15 Healthier Alternatives to Fruit Snacks That Kids Will Still Love

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One walk down the snack aisle at your grocery store, and you will be sure to find a sea of neon-colored, superhero-shaped, fruit-flavored snacks that kids seem to be willing to do whatever is necessary to add to the cart. While these snacks may be convenient, they are not the best choice when it comes to nutrition.

As a registered dietitian and a mom, I classify these sugary gummies as treats or candy instead of a healthy snack or a balanced part of a meal. Even if they have added vitamins like vitamin C, they are still full of artificial ingredients and sugar — items that are reserved for a special occasion in my home.

Thankfully, there are some better-for-you fruit snacks that are a great alternative to the traditional ones. While they may not be neon-blue or shaped into your kid’s favorite cartoon character, they are often made with real fruit and are not loaded with added sugars or artificial colors. Here are 15 alternatives to sugary fruit snacks that I’m happy to feed my daughter and are just as satisfying as her beloved candy treats.