15 Best Wagyu Beef Restaurants in Tokyo: from Kobe Beef to Matsusaka Beef

Wagyu, domestically produced beef in Japan, is overwhelming ramen and sushi in popularity these days. Especially, the Three Major Wagyu Beef: Kobe, Matsusaka and Omi are famous all over the world. They are grown in western Japan. But you can eat the quality brands wagyu beef in Tokyo.

You can enjoy Wagyu beef in many ways from Yakiniku (Japanese style BBQ) and Teppanyaki to Steak and Sukiyaki. Today, I’d like to introduce 15 best Wagyu beef restaurants in Tokyo.

1. Kobe Beef Teppanyaki HAKUSHU (Shibuya area)

One of the most popular Kobe Beef restaurants in Japan

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2. Kobe Beef Kaiseki 511 (Roppongi area)

Serving the highest quality, A5 rank King of Wagyu: Kobe Beef

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3. Yakiniku Han no Daidokoro (Shibuya area)

Various parts of Wagyu beef in BBQ style

4. The Steakhouse (Roppongi area)

Authentic American Style Charcoal Grilled Wagyu Beef Steak

5. Charcoal Cuisine Kobe Beef Ikuta (Shinjuku area)

The highest ranked Kobe Beef with charcoal grill

6. ROKKASEN (Shinjuku area)

The Matsusaka Beef Yakiniku attracts international visitors from 40 countries

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7. Sukiyaki Imahan (Asakusa area)

Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki/Shabu-Shabu, the traditional Hot Pot Dish

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8. Ninja Akasaka (Roppongi area)

Unique dining experience with Ninja serving quality Wagyu Beef

9. Yoroniku (Shibuya area)

The quality Wagyu BBQ and unique Wagyu Meat Sushi

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10. RRR Kobe Beef Steak (Roppongi area)

Serving the finest quality Kobe Beef with the best price

11. Teppanyaki Shima (Ginza area)

Wagyu Beef steak course meal with seasonal flavours

12. Ishigaki Yoshida (Roppongi area)

Michelin starred restaurant with the quality Wagyu Beef from Okinawa Ishigaki Island

13. Gyuan (Ginza area)

Mouthwatering Kobe Beef at unbeatably budget price

14. Yonezawagyu Oki

Enjoy a variety of bee dishes using Yonezawa Beef, one of the greatest Wagyu Beef brands in Japan along with Kobe Beef and Matsusaka Beef

15. Uguisudanien (Ueno area)

Local love the reasonable Yakiniku for over 50 years

▶︎More Tokyo’s Restaurants by area: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, Asakusa, Ueno, Ginza and Roppongi◀︎

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