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Collage of statues from around the world to represent international snack subscription boxes.air planes flying around the globe shown with famous sites like the statue of liberty, Eiffel tower, tower of Pisa, and the Taj Mahal.air planes flying around the globe shown with famous sites like the statue of liberty, Eiffel tower, tower of Pisa, and the Taj Mahal.

Who doesn’t love snacks? Some of them help to keep you satisfied between meals, while others might just act as a quick mood or energy boost. Whatever your goal, finding the right snacks is essential.

You could take the easy route and buy snacks from your local grocery store, but where’s the fun in that? Stores tend to have the same snacks over and over again. Snickers. Oreos. Peanuts. Pork rinds. Boring!

This is why international snack subscription boxes are so much fun. These monthly boxes give you the chance to experience snacks from around the world – all in the comfort of your own home. There are various types of these boxes. Some focus on a single country, like Japan or Korea. There are plenty of European boxes too.

In this list, we’re focusing on a slightly different style. All of the highlighted subscription boxes contain snacks from multiple countries. Many of them use a cycle-based approach, where you’ll receive snacks from a different country each month.

Others may follow a different style, like providing mixed monthly boxes. Whatever the angle, these subscriptions are powerful ways to enjoy unusual snacks each month.

An image of the globe with various landmarksAn image of the globe with various landmarksAll of these subscription programs offer a variety of snacks – giving you plenty of new favorites to find.

International Snack Boxes

  • Treats
  • SnackCrate
  • Worldwide Treats
  • Try The World
  • Halal Snackbox
  • MunchPak
  • TopMunch
  • Expack
  • Yummy Bazaar
  • Universal Yums
  • GrubBox
  • Malinka Box
  • Bocandy
  • WanderAway
  • Exploration Crate
  • CocoaRunners

PS. In case you were looking for region specific boxes, we’ve got a list for Korea & Japan too. For some reason, Asian snacks seem to be the most popular, probably because they are so different from what we see here in the USA.

PPS. You can also check out our big list of 53 healthy snack subscriptions!


Treats against an aqua backgroundTreats against an aqua backgroundThis sweet subscription provides a global selection of snacks.

Treats is an especially good club if you want international snacks. They feature many different parts of the
world, including Asia, Australia, Africa, Latin America, North America and
Europe. The company follows a common style, where each month focuses on a
different country. If you’re from outside of the United States, you can also
email Treats to request that they avoid sending you a box with items from your
own region.

The first subscription option is the Standard Box. This
costs $13.95 per month and has free shipping for anyone in the United States.
The box contains at least 5 snacks each month. If that’s not enough, you can
try the Premium Box instead. This one is more expensive at $25.95 per month. It
also contains at least 10 different snacks, so you’re getting plenty of

Both versions have a month-to-month and a yearly plan.
The yearly version basically gives you a month free. It’s a good way to save a
little money if you enjoy the boxes from Treats.


A selection of snacks in a blue box on a green backgroundA selection of snacks in a blue box on a green backgroundThis club features a new country every month and even provides a sample box to get you started.

If you’re unsure about subscription boxes, SnackCrate is one of the best places to begin. The company starts you out with a sample
box that gives you a sense of what to expect. At the time of writing, their
Trial Box just costs $1 and even has free shipping. It is half the size of
their regular box, but you are still receiving 6 snacks. These are all

Each month, SnackCrate themes the boxes around a
different country. The snacks are always imported directly from the country in
question and there is plenty of variation. There is also a chance to find a
Golden Adventure Ticket in your monthly box. While the odds are probably low,
this ticket is a fantastic prize, providing a free trip to the country featured
in the box.

This time, there are 3 versions of the subscription to
consider. The Mini SnackCrate contains 5 snacks, the Original contains 10 to 12
and the Premium offers 18 to 20 snacks (sometimes more!).

Unfortunately, SnackCrate doesn’t provide pricing
details. You need to sign up for the trial or regular box before you can make
any other selections. It seems like you can only change the subscription size
after this point. The boxes sell out fast, so you’ll need to get in early.

Worldwide Treats

A white box packed full of snacksA white box packed full of snacksThis site has multiple subscriptions for you to choose from.

It’s hardly surprising that a company called Worldwide Treats has made its way onto this list. This is also an especially interesting
program, as it has 4 distinct subscriptions for you to select from. These
aren’t just different in size. They also vary in the part of the world that
they focus on.

The first option is their Worldwide Snack Mix. It
contains at least 10 items and starts at $28 per month. Another version is the
Taste of Asia Snack Mix. The amount of items is similar, but the snacks are all
from Asia (and the Pacific Islands). It starts at

There is also a Middle East Snack Mix and a European
Snack Mix. Both also contain at least 10 snacks every month and start out at
$29 per month. Each version can be pre-paid for a longer duration. Doing so can
save you up to $6 per month.

The Middle East Snack Mix is probably the most
interesting of the 4 subscriptions, as it is an unusual style. It’s rare to see
companies feature snacks from this part of the world. Worldwide Treats is one
of the few companies that gives you the chance to experience some snacks that
you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Try The World

Various boxes against a white backgroundVarious boxes against a white backgroundThis international country focuses on quality and your overall experience, rather than just on the snacks themselves.

Try the World follows a more heavily artisanal style than the other subscriptions on this list. This includes a strong emphasis on small companies that make their own products using traditional methods. In this case, the 2 subscriptions are very different from each other.

The first version is called Journey the World. It costs
$39 per month if you pay from month-to-month. You can bring this down to $35,
$33 or $29 if you pre-pay for 3, 6 or 12 months, respectively. The subscription
provides you with 7 to 8 gourmet products each month. You might experience
items like Pistachio Cream, Dari Couscous and
Roasted Chana.

The other version is their Snacks by Try the World. This
subscription contains 6 snacks every month. Each snack comes from a different
country. There is an emphasis on unusual snacks, ones that are also natural and
healthy. This box starts out at $19 per month on a month-to-month basis. The
discounts aren’t as significant, but you can bring the total down to $15 per

Halal Snackbox

Blue and yellow circles with 4 snack imagesBlue and yellow circles with 4 snack imagesHalal items aren’t the only feature of the snacks in this box. The company also provides significant variation, including snacks based on your preferences.

The Halal Snackbox focuses on
snacks that are all halal, but don’t skip
past if this aspect isn’t relevant to you. The snack box has some other
interesting features that make it appealing to a wider audience. First of all,
it is another international subscription. The monthly box is curated with
snacks from around the world. These are mixed each month, rather than following
a specific theme.

It’s also worth mentioning the subscription types. Like
many companies, there are 3 different subscriptions for the Halal Snackbox.
This time, these are very different from
each other. The first is The Treat Box. It costs $11.99 on a subscription or $13.99 as a one-time purchase.
The box contains 5 or more full-size snacks, with a combination of sweet and savory items.

The next option is The Meat Box. A subscription costs
$15.99, while a one-time purchase is $17.99. This version contains at least 2
premium meat snacks and another 2 full-size snacks that aren’t meat. You’ll
typically be getting a combination of jerky, meat sticks, protein bars and/or

The final choice is The Variety Box. This costs $29.99
on subscription. It contains 8 or more snacks, totaling
around 2.5 pounds in products. There is a larger variety of snack types present,
including items from the other 2 boxes.


A selection of treats and a box from MunchPakA selection of treats and a box from MunchPakThe amount of choice is one of the biggest advantages of MunchPack.

The idea of MunchPak is simple – international snacks every month. The company aims to provide a selection of the ‘coolest and best tasting snacks’. This includes both sweet and savory items. The individual boxes aren’t themed in any way. Instead, they contain snacks from a variety of locations. This makes the experience less predictable and potentially more enjoyable than some of the other boxes.

There are more choices than normal with your
subscription. You are able to choose between 5+ snacks (starting at
$13.95/shipment), 10+ (starting at $23.95/shipment) and 20+ (starting at
$43.95/shipment). The price per shipment decreases significantly if you pre-pay
for a longer period.

That’s not all. You’re also able to customize your box
by selecting preferred and non-preferred items. Doing so should create a box
that is better tailored toward your preferences. However, you do have to pay $1
for each preferred or non-preferred selection that you make. This fee could add
up quickly.


Various different snacks on a tableVarious different snacks on a tableThis subscription provides you with a different cultural experience each month.

TopMunch is more than just a snack subscription box. The boxes provide you with a more
in-depth cultural experience. This includes information about local history and
language, along with access to local music. Each month features a different
country, so the experience is always changing. Previous examples include
France, Vietnam and the Netherlands.

This time there is just a single subscription type. It
provides you with 5 to 7 treats each month. The snacks are always full-size and
exotic. The boxes are normally packed full, with a weight of around 2 or 3

The standard price is $32 per month for the box, where
you’re paying month-to-month. There is also a 3-month version of the
subscription, but this averages out to the same monthly price.  


Selection of British snacks in a box.Selection of British snacks in a box.This company provides multiple subscriptions to choose from.

The subscriptions from Expack have a completely different focus
than normal. The company gets its name from the term expatriates (or expats,
for short). Expats are individuals who are living away from their native
country. While expats often love their life, they may still miss the foods from

Expack offers a way around this with 6 different
subscription boxes. This includes boxes from Canada, the USA, France, the UK and Germany. The boxes all contain popular
snack items from the specified country, providing subscribers with familiar

Subscription costs $35 per month for most boxes. The
only exception is the Canadian Demi box. This is a smaller Canadian box and
costs $19.99 per month.

Expact maintains a favorites or recurring list for each country.
For example, this list for the United States box includes items like Flaming
Hot Cheetos and Kraft Mac & Cheese. Items in this list are included in
boxes regularly. While the style means that there is less variation than
normal, you can be certain that many of your favorites
are featured.

Yummy Bazaar

A selection of Russian food productsA selection of Russian food productsThis comprehensive site sells international food and also has its own interesting food subscription program.

Yummy Bazaar is different than other
sites because you can buy food from them directly. They also have a stronger
focus on quality. This means that you’re often receiving artisan products and
ones that you won’t typically find in other boxes.

There are 2 different boxes, each with their own
features. The first is the Monthly World Sampler Box. This is a small version,
starting at $9.95 per month. It contains 5 to 6 products each month, but these
are samples (not full-size products). Each month has a global theme, focusing
on 2 or 3 countries. 

Your other option is the Full Experience Monthly
Gourmet. This version starts at $35.95 per month. It offers 6 to 8 products and
they are all full-sized. Each month is themed and that theme is typically based
on a single country. Unusually, the price per month remains the same even if
you purchase a pre-paid subscription.

Universal Yums

Various individual snacks against a white backgroundVarious individual snacks against a white backgroundHere’s another program that offers a box from a different country each month.

It’s no surprise that a site called Universal Yums has an international focus. Their boxes feature a different country each month.
You also receive additional information, like cultural highlights, a playlist
of music, snack descriptions and an activity sheet. The boxes are a fun way to
learn about different cultures.

There are 3 versions of the box to choose from. The
difference is simply the number of snacks and the length of the included
booklet. It’s also worth mentioning that the snacks aren’t all full size. Some
of them may be samples instead. There may also be multiple items of the same
type in a box, especially if they’re small.

The first plan is the Yum Box, with 6 or more snacks for
$14 per box. The next is the Yum Yum Box. This time, there are 12 or more
snacks and the boxes cost $25 each. Finally, the Super Yum Box has at least 20
snacks. This one costs $39 per box.


Various packaged snacks in a boxVarious packaged snacks in a boxThis subscription focuses on international snacks and flavors.

GrubBox does follow a familiar style,
offering a box of mixed snacks from various countries each month. This style is
often more appealing than a country-based theme, especially if you just want a
short-term membership.

The emphasis is a little different too. Many of the
snacks follow styles that you might expect (such as bags of chips), but in
unusual flavors. This includes examples
like Lays Ketchup Chips and various KitKat flavors.

Another interesting feature is the subscription timing.
Instead of sending out the subscription on the same date each month, GrubBox
doesn’t tell their members when the boxes will be sent. This adds in an element
of surprise to the experience.

There are 2 versions of the box to choose from. The
regular GrubBox is $24 per month and contains 10 full-sized snacks. It’s meant
to be good for either 1 or 2 people. There is also the Grubiest Box. This costs
$39 per month. You’re basically just getting 2 of the previous box (at a
discount). Of course, this means that the Grubiest Box is likely to have some
product duplications.

Malinka Box

A red box that contains a selection of different snacksA red box that contains a selection of different snacksThis Russia-focused box also offers snacks from other parts of Eastern Europe.

For the most part, the Malinka Box can be considered a
Russian snack box. It is a good way to try out snacks from Russia and to get a
sense of Russian culture. The subscription also has an international angle,
offering snacks from Ukraine, Belarus and other parts of Eastern Europe too. The
products vary and can include items like chocolate, candy and savory

In the typical
manner, there are 2 distinct subscription versions. The first is simply called
Original. It costs $24.99 each month for month-to-month orders. You can drop
the monthly fee down to $24 or $23 by signing up to a 3-month or a 6-month
pre-paid membership. This version contains at least 3 pounds of snacks in each

The other version is Premium. This offers at least 5
pounds of snacks and includes a drink. The subscription starts at $34.99 each
month. Just like the Original box, you can drop the price down to $34 or $33
per month.


A selection of candy with a BoCandy boxA selection of candy with a BoCandy boxThis international subscription is perfect for anyone who is only interested in candy.

As you can probably guess, Bocandy doesn’t follow the same approaches
as other boxes on this list. To begin with, their emphasis is mostly on candy.
They do feature some other types of snacks, but most of the items that you’ll
find are sweet.

The subscription style is also worth noting. As with
some other companies, you’re not getting boxes that are themed around a
specific country. Instead, the monthly boxes all contain a selection of items
from across the world. The staff at Bocandy focus on sourcing the
highest-quality snacks, including those that are unusual.

While you don’t have any control over the snacks that
you receive, Bocandy does have multiple subscriptions to choose from. These
have different themes. The first is their Bocandy Big Box. This is an
especially large box, with a wide selection of products. You can also choose
The International Candy Taste Box. This is a smaller selection, with the same
variation in products.

An interesting alternative is The Asian Snack Box. This
one works exactly as you would expect and
only provides you with snacks that come from Asia. The final version is The
Premium Box. This subscription is all about quality. It also contains domestic
and international snacks. If that wasn’t enough, the box is very large,
providing plenty of different snacks for you to try.


A set of products from Thailand A set of products from Thailand This subscription is designed to get your excited about traveling.

The WanderAway subscription is focused
on providing a travel experience. The box provides information about potential
places to visit and the tastes that there are to experience. As part of this,
many of the items are directly related to traveling,
rather than just being a semi-random selection of snacks. There are also some
souvenir items included.

The subscription approach is a little unusual. You get
the box every second month. You can pay for each shipment at the time, or
pre-pay for 3, 6 or 12 months. Pre-paying decreases the per box price. Each box
is themed based on a specific country.

There are 2 versions of the box to choose from. The
basic option costs $44.97 per box, while the family version costs $74.97 per
box. The family version contains roughly twice as many items as the regular,
but it isn’t the same as just getting 2 regular boxes. Some of the items will
be different.

The site does offer images of previous boxes, to give
you a sense of what to expect. Even so, there are few details about how many
snacks you can expect each month and how these are chosen. That aspect is
annoying, although it is clear that WanderAway
focuses on artisan companies, rather than large-scale producers.

Exploration Crate

A wide selection of snacksA wide selection of snacksHere’s another fun subscription that allows you to experience a different country each month.

Exploration Crate gives you
the chance to explore from the comfort of your own home. The monthly box
contains snacks from a single country. Curators at Exploration Crate aim to provide
a balance of different snacks – including some that are traditional and others
that are more unusual.

There are 3 sizes to choose from. Economy offers 4 to 5
snacks, Business has 7 to 8 snacks and First Class has 10 or more. Annoyingly,
the pricing details are only provided when you make an order. If the program is
at capacity (like it was at the time of writing), then the pricing information
is hidden.

A cool feature is the Passport Program, which is linked
to the largest subscription box. With this program, you get a ‘passport’ with
your first box. Each month you then receive a unique travel sticker that you
can stick into the passport. Fill it up with 12 stamps and you can get a free
box that contains some items that are only for Passport Program members.

Cocoa Runners

Hands unwrapping chocolateHands unwrapping chocolate This chocolate club provides craft chocolate from around the world.

If you’re a chocolate lover, Cocoa Runners could be the perfect
club for you. It isn’t your typical chocolate club. Instead, it focuses on providing
artisan chocolate from craft creators throughout the world. The club aims to
provide variety, so you won’t see the same bars repeated multiple times.

Unlike the other clubs, there are few details about the
international aspect. It isn’t clear how much of the chocolate will be local
and how much will be international. You would have to try the club out to see
if it suits your needs.

The club simply costs £19.95 per month. You can’t choose
subscription frequency and you can’t pre-pay. The one customization option is
the chocolate that you receive. You can select between dark and milk chocolate,
dark chocolate only, milk chocolate only and 100% cocoa chocolate only.