15 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas | Best Restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip

Hit up the best restaurants in Las Vegas, from elaborate dining on the Strip to local favorites in nearby neighborhoods

The sheer number of best restaurants in Las Vegas is increasing almost exponentially as more and more massive hotel and resort complexes are constructed. Of course this means more choice for the consumer… it also means that restaurants open and close and get refurbished and change resident chefs on a seemingly daily basis. Consequently, it’s a culinary minefield out there. Oh, the agony of choice.

The best Vegas restaurants range from culinary sensations helmed by Michelin-starred chefs to budget bites and bountiful buffets. Your favorite casinos offer an incredible selection of dining options, but it’s worth venturing off-Strip to sample local favorites too, from a Roman trattoria to truly authentic Thai.

Chefs who have trained and worked on the Strip are now taking their talents to the surrounding neighborhoods, opening exciting new restaurants that now rank among the city’s favorites (and are slightly less expensive). But long-standing dining destinations by celebrity chefs have stuck around for good reason: there’s nothing better than the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas dining on the Strip. Whether you’re looking for sensational sushi, mind-blowing vegan dishes, seasonal Italian, exceptional steak or transcendent French cuisine, Las Vegas has it.

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