15 TikTok Food Hacks that’ll Win Over Snacktime – Motherly

From food storage hacks to easy family recipes, TikTok has been a huge boon for kitchen success. It’s also become a supportive community for parents—both moms and dads—to share their favorite food hacks for kid’s snacks, whether it be healthy recipes or how they sneak vitamins into their kid’s food (P.S. this one is our favorite!). And truth be told, while these snack food hacks may be geared towards kids, we think cinnamon apple slices and frozen banana popsicles sound pretty yummy, too.

If you’re looking for new, creative ways to change up your kid’s typical lunchtime routine or food hacks, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, check out our favorite TikTok hacks that’ll cut down on sugar, time in the kitchen, dishes and messes! Not to mention, many of the snacks can be made with the help of your kids.

We know, it all sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t—take a look for yourself below.

Banana “Nice” Cream



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Banana nice cream is an easy, healthy way to trick your kiddos into eating their fruit as dessert, and it tastes pretty bomb, too! The base recipe only requires two ingredients; but, you can add peanut butter, cacao powder, or fresh berries to jazz it up.

Hack via TikTok user @tipsandtricksfortots

Apple Monsters



Trying something healthy before the massive amounts of candy #halloween #toddlersnacks #halloweensnacks #applemonsters #halloweendiy #kidsactivities

Crafts and snacks? Sounds like a win-win to us. To get you started you’ll need apples, strawberries, peanut butter, sunflower seeds (or other seeds of your choosing), and candy eyeballs. From there, your child can put it all together to create spooky apple monsters.

Hack via TikTok user @mrsblinks

Peanut Butter and Banana Sushi



Kid sushi #toddlersnacks #snackforkids


Declared “the perfect snack for a picky toddler,” peanut butter and banana sushi is a fun snack hack that feels and tastes gourmet, but takes less than two minutes to make! We guarantee the kids (and moms) on the playground will be impressed.

Hack via TikTok user @jacquiedeering

Yogurt Melts



Next, I’m going to make spinach-banana yogurt melts! #BLW #toddlersnacks #momsoftiktok #fyp

Yogurt and fresh fruit, that’s all you need! Feel free to also add chia seeds or hemp seeds, and while we’re at it, we bet a mashup of different fruits would taste good, too (mango-pineapple yogurt melts, anyone?).

Hack via TikTok user @abbychuelas.kitchen

Cinnamon Apple Slices



Easy healthy toddler or baby snack using your air fryer or oven! #healthyrecipes #easytoddlermeal #diybabyfood #babyfoodrecipes #toddlersnacks

If you’re obsessed with air fryer recipes like we are, then you’re going to want to write this one down. This hack turns regular, boring apple slices into little pieces of dessert heaven. No air fryer? No problem! This same recipe can be replicated using the oven.

Hack via TikTok user @sunsflowercreations

Frozen Banana Yogurt Popsicles

Enjoy the flavors of summer without all the sugar. This fast and easy snack hack cuts down on sugar, but still tastes delicious. Plus, your kids can help make it, so it’s a 2-for-1.

Hack via TikTok user @ginamariebutler

Juice Pouch Hack



TODDLER SNACK HACK #travellingwithtoddlers #HealthyCooking #YouShouldKnow #whatilearned #babysmoothies #toddlersnacks #australia #choomee

This mom’s hack for preventing juice pouch explosions is genius! How many times has your toddler squeezed their juice or applesauce pouch too hard, making a big mess? Well, not anymore thanks to this snack hack.

Hack via TikTok user @travellingwithtoddlers

Popsicle Hack

Don’t you hate when the popsicle melts faster than you can eat it? This snack hack will allow your child to enjoy their popsicle in peace, sans the messy hands.

Hack via TikTok user @tiffanybornehones

Grape Cutting Hack



Mom hack #toddlersnacks #momapproved #PaTiChallenge #FeelingGood #toddlersnack #cuttinggrapes #lifehack #kamloops

Cut grapes in half the amount of time thanks to this mama’s helpful grape cutting hack. You may need to do two rounds, but it still beats cutting grapes individually.

Hack via TikTok user @jacquiedeering

Frozen Peanut Butter and Chia Fruit Seed Sandwiches



Fun snack for kids (or adults) #toddlersnacks #toddlersnackideas #momsoftiktokover30 #easysnackideas

A fun alternative to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, these are packed with nutrients. Plus, it’s served frozen, so you can take these bad boys on the road for an on-the-go snack without the mess.

Hack via TikTok user @fasterwaywithmorgan

Vitamin Snack Hack



Does anyone else have to do this? #toddlerhacks #nobodysgonnaknow #momtok #toddlermom #toddlertok #toddlersoftiktok #momhacks #parenthacks #mama

The next time your child says “no” to their vitamins, try this parent’s fruit gummies hack. And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret.

Hack via TikTok user @abelsworkshop

Popcorn Bowl Hack



Mind blown your welcome ❤️ follow for more hacks #momhacks #lifehacks #toddlerhacks #parentinghacks #foodhacks

Did you know popcorn bags can be turned into servings bowls? Follow along this mom’s crazy, simple hack, grab a few napkins, and say goodbye to dirty dishes. Happy popping!

Hack via TikTok user @momlikeaboss_

Bread End Slice Hack



I’m not throwing the end peice away. Anyone elses kid like this? #toddlerhacks #momlife #fyp #dontbesuspicious

Fighting over who gets stuck with the end piece is no longer a predicament thanks to this mom’s hack. Simply, flip the bread so its “end side” is facing upwards. Add cheese, peanut butter, meat, Nutella, or whatever you want, then put that side facing down, on top of the other slice of bread. No one will ever know it was an end piece!

Hack via TikTok user @theology_and_coffe_mom

Hack for Cutting a Banana



Do you do this?? #momlifevibes #fyp #toddler #toddlerhacks #momhacksforyou

Put away the knife. To split a banana for your toddler, all you’ll need to do is apply pressure to the banana and it’ll naturally separate into three pieces or “logs.”

Hack via TikTok user @reneemj.miller

Spill Hack



Simple Toddler Mom Hack to prevent spills! #momsoftiktok #hacksformommies #toddlerhacks

For juices, milks, drinkable yogurts, or other beverages that come with tin foil lids, get ahead of the spill by poking a straw through the lid. It’s smart, fast, and mess-free!

Hack via TikTok user @momsmaternalhealth