15 Best Keto Sweet Snacks That Delight Your Taste Buds –

Snacking has a bad rap, probably because most associate it with potato chips, sugary candies, and carby chocolate. But snacking can actually be good for you if you make the right choices, which is just as much the case when you’re on a keto diet.
But what about sweet snacks. Can you eat any sweets on the keto diet?

Of course you can! As long as these sweets are made with low-carb ingredients and keto-friendly sweeteners. A sweet low-carb snack is ideally one that has less than 5g net carbs in a serving because you really don’t want snacks to take up much of your daily carb allowance.

And don’t worry, there are plenty of sweet keto snack options for you to choose from. As keto has become quite popular over the last couple of years, many brands have started selling a wide range of sweet snacks for the low-carb dieter. And creative keto-ers have also been sharing some fantastic recipes that are as good, if not better, than those you were used to eating in your pre-keto days.

So, with all that said, here are 15 ready-to-eat and homemade snack options for you to choose from.

1. Kiss My Keto – Keto Cookies


Kiss My Keto’s Keto Cookies come in two flavors: Butter and Keto Chocolate Chip. Both are made with almond flour and sweetened with natural sweeteners like erythritol. With only 3 net carbs and no unnatural preservatives in these goodies, you can enjoy as many as your carb limit allows it with absolutely no guilt.s. Another bonus: if you subscribe, you save 12.5$ on every order.

Nutrition: 170 calories | 13g fat | 3g net carbs | 3g protein

Price: $14.99

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2. Kiss My Keto – Keto Granola


Keto Granola is a simple, clean keto snack that you can enjoy in multiple ways — straight out of the bag, on top of Greek yogurt, with your favorite nut milk, or made into granola bars. Whichever way you decide to enjoy these, know they have only 2g net carbs and that they’re sweetened with a natural sweetener. The main ingredients here are dried coconut, nuts, fiber, and coconut oil, to name a few.

Nutrition: 160 calories | 14g fat | 2g net carbs | 4g protein

Price: $11.99

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3. Kiss My Keto – Keto White Bars


White Bars come in maple donut, salted caramel, and birthday cake flavors. They’re a cross between a fat bomb and a protein bar — they contain a good balance of these two important nutrients. Plus, they have only 1g net carbs per bar! This makes them one of the best keto snacks to keep you in ketosis but energized and full. Have these to beat mid-day hunger, to satisfy your sweet tooth, and even for post-workout recovery.

Nutrition: 250 calories | 20g fat | 1g net carbs | 10g protein

Price: $35.99 (12 count)

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4. Quest Nutrition PB Cups


Here’s some great news for fans of peanut butter flavor: Quest Nutrition is best known for their high-protein products, which are especially popular among gym-goers and other fitness-conscious folks. Their chocolate Peanut Butter cups are also high-protein, but low-carb as well! They’re made with whey protein, low-carb chocolate, erythritol, natural peanut butter, and other keto-compliant ingredients.

Nutrition: 190 calories | 15g fat | 1g net carbs | 11g protein

Price: $8.99 (4 2-packs)

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5. Evolved Keto Cups


Fat makes up most of the calories in these cups, which essentially makes them fat bombs. The cups are made with lightly sweetened coconut butter filling with added MCT oil and low-carb chocolate cups. The ingredients are organic, by the way, and include things like Jerusalem artichoke fiber and monk fruit. Besides being keto-friendly, these coconut butter keto cups are vegan, gluten-free, and paleo. Each bag contains 7 individually packaged cups.

Nutrition: 130 calories | 10g fat | 1g net carbs | 1g protein

Price: $10.99

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6. Dr. John’s Fresh Fruits Hard Candy


Hard candy on keto? Yes, it’s possible, but only if you go for these sugar-free, fruit-flavored ones by Dr. John’s Healthy Sweets. You’ll find them in stores like Kmart or Walmart or you could order them online. They’re made with dextrin, keto sweeteners, and natural flavors. While these are not labeled as being keto, they do provide 0g of sugar and around 2g of net carbs. Unfortunately, they don’t have any fat or protein.

Nutrition: 35 calories | 0g fat | 2g net carbs | 0g protein

Price: $14.99

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7. Choc Zero Dark Chocolate Peppermint Keto Bark


This used to be just a Christmas edition, but thankfully it’s now available year-round. It’s a chocolate bark made with handspun sugar-free candies and chocolate with 55% cacao content. The mild peppermint flavor and dark chocolate are a wonderful winter-reminiscing combo. Each bag has six individually packaged barks. Two more things that make this great: the cocoa is ethically sourced, while the only sweetener used is monk fruit.

Nutrition: 100 calories | 7g fat | 2-3g net carbs | 1g protein

Price: $6.99

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8. Atkins Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll


Not every Atkins snack is keto-friendly, but this one sure is! It has only 3g net carbs per bar and a generous 9g serving of protein — perfect for staying fuller for longer. The caramel and peanuts together with the chocolate make this seriously addictive. You can probably find this at your local store or simply buy it online. It’s relatively affordable compared to many other low-carb snacks.

Nutrition: 180 calories | 12g fat | 3g net carbs | 7g protein

Price: $5.98

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9. Keto Chocolate Almond Wafers


Remember Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers? Well, these are your low-carb version of those dark and crisp cookies. Made with a blend of almond flour, almond meal, and keto-friendly chocolate, these chocolate keto cookies have almost zero net carbs per cookie. They’re pretty easy to make, and they’re also freezable. Besides having these as your go-to keto sweet snacks, use them for crusts in chocolate pies or cheesecake.

Nutrition: 96 calories | 9.9g fat | 0.8g net carbs | 1.4g protein

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10. Mini Keto Cheesecakes


Your favorite dessert turned into a convenient treat. These bite-sized cheesecakes are both healthy and sweet. Each has less than 2g net carbs, but a whopping 27g of fat and 6g of protein, mostly from the cream cheese. You probably already have everything you need to make these in your kitchen. Double the recipe if you want to make a bigger batch that you can freeze for later — or if you want to share.

Nutrition: 274 calories | 27g fat | 1.9g net carbs | 6g protein

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11. Chocolate Pumpkin Seed Bark


All you need is three simple ingredients for this keto dessert recipe: a keto chocolate bar, pepitas, coarse salt. It’s great served as a party snack, but also as a source of sodium when you need it (e.g. when dealing with keto flu). The keto chocolate in this recipe has added MCTs, so you’ll get loads of keto energy from this treat. The pumpkin seeds add protein to keep you feeling full.

Nutrition: 130 calories | 10g fat | 1g net carbs | 1g protein

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12. Pecan Pie Keto Fat Bombs


Keto fat bomb recipes make keto snacking a breeze. And those calling for healthful nuts like pecans are exceptionally good for you. Not only will these add ketogenic fat to your low-carb diet, but you’ll also get fiber, protein, and valuable micronutrients. Our pecan pie fat bombs recipe combines ground pecans, flax meal, chia seeds, and our Keto White Bar, among other ingredients. The result is a soft, chewy, and nutritious fat bomb to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you in ketosis.

Nutrition: 149 calories | 13.8g fat | 1.2g net carbs | 3.3g protein

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13. Easy Keto Brownies


Another classic snack/dessert turned keto. As explained in the name, making these keto brownies is easy. You’ll need a couple of simple keto ingredients and around half an hour of your time. The chocolate topping is optional, but you’d be missing out on the extra chocolate flavor if you skip it. These brownies provide loads of ketogenic fats, some in the form of MCTs from the keto chocolate — great if you’re looking for keto sweet snacks to give you an energy boost.

Nutrition: 145 calories | 13.7g fat | 1.2g net carbs | 2.7g protein

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14. Low-Carb Snowball Cookies


Also known as butterballs, these shortbread-style cookies are easy to make low-carb with simple swaps. This keto recipe uses ground pecans, almond flour, and butter to create delicious keto sweets that are loaded with keto nutrition and has near-zero net carbs. Instead of powdered sugar, you’ll be using powdered erythritol for dusting. What’s great about these winter treats is that they are easy to store for days ahead.

Nutrition: 90 calories | 9.3g fat | 0.3g net carbs | 1.2g protein

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15. Edible Cookie Dough Fat Bombs


At 11g of fat and just over 2g of protein in a serving, these keto cookie dough fat bombs should give just enough energy and satiety when you most need it. And since each one has less than 1g net carbs, feel free to have three or more of these. Like most fat bombs, these too are easy to make with a handful of ingredients.

Nutrition: 112 calories | 11g fat | 0.9g net carbs | 2.2g protein

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As you can see, there are plenty of keto sweet snacks for you to choose from. Some of these are easy to find in your local store. Others you can order online, and there are many options that you can make yourself.

Did you try any of these keto sweet snacks already? Please, feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. And if you’re looking for even more healthy snack options for your keto diet, we suggest you check out this list of the 36 best keto-friendly snacks and these 16 best crunchy snacks. If you’re looking for options you can sneak into the movies, click this list of the 16 best keto movie snacks and drinks. And, we’d like to share our own top best keto snacks, so please check out this collection.

Happy snacking!