15 Chicago Restaurants That Are Open 24 Hours

It’s 3 am, and the sleep-deprived version of yourself drapes over your textbooks. In a last-ditch effort to ace exams, you’ve locked yourself up in the library. Not only is your brain exhausted, but your empty stomach threatens to distract you from further studying. The solution? Find a 24-hour restaurant in Chicago to satisfy those late-night cravings.

Nothing tops a greasy, cheesy skillet in the middle of the night. Whether it’s a late-night cram session in the library or a drunken girls’ night out, college students need to know the best 24-hour restaurants Chicago has. How else would we satisfy our midnight Mexican food cravings? 

Without further ado, here are 15 of the tastiest, grubbiest 24-hour eateries in Chicago to curb all those #drunchies.  

Back in 2015, Food Network Magazine declared that Susie’s Drive-In has some of the best cheese fries (move over, Portillo’s). If that’s not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is. Not to mention, this cash-only eatery features an insane list of over 60 milkshake flavors. Need I say more? 

With margaritas as large as your head, Arturo’s Tacos is one of the tastiest late-night joints that proves perfect for college students. This place features a budget-friendly menu, meaty burritos and melt-in-your-mouth huevos rancheros. You will be dreaming of its guacamole for days afterward. 

Located just off the Belmont Blue Line, this place acts as a beacon of hope for those empty stomachs during unconventional hours. The epitome of old-school greasy diners, Belmont Snack Shop offers a wide variety of food (and it’s cheap, too). 

One location for this homemade donut shop isn’t enough. With several Chicagoland locations, Dat Donut is famous for its Big DAT—a donut bigger than a basketball. If you’re not that into donuts, definitely try one of the shop’s savory breakfast sandwiches. 

#SpoonTip: Dat Donut is open 24 hours during the week, except on Sunday when it closes at 5 pm.

Golden Nugget Pancake House, with seven Chicago-area locations, offers a wide variety of breakfast classics, including pancakes. A hearty serving of gooey chocolate chip pancakes is the perfect way to start your day. 

Just like Dat Donut, Huck Finn Restaurant consists of fluffy donuts and has multiple Chicago-area locations. The 24-hour restaurant features a large menu, but it’s famous for its donuts and ice cream sundaes. 

Old-school vibes, authentic food, and smile-worthy prices, Jeri’s Grill is a local spot that offers crisp hash browns and juicy burgers. This eatery even has a fried bologna sandwich for those of you that want to relive your childhood lunches. 

This quaint shop is known for its famous Polish Sausage Sandwich, which consists of juicy polish sausage piled high with sweet grilled onions and a dollop of mustard, along with various menu items including the popular pork chop sandwich. Not to mention, all sandwiches come with free fries. 

If you’re somebody who has late-night cravings for shrimp (not sure I know anyone who fits this description), Lawrence’s Fish & Shrimp is for you. Seafood fanatics will appreciate its famous fried shrimp and fish. 

Markellos Baking Company: An ode to all my carb-filled cravings. This 24-hour Latin bakery whips up flaky pastries, fresh churros, and various desserts. Did someone say flan?

Located in the heart of Chicago, this Gold Coast restaurant serves some pretty Instagram-worthy platters. I’ll take an order of your fanciest-looking skillet, please. 

A 24-hour restaurant that serves authentic, fresh Chinese cuisine? Sign me up. Nothing compares to a bowl of steaming, flavorful fried rice piled high with all the works. 

#SpoonTip: Chi Cafe is open 24 hours on the weekend, and is open 8 am-4 am most other days.

This urban River North diner serves the creamiest boozy milkshakes (yes, you heard me) and fresh salads all hours of the night. End a wild night with a greasy burger or a healthy wrap. 

Celebrate Taco Tuesday the right way and head to Chavas Tacos. The portions are larger than life, and the prices aren’t cringe-worthy. If I were you, I’d order the Chilaquiles Special.

Another 24-hour Chinese restaurant, Three Happiness serves some of Chicago’s best takeout. Apparently, the dumplings are a must. 

The next time you’re headed into the greater Chicago area, head to some of these eateries. With outrageous food and reasonable prices, these 24 hour restaurants in Chicago will cure hangovers and solve all post-study hunger pains.