15 Easy Appetizers For A Crowd That Everyone Will Love


Easy Appetizer Recipes for a Crowd

Throwing a party? These easy appetizers for a crowd are just as fun to eat as they are to look at – but I’ve got a secret. They take almost no effort to make so you can spend more time enjoying your gathering and less time in the kitchen.

Easy Appetizer Recipes for a CrowdEasy Appetizer Recipes for a Crowd

Whenever you host a party, there is so much for you to do! Decorate your space, invite the people, set the theme. Food should be the easiest piece of the puzzle. Thankfully, with these recipes, it is! No matter what dietary restrictions or food preferences people have, you are going to find something on this list that works.

Plus, all of these recipes are easy to make for a crowd or a small dinner party. The fun part is browsing the list and picking out your favorites. As you do, please click through to the original recipe and pin them to your Pinterest board. That way, you don’t forget which recipes are your favorites.

FAQs About Appetizers

Before we dive into the easy appetizer recipes, here are answers to some of your burning questions.

What are the easiest appetizers?

As you’ll see from the recipes below, I’m a big fan of dips and finger foods. They tend to be less fussy and easy for your guests to enjoy eating as they are walking around the room or talking to others.

I also am a big fan of make-ahead dishes. Cold dips are excellent easy appetizer options because most of them taste even better if you let them sit in the fridge a bit for the flavors to meld.

Veggie Pizza Dip recipeVeggie Pizza Dip recipe

How should I serve easy appetizers for a crowd?

Depending on the layout of your entertaining space and the number of guests attending, there are several ways to set out your appetizers.

At Bayberry House, friends tend to hang around the kitchen, so that’s where I set out appetizers. Usually, I’ll make 2-3 different options and place them in different spots around the kitchen so that there isn’t a mob waiting to get snacks.

I also have quite the collection of Cuarto platters in varying sizes that I use for entertaining. I typically set out a stack of the small platters for guests to use with their appetizers.

Don’t forget to set out napkins as well to keep things neat!

Pizza Bread (Pepperoni Bread)Pizza Bread (Pepperoni Bread)

What are some good low-carb appetizers?

I certainly don’t follow a low-carb lifestyle, but I have several friends that do. To make sure everyone has a good time at my gatherings, I try to always have one low-carb option (that also happens to be gluten-free).

An easy choice is to put out veggies to go along with your dips. I like to place a pretty display of baby carrots, celery, baby cucumber rounds, and thin cuts of bell pepper next to the chips or crackers.

Other low-carb appetizer options include a cheeseboard with prosciutto. Along with classic cheeses such as brie and aged cheddar, I like to fancify mine a bit with these homemade seasoned roasted cashews…they are addictively good!

Easy Appetizers For A Crowd

Here is the list of my favorite appetizers that will feed a crowd for a party! I know you’ll find a few recipes to try and a few that you’ll definitely fall in love with.

Cheese-Filled Pull-Apart RollsCheese-Filled Pull-Apart Rolls

I originally made these rolls for a Christmas party, which is why the recipe tells you to put the rolls in the shape of a tree. Even if you arrange them in a round pan, these rolls are tasty all year long.

As they bake, they smell incredible. Fair warning: it’ll be really hard to wait for the party to eat one. That being said, they taste best when they are warm, so keep them in the oven until guests arrive.

BLT Dip - appetizer recipeBLT Dip - appetizer recipe

There is more than just bacon, lettuce, and tomato in this layered BLT dip, but those are my favorite ingredients in it! It’s a cheesy dip that tastes perfect when you dip tortilla chips into it.

You can make this dip as spicy or as mild as you like it. Then, top it all with cheddar cheese or use pepper jack cheese for a surprising kick.

ParmParmesan Ranch Snack Mix esan Ranch Snack Mix #parmesan #ranch #snackmix #snack #recipe #potatochips #pretezels #seasonedParmParmesan Ranch Snack Mix esan Ranch Snack Mix #parmesan #ranch #snackmix #snack #recipe #potatochips #pretezels #seasonedParmesan Ranch Snack Mix

Who doesn’t love a bowl of pretzels and chips? This salty parmesan ranch snack mix has flavor in every bite. Fill your favorite decorative bowl with the mix and let your guests dig in.

Or, go a little extra and place a little bit of snack mix into individual bags or cupcake liners. Then, guests can grab their own portion without messing with an awkward spoon or scoop.

Italian Hoagie DipItalian Hoagie Dip

Overfill a bread bowl with all the ingredients for this Italian Hoagie dip, and your guests will be clamoring around the table to grab a bite.

The meat, cheese, and lettuce are topped with a tangy mayonnaise dressing that you are definitely going to enjoy. Yes, this creamy dip looks and tastes just like an authentic Italian Hoagie that’s been deconstructed.

Beer Cheese Dip with BaconBeer Cheese Dip with Bacon

A slow cooker cheese dip is the perfect appetizer for a party around a football game. Beer cheese dip is a classic tailgating recipe – dip pretzel bites into it and watch it disappear. Topping the cheese dip with bacon makes it even more delicious!

Really Good Jalapeño Dip | Inspired by CharmReally Good Jalapeño Dip | Inspired by Charm

This jalapeño dip is my go-to recipe whenever I have people coming over. It’s one of those dips that I know everyone will enjoy. Who wouldn’t? It’s basically cream cheese, cheddar cheese, jalapeños, tomatoes, and ranch dressing. It’s as good as it looks!

The Ultimate Sausage Pizza DipThe Ultimate Sausage Pizza Dip

Pizza lovers are going to flip over this dip! It has a cream cheese base and is filled with pizza sauce, sausage, spices, and topped with mini pepperonis. You’ll need thick slices of bread for this cheesy scrumptious dip.

Really Good Veggie DipReally Good Veggie Dip

Looking for easy cold appetizers? This veggie dip isn’t just good – it’s really good! Quite possibly the best veggie dip you will ever make.

Put some in the middle of a veggie platter, and your guests will gobble up the healthy snacks. The secret to this dip is in the hot sauce – it really brings out the flavors.

Rosted Parmesan Garlic ShrimpRosted Parmesan Garlic Shrimp

Shrimp is a party-ready type of meat because each piece is already bite-size. Topping shrimp with garlic and parmesan is a classic and popular flavor combination that just about everyone enjoys. Serve them with your favorite cocktail dipping sauce or make your own.

Antipasto Kabobs (Antipasto Skewers)Antipasto Kabobs (Antipasto Skewers)

Whether you call them kabobs or skewers, these little finger foods are easy for guests to pick up and eat. These meat and cheese kabobs have traditional antipasto ingredients, including olives and tomatoes. Plus, I added some tortellini on there for a little texture and taste variety too.

Out of this World Corn DipOut of this World Corn Dip

I came up with a few different names for this dip. All of them describe how insanely popular it is – crack corn dip is my favorite one. You place this appetizer on the table, and guests will devour it, guaranteed!

The flavor combination of sweet Mexican corn, chilis, green onion, and jalapeno peppers makes it so popular. Use Fritos to dip, and you have the perfect appetizer!

Sun-Dried Tomato Roll-UpsSun-Dried Tomato Roll-Ups

When it comes to parties, you just can’t beat the ease of roll-ups! This collection of roll-up recipes will give you a bunch of ideas.

One of my favorite types of all time is sun-dried tomato basil roll-ups. They look so fancy when you plate them but are super-easy to make. The basil really brings out the flavors in the sun-dried tomatoes.

Italian Roll up Appetizer

All your favorite things about Italian sub sandwiches are in these delicious roll-ups. The cream cheese layer is what makes them taste incredible – but the pepperoni and salami sure don’t hurt either. Use your favorite types of Italian cold cuts and deli cheese, then top them with fresh tomatoes and crispy lettuce.

Cranberry Bacon & Walnut CheeseballCranberry Bacon & Walnut Cheeseball

Cheeseballs are another one of my favorite easy appetizers for a crowd! Guests love to enjoy them with a few crackers. Check out this article with cheeseball recipes for every season.

This cranberry, bacon, and walnut cheese ball is ready for winter parties. The deep red and green colors look perfect on a holiday table. The walnuts give the cheeseball a deeper flavor that brings out the tart taste of the cranberries.

Everything Bagel Cheeseball recipeEverything Bagel Cheeseball recipe

This adorable everything bagel cheeseball looks just like a speckled pumpkin. However, you can skip the pumpkin stem and just serve the cheeseball without it so it fits in during any season! The Everything Bagel seasoning is nutty, salty, and tastes incredible with soft cheese.

That’s a Wrap on Easy Appetizers for a Crowd!

Whenever you have a party to throw, come back to this list! These easy appetizers for a crowd will make everyone happy and help you throw one of the best parties yet. Don’t forget to pair these with some of my favorite cocktails too!