15 Free Online Electrical Courses with Certificates 2022

There are some free online electrical courses with certificates 2022 for those considering electricians as a career or interested in becoming an electrician. Relax and read carefully before you make a final decision on becoming an electrician.

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If you are aiming to become an electrician and you want to study it online, then read this article keenly.

As you already know, electricians are responsible for repairing and installing electrical systems, such as lighting and appliances in homes, institutions, industries, and other commercial buildings.

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Benefits of Free Online Electrical Courses

Studying electrical courses online has more benefits and advantages than physical presence in class.

Here are some of these benefits;

  • It gives you enough time and space to acquire and master a new skill.
  • It enables you to pick from a variety of electrical programs and courses.
  • The courses are free, and required course materials are available online at no cost.
  • Students can complete the course online without leaving their immediate job.
  • The free online course gives you prestige and a certificate at the end of your program.

Top Lists of Free Online Electrical Courses with Certificates 2022

Below, you will get detailed information on the various courses, duration, and criteria for those courses offered by the free online schools.

1      Solar Energy Basics

This course covers the fundamentals of solar power in relation to solar panel system installations.

As a student, you will gain an understanding of advanced coverage of site assessment, factors impacting efficiency, and the sizing, design, and integration of photovoltaic systems. Likewise, you will be issued a certificate by the end of this course.

Click here for more detail: https://www.coursera.org/learn/solar-energy-basics?

2      Introduction to Electrical Wiring Systems

This is also one of the Free Online electrical courses with certificates. The course covers the vital part of electrical wiring systems, such as the raceways and device boxes.

As a student, you will learn about various parts of an electrical wiring system, proper handling techniques, installations, and storage procedures for different electrical wiring components.

Click here for more detail: 

3      Electrical Transformer Components

This area of specialization covers electrical transformer construction and components.

As part of the course, 3D models will be used to teach you about electrical transformers’ functions. Including the components of electrical transformers, which are essential for proper energy transmission through an electrical grid.

Click here for more details 

4      Wind Energy

This course will equip you with everything you need to know about wind energy through practical exercises. You will learn to perform wind energy calculations based on simple models.

By the end of the course, you will become a professional in wind energy research. Such as; wind measurements and resource assessment, aerodynamics, wind turbine technology, structural mechanics, materials, financial and electrical systems.

Click here for more detail: https://www.coursera.org/learn/wind-energy

5. Certificate in Advanced Electric Power Engineering

This course covers advanced aspects of electric power systems. Also, it provides a thorough understanding of how electronic machines can be used to drive loads with control of speed, torque, and position.

At the end of the training, you will have advanced knowledge in electric machinery and drives, power system protection, and power system dynamics and stability.

Click here for more details about this course.

6. Certificate in Automotive Systems and Controls

This is a Free online electrical course with a certificate in automotive systems and controls, and it covers controls, systems engineering, and systems integration.

Click here for more detail: https://www.mtu.edu/automotive-controls/

7. Certificate in Safety and Security of Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems

If you are interested in this course, you will gain competencies in hierarchical design and control. likewise, you will know about the integration of technologies into cyber-physical components and systems, including modern networked and autonomous mobile systems for land, air, and water.

Click here for more detail:  https://www.mtu.edu/autonomous-cyber-physical/

8. Certificate in Electric Power Engineering

This course is offered online; it is vital to have basic knowledge of calculus and differential equations.

At the end of the program, the student will gain competencies in power system analysis, electric energy systems, advanced methods in power systems, and computer modeling of power systems.

Access this Online Course

9. Introduction to Basic Electrical Drawings and Test Equipment – Revised

This area of interest is a free online electrical course with a certificate, and it centers based on electrical technology.

The student will learn to Interpret electrical drawings accurately and learn various uses of electrical equipment.

At the end of the course, the student will learn the concept of power, lighting, and communication, and be acquainted with critical electrical symbols and test equipment.

Access the Online Course:

10. Battery Storage Technology: Opportunities and Uses

The course covers battery storage technologies: such as; the characteristics, potentials, and limitations, Grid-scale application of battery storage, Behind-the-meter application of battery storage, Off-grid application of battery storage, and Battery storage application in mobility.

As a student, you will learn about battery storage technologies, exploring their workings, strengths, weaknesses.

Click here for more detail: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/battery-storage-applications#extra-benefits

11. Construction Engineering and Management Master Track Certificate

This is an advanced online course that prepares you to become a skilled construction Manager.

The course also covers how construction projects are created, organized, and financed. You will also learn appropriate techniques to properly account for ongoing construction projects and how to use the proper equipment for efficiency and safety

At the end of the online course, you will gain skills in construction Accounting, Project Scheduling Techniques, and lots more.

Click here for more detail: https://www.coursera.org/mastertrack/construction-engineering-management-umich

12. Introductions to Electronics

In this area of interest, the course covers the essential components of electronics such as diodes, transistors, and operational amplifiers.

You will learn the concepts from linear circuit theory as well as the operational amplifier and its applications. Furthermore, you will also examine the functional amplifier applications as well as the filter transfer functions

The course will equip you with the essential operation and some typical applications of Electronic circuits.

Click here for more detail: https://www.coursera.org/learn/electronics

13. Energy Production, Distribution & Safety

This is an online course in Energy Production, Distribution & Safety. This area of interest covers four topics that provide introductory knowledge about the energy industry and associated career opportunities.

As a student, you will be equipped with the requisite knowledge of electric power systems, natural gas, safety practices, and the energy industry as a whole.

Click here for more detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Yh9qIYiUDk

14   Critical Facility: Power Supply Management

This is a free online course in the Critical Facility, and it centers on the supply and management of electricity for critical equipment.

As a student, you will learn and gain confidence in safe and efficient maintenance and management of power supply systems, power distribution systems, and distribution preventative measures.

Click here for more detail: https://alison.com/topic/learn/70152/overview-of-critical-operations-learning-outcomes

15   An Introduction to Electronics Systems Packaging

This area of interest covers the electronics systems packaging.

You will learn the entire spectrum of microelectronic systems packaging from design to fabrication, assembly, and testing, as well as the current trends in the packaging of electronic systems.

Click here for more detail: https://www.courses.com/indian-institute-of-science-bangalore/an-introduction-to-electronics-systems-packaging

16  MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseWare provides lecture notes, videos, and exams without any required registration. The course best suited for those seeking to learn electrical engineering is Circuits and Electronics, and there are more than 20 video lectures.

Key Topics include Basic Circuit Analysis Method, Inside the Digital Gate, Amplifiers – Small-Signal Model, and Digital Circuit Speed.

Click here for more detail: MIT OpenCourseWare

17.  Collin Cunningham’s MAKE Series

Collin Cunningham’s MAKE magazine is on YouTube, bringing DIY to technology to people who want to learn electrical engineering online. Dozens of videos featuring Collin and his expertise, as well as demonstrations and explanations, are available on YouTube.

Key Topics include Circuit Skills, Binary & Hex, Capacitors, and Circuit Board Etching.

Click here for more detail: Collin Cunningham’s MAKE Series

18. Electromechanical Library

The Digital Library is built and updated by instructors from the Fox Valley Technical College and other colleges in the Wisconsin Technical College System. It includes objects created for teachers and students. Its focus is on devices, applications, systems, and it includes a robust collection of interest to people who want to study electrical engineering.

Key Topics include AC Electronics, Electric Motors, Robotics, Process Control, and Ladder/PLCs

Click here for more detail: Electromechanical Library

19. NPTEL E-Learning Courses

The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is one of the most useful online resources for anyone with more than 70 electrical engineering courses to choose from. It is designed for those interested in studying electrical engineering. Various types of courses available include video, web, and those with a syllabus, among others.

Key Topics include Digital Control Systems, Chaos, Fractals & Dynamic Systems, Introduction to Electronics Systems Packaging, and Power Quality in Power Distribution Systems.

Click here for more detail: NPTEL E-Learning Courses

20. Circuits and Electronics

Circuits and Electronics, a course offered by Udemy, has everything to offer someone just beginning to learn electrical engineering. It is rated very highly by course participants for its interesting thorough material and the professor’s enthusiasm. The course is available through edX, a nonprofit dedicated to giving everyone access to education through a Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) platform.

Key Topics include Resistive elements and networks, Independent and dependent sources, Switches and MOS transistors, Digital abstraction, and Design in the time and frequency domains.

Click here for more detail: Circuits and Electronics

21.Electrical Engineering Portal

The Electrical Engineering Portal is a gigantic resource for anyone interested in learning electrical engineering. It is dubbed as “one of the world’s largest professional web portals dedicated to electrical science and education.” From articles to the Electrical Engineering Guides to an online PLC Programming Training, the Electrical Engineering Portal teaches everything an electrical engineering student could need for successful online learning.

Key Features include Recommended Electrical Engineering articles, Video lectures, Siemens Basics of Energy and Automation Guides, Subscription service for free technical articles, electrical books, guides, and more exclusive content via email

Click here for more detail: Electrical Engineering Portal

22. Resource Host

Resource Host is a blog that offers a wide range of information relating to electrical engineering. Topics include tricks and tips for book recommendations, MATLAB, and more that students of electrical engineers will find both useful and informative.

Key Topics include 8 new electrical, electronics, communication, and control engineering online courses, 30 engineering handbooks that an engineer must have, and Advanced Level C/C++ lectures and Courses.

Click here for more detail: Resource Host

23. Electrical Knowhow

Electrical Knowhow claims to be “Where you can know more…” as the site offers people everything they need to learn more about electrical engineering. Electrical Know-how offers a download library, courses,  a quiz and answer section, and more to help people on their quest to learn electrical engineering online.

Key Features include Electrical LibraryPDF, electrical, and inspection courses, Electrical calculators and How-To section, Articles

Click here for more detail: Electrical Knowhow


UStudy.in is an e-learning site that aims to provide educational materials for polytechnic college students in India and strives to provide content to the learning community at large. Contents feature instructional and reference materials, videos, images, and resource links. The Department of Electrical Engineering offers several useful resources on topics relevant to the discipline.

Key Topics include Electrical circuit theory, Electrical estimation, and energy auditing, Microcontrollers and Digital electronics, and linear ICs.

Click here for more detail: Ustudy.in

Frequently Asked Questions for Free Online Electrical Courses with certificates 2022

1        How can I enroll in free online electrical courses?

Select the educational institute that offers online electrical courses and complete their online application.

2        How long does it take to complete a free online electrical course?

The usual duration to complete a free online electrical course ranges from 2 to 7 months.

3        What is a career in electrical engineering?

Most Electrical engineers work in IT firms, manufacturing industries, communications, and aerospace.


Electrician workers are considered to hold one of essential positions in the electricity industry. The free online electrical courses with certificates provide vital concepts that are equivalent to university education.

This article includes detailed information on the institute that offers free online electrical courses and the duration of the course.

With this information, you can enroll in these free online electrical courses with certificates, and become a professional in the field.


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