15 Fantastic Thai Restaurants in Austin

Thai cuisine hits all the right notes: rich, spicy, sweet, and deeply flavorful. The Southeast Asian country offers up coconut-laced curries, spicy seared meats and vegetables, satisfying noodles, plus those good ol pad Thai dishes, if that’s what you’re into. Top it off with sticky rice desserts and Thai iced tea, and you’re set.

Here is Eater’s guide to Austin’s top Thai restaurant destinations. From household staples like Titaya’s Thai Cuisine and Thai Fresh to casual eateries like Madam Mam’s and Sap’s, the city’s steadfast Thai food trucks like Dee Dee and newcomer Soursop, and a whole bunch of punny names. While some spots stick to traditional Thai cuisines, others add a bit of Texas heat.

For more Asian fare, check out Eater’s map to the best restaurants for South Asian and Chinese food, as well as the city’s spiciest dishes.

Everything below is unranked. Is your favorite Thai spot missing? Let Eater know in the comments, through the tipline, or over on the forum.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.