through Kawaii Box! | Image from emili_lsv

The Kawaii Box features a vast selection of cute Japanese snacks and merchandise. You can get some delicious, colourful candies with lovable cartoon characters on the package. Pocky, Japan-exclusive KitKats, and DIY candy kits are just a few potential items you’ll receive. You can expect them to look adorable no matter what snacks you get. 

Each one also includes some non-food items from Japan. You can get squishy plushies, cute accessories, and even stationery, making the Kawaii Box one of the best Japanese snack boxes for collectors. 

The Kawaii Box can make a great gift for kids or even adults who are kids at heart. Each one is different, so you’ll get a fun surprise every month. You can choose single delivery or pay for a whole year of monthly kawaii goodies – the choice is yours. Best of all, Kawaii Box can ship worldwide with no additional fee. 

What we love about it

  • Each monthly pack has a different theme, often including seasonal or holiday-appropriate items. 
  • The Kawaii Box partners with popular brands like Pokemon, Studio Ghibli, Sanrio, Hi-Chew, etc. So, if you’re a fan of media from Japan, you’ll likely find something in the Kawaii bundle that’ll make you smile. 
  • The Kawaii Box is the best Japanese snack box for people who love “kawaii” things. 

Kawaii Box
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Best Japanese Snack Box Roundup

Here is a roundup list of the top Japanese snack box available online today:

So, there you have it! From monthly treat boxes to one-time Japanese snack boxes with no subscription, there is one for everyone. Choose the top 3 on our list, or try them all to see which you’ll love best!