15 Free Online Government Certifications To Boost Your Career

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15 Free Online Government Certifications To Boost Your Career

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published October 18, 2021


Whether you’re looking to advance in your career field or find work with a new employer, earning a government certification is a viable way to help you accomplish your goals. Many of these accreditations are available online for free, ensuring that people from various fields, financial circumstances and locations can access them. Learning about some of the available certifications can help you identify the ones that best suit your career development aspirations. In this article, we discuss what government certifications are, explain why they’re beneficial to obtain and share 15 free online government certifications you can earn.

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What are government certifications?

Government certifications are accreditations you can earn to establish your capabilities, knowledge and standards for federal-related work and opportunities. Many of these certifications provide nationwide credibility, ensuring different agencies, institutions and organizations recognize them. There’s a wide variety of certifications you can consider, each one offering a unique specialization to develop your expertise. You can use these certifications within any relevant career field and company, including government institutions.

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Benefits of government certifications

There are several benefits you can gain from earning a government certification, such as:

  • Job opportunities: Depending on your job or the occupation you want to pursue, employers may require candidates to possess several certifications or a specific certification relevant to the position. When you earn certifications, you may increase your job opportunities.

  • Competitive edge: Although online government certifications are free and accessible, not everyone possesses these credentials to verify their expertise and knowledge. When you obtain one or more of these accreditations, you can help differentiate yourself from other candidates.

  • New skills: Regardless of the certification you pursue, you can learn new material and skills specific to your career field. These certifications not only help expand your practical capabilities, but they usually provide you with the latest knowledge that’s necessary for career advancement.

  • Formal documentation: After you complete your government certification, you typically earn a formal document acknowledging your new skills and capabilities. This physical accolade can help you advance your career goals since it proves your expertise, commitment to learning and professional development.

  • Higher salary: Obtaining a government certification can show your employer that you possess a greater job skill level. You may be able to leverage your new accreditation and expertise to negotiate for a higher salary or set a minimum wage expectation if you’re looking for a different job.

  • Resume enhancer: Your resume is essential for highlighting your job history, professional experience, educational achievements and supplementary qualifications. Adding a government certification to your resume might boost your credibility and chances of receiving more interviews and job offers.

  • Promotion: If you want to get a promotion at your current company, obtaining a government certification might help you achieve that career advancement. Some higher-ranking or senior-level positions require specific qualifications, so getting a certification can help you qualify for those roles.

  • Updated skills: Earning an online government certification is also an opportunity for you to develop your skill set and industry knowledge. While participating in the program, you can learn new methods, skills and tools related to your field to help you streamline and optimize your current workflow.

  • Demonstration of your capabilities: Regardless of your occupation or responsibilities, a government certification can show others you’re skillful in your field. Having a certification signifies to those within your professional network that you’re knowledgeable and talented at performing your duties.

  • Increased confidence: When you complete a government certification successfully, that accomplishment can help you improve the quality and value of your work and boost your confidence. You can use your career development as motivation to continue expanding your skills and performance.

  • Expansion of your professional network: While participating in your certification program, you may meet a diverse range of professionals, experts and practitioners within the industry. This can allow you to make long-lasting connections and build your professional network of talented individuals.

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15 free online government certifications

Here are 15 free online government certifications you can obtain:

1. County Commissioner

Provided by the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG), this certification program serves commissioners new to their post and other incumbent commissioners. This is a profession that requires a steady temperament and strong communication skills. An individual who participates in this program can learn the required methods, teachings and techniques to govern with leadership and dignity.

2. Introduction to Competency-Based Learning

Provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), this certification serves health care professionals who possess the knowledge and skills to handle public health and medical emergencies. Practitioners in the field need continuing training to manage new and ongoing health crises. By participating in this program, you can learn new strategies in the field.

3. Certified Public Manager

Provided by the University of Georgia, this program serves to improve the performance quality and efficiency of managers within government agencies. By participating in this certification program, you can learn how to lead and manage others with integrity and professionalism. The primary areas of focus in this program are self-awareness, collaboration and process improvement.

4. Incident Management System

Provided by the WHO, this government certification helps you build the capabilities of employees. By participating in this program, you can learn several strategies and methods for equipping staff with relevant knowledge, helping them improve their response and development competencies. It can also help you become familiar with the foundational structure and procedures of incident management systems (IMS).

5. Public Works

Provided by various institutions, like the University of Georgia, this is a certification serving public works supervisors and managers. These professionals can develop the practical methods and strategies of their field. By participating in a public works program, you can also learn about management technologies and other ways to develop your skill set to assist managers at all levels.

6. Risk Communication Essentials

Provided by the WHO, this program teaches participants about risk communication essentials, which describes the exchange of advice, suggestions and knowledge between experts during a health crisis. Through the sharing of knowledge, health professionals can make more informed decisions and implement more effective protective and medical safety measures. Some primary topics for this certification include risk communication capacities, policies, strategies and evaluation, spokesperson tips and ready preparedness.

7. Economic Development Professionals

Provided by several institutions, this certification can allow you to explore realistic programs to help you become a more effective professional within the economic development industry. By earning this certification, you can improve the efficiency and consistency of your skills in a variety of areas, like influence and professionalism. You can also become more familiar with industry knowledge, analyzing, assessing, problem-solving, relationship-building and leadership.

8. Municipal Elected Officials

Provided by the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute, this certification includes a series of training courses for mayors, council members, government officials and managers. By participating in this program, you can develop your governing and leadership skills, including knowledge of municipal officials and systems. This certification is primarily for officials who are new to their positions.

9. Health Cluster

This certification from The Global Health Cluster (GHC) teaches you techniques to meet the humanitarian needs and crises of affected populations in an efficient, consistent and inclusive manner. You can also learn how to do this while adhering to humanitarian concepts and principles. This certification can also allow you to learn about health cluster coordination and how to provide emergency public health aid, helping to improve a society’s quality of life and well-being.

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10. Code Enforcement Officers

Provided by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, this certification program teaches participants about the most crucial elements of ordinance and local code enforcement within their specific jurisdiction. This is an accreditation program for novice-level professionals and people who already have substantial experience in the field. You can use this course to help improve your current knowledge, skills and capabilities.

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11. Standard Precautions: Waste Management

Provided by the WHO, this program teaches participants about different forms of waste and proper waste management procedures and processes. You can learn about health care waste that laboratory, health and research institutions create when they provide critical services to patients. This form of waste requires proper management from the generation to the disposal stage.

12. Introduction to Go.Data

Provided by the WHO, Go.Data is a web-based system, platform and mobile application tool. This resource helps collect critical field data like chains of transmission, contact details, hospital data and labs. In this introductory course, you can learn the primary structure, functions and features of the Go.Data software. You also learn how to use the tool when outbreaks occur.

13. Basic Property Management

The Basic Property Management certification, also called the Government Property Basics qualification, is a program that teaches users about government property systems. This course lasts for five days and allows you to familiarize yourself with the system and how it functions. You can also learn about the appropriate management methods for properties and other property management regulatory requirements.

14. 100 Worst Mistakes to Make in Property Management

Developed by the National Property Management Association (NPMA) this certification program is for both novice practitioners in the field and highly skilled property management professionals. Regardless of career level, this course teaches common property management errors and their causes. You can also learn solutions to prevent them.

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15. Introduction to Operational Readiness

Provided by the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, this course teaches the fundamentals of working as a front-line responder. You can learn about skills for handling emergencies and hazard situations. This also teaches about critical conditions regionally and nationally.

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