17 Asian Snacks You’ll Either Love or Hate! Best Childhood Treats To Try

The best Asian snacks is a highly discussed topic among Asian food lovers. As Asia grows as a tourist spot, we find that local tidbits have also grown popular online. Accordingly, we have included sweet and savoury nibbles in this list that we think you should try!

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You may buy many of these treats online. We found many choices coming from China, Japan, Korea and South East Asia. You can order these delicious treats for a bite to eat at the comfort of your home.

Best asian snacks honey butter chips

Please note that the links provided under each Asian snacks description are for purchases from Amazon. If you can not order via Amazon, we may provide a link to another online commerce store that sells the popular treats.

Pineapple cake

Pineapple cake is a Taiwanese snack that is popular all around the world. Therefore, we deem this Asian snack suitable for gifting your family and friends when you return from your visit to Taiwan.

You will usually see the treat in the shape of a square or rectangle. Also, the pineapple cake is made up of a pineapple jam filling that is encased by a shortcrust pastry. Though named as ‘cake’, this treat resembles something closer to a biscuit or hand pie instead.

Taiwanese Pineapple Cake

As a delicious mid-day snack, we observe more people searching online for its recipe.

The classic pineapple cake usually consists of a tangy jam filling. However, you may find all sorts of Asian snack recipes that add to the traditional pineapple cake.

You can also order pineapple cake online to be delivered to your home address if you are looking for a quick bite.

Yuki and Love Pineapple Cake
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Dorayaki is made of two Japanese-style pancakes that sandwich a sweet filling. It is one of the best Asian snacks on our list. The original version of the Dorayaki has crushed sweet Azuki red beans as a filling.

Dorayaki was the favourite snack of the main character of the famous Japanese kids show in the ’90s called ‘Doraemon’. The show’s popularity, helped to popularise this afternoon treat in Japan.

Dorayaki with Azuki Red Bean filling

You can discover Dorayaki in various sizes. Indeed, we can find them in small or big sizes to fit our appetite at the time.

If you visit the shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo that is referenced in the kids’ show, they even serve a dinner plate-sized Dorayaki! You can choose to share these speciality-sized Dorayakis.

However, you will find that most shops offer dorayaki close to the size of a common doughnut.

Apart from the original filling, we found modern versions of the Dorayaki recipe that are served with different types of fillings.

For instance, popular ones are chestnut jam, matcha cream with Azuki red beans and chocolate cream fillings. In addition, you may order variations of this Asian snack online via websites such as Amazon.

Dorayaki Japanese Pancake Original
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Seaweed Rice Crackers

Another common one is the seaweed rice crackers. Many tourists are introduced to this crunchy treat when they buy an Asian snack mix to eat.

The mix will usually include this umami-filled goodness. This treat is a popular one that many tourists buy in bulk and distribute to their friends and family when they return home.

Seaweed Rice Cracker best asian snack

This snack is made of rice crackers that contain dried seaweed bits to add extra flavour. We found that many of them are also gluten-free. Consequently, it has grown in popularity among tourists who visit East Asian countries.

Though each piece of this refreshment is lightweight and not so filling, we can attest that, it is definitely hard to stop eating once you’ve taken a bite. So, if you miss this Asian snack, do not fret, as you can always order it online!

Gluten-Free Rice Crackers – Seaweed
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What is the most popular Asian snack in the world? Kitkat is, without a doubt, one that competes for that title. Though Kitkat originates from the United States, this snack started having a cult following due to the successful marketing campaign by the company in Japan.

In Japanese, this chocolatey treat acts as a pun that means ‘victorious’. As a result, it has been used in many of the company’s advertising campaigns.

Matcha green tea flavoured KitKat

On top of that, KitKat received many reviews from people around the world. This is due to the unique flavour variation Kitkat offered in Japan. One of the most popular flavours is the Uji Matcha Green Tea flavour.

From there, Kitkat in Japan continually manufactured limited-edition flavours that you can only find in specific areas in Japan. Hence, this created a great opportunity for touristic adventures for many fans of the KitKat brand. Currently, you can purchase many different varieties of Asian snacks on Amazon.

Uji Matcha Green Tea KitKat
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Egg Rolls

These egg rolls 蛋卷 are a popular Asian snack that you can find anywhere in China and in Chinatowns all over the world.

In comparison to the savoury Chinese spring rolls, these egg rolls are cookie-type treats that are crispy and sweet. Chefs will usually make these with eggs and sesame. However, you can find many variations to the traditional delicacy today.

Egg Rolls an asian snack from China

The egg rolls are sometimes known as ‘love letters’. With such a lovely name, the egg rolls are especially popular during the Lunar New Year period, where food plays a prominent role in the auspicious celebration.

Tins of egg rolls are usually passed around as gifts to family and friends. Due to its simple yet delicious taste with a deep cultural meaning, this treat is one of the best Asian snacks you should try.

Ching Kee Egg Cookie Rolls
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Haw Flakes

Haw Flakes 山楂餅 is a delicacy that has beaten the test of time. This confectionery type treat originated from China. However, it has extended its reaches throughout Asia, Europe and the States. Indeed, a classic treat among those who grew up in Asia, Haw Flakes is a healthy Asian snack.

Haw Flakes light candy treat

It is made with hawthorn fruit and only three other ingredients. Wrapped in a simple paper casing, the flakes are light treats that you could munch, nibble or suck on when you are feeling peckish.

This delicacy has a good balance of sweet and sour that would leave you wanting more.

Due to its popularity, Haw Flakes have grown to become a staple flavour that has been incorporated into different Asian snack recipes. These include tanghulu, Haw Flake flavoured soft serve, butter cake, layered cake and more.

Haw Flakes
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Yukimi Daifuku

Manufactured by the Korean company, Lotte, this Asian snack is a popular afternoon or after-meal treat in Japan.

Yukimi Daifuku is a thin mochi dumpling that is filled with ice cream. Offered in many flavours, the classic mochi ice cream consists of vanilla ice cream wrapped in a layer of white rice cake.

Best Asian snacks mochi ice cream

The name Yukimi directly translates to ‘snow-viewing’ which relates to the seasonal activity of watching the snow in Japan.

During the spring season, the sakura flavoured version of Asian snack is sold as a limited version to correspond with the ‘hanami’ or ‘sakura-viewing’ seasonal activity that is popular.

The Yukimi Daifuku is favoured by many all over the world that even merchandise like mini-soft toys of the treat is made. With plenty of discussions of the popular Japanese treat that can be found on forums on Reddit, we subsequently knew we had to add it to our best Asian snacks list.

Yukimi Daifuku
Not available on Amazon UK or the US, unfortunately

Chinese Pork Jerky / Bak Kwa

Similar to its South African counterpart, the Chinese Pork Jerky is a savoury delicacy that we recommend you try. Also known as ‘Bak Kwa’, which is Fujianese for ‘dried meat’, this treat is commonly made of a mix of dark soy sauce, sesame oil, fish sauce, five-spice powder and cooking wine for its marination.

Savoury Chinese pork jerky

The barbecued jerky is wafer-thin and immensely a joy to eat and chew on. Though some may find this Asian snack weird, many people look forward to this treat as it is usually only served during festivities.

For many people, the Chinese Pork Jerky is one that you purchase from shops that specialise in making it. However, there are also many recipes online that you can find to make this Asian snack at home.

Moreover, there are also halal versions of the Chinese Pork Jerky that you could attempt making.

Chinese Pork Jerky / Bak Kwa
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Chen Pi Mei

Chen Pi Mei 陳皮梅 is perhaps one of the most popular candies in China.

Essentially a fruit candy, this tidbit is a chewy soft black candy that has a strong citrus peel flavour. Made of mandarin citrus peel and plum, this sourish candy is a traditional treat that has made it into our best Asian snacks list.

Traditional citrus and plum candy

Chen Pi Mei is a typical childhood tidbit in Asia that is cross-generational. It is one of the traditional treats that you will find many shops offering as a simple giveaway to please your sweet cravings.

Chinese herbal shops, in particular, would always offer this sweet and sour candy to counter the bitter taste of the concoctions.

Chen Plum Candy
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White Rabbit Candy

The best Asian snacks list would not be complete if it did not include the White Rabbit Candy. Another traditional Chinese candy that has been around since the 1930s, this sweet is a creamy milk candy that is wrapped in rice paper.

This sweet candy is particularly memorable as many would first find it weird that the rice paper wrapper is edible.

White rabbit candy childhood asian snack

Originating from China, this nibble is now distributed globally and can be sourced easily from Amazon. Similar to Haw Flakes, we found this Asian snack becoming a key ingredient to many modern dessert recipes. Some of them include White Rabbit cookies, ice cream, bubble tea and more.

As a tip, hold the white rabbit candy in your hands for a minute to soften the candy. Once it is soft, pop it in your mouth to chew its creamy deliciousness.

If there is one candy you should buy from China, make White Rabbit Candy the one you bring back home.

White Rabbit Creamy Candy
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Honey Butter Chips

Haitai’s Honey Butter Chips from Korea contends to be one of the best Asian snacks today. Coating deep-fried potato chips with butter as well as honey, this sinful treat is very delicious.

This potato chip is highly rated online, as it is sweet, salty, and buttery all at the same time!.

Best asian snacks honey butter chips

This relatively new entry into the food industry blew up when it used K-pop stars to market the treat. Of course, Honey Butter Chips continued to grow in popularity. This is due to its own merits of being a rich and flavourful tidbit.

We highly recommend that you try this Asian snack the next time you are craving one. Equally, honey butter almonds produced by the same company are great too.

Haitai Honey Butter Chip
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Want Want Rice Crackers

Originally from Taiwan, the Want Want Rice Crackers, also known as Wang Wang, is famous throughout Asia. This humble treat is mainly rice with salt seasonings that give its simple flavour.

Though rice crackers are ubiquitous in Asia, this rice cracker has dominated in terms of branding in many countries, especially in South East Asia.

Senbei rice crackers

Each packet consists of 20 smaller packets with 2 pieces in them. As a very light snack, some may even eat this Asian snack as an appetise to fill their bellies.

There are varieties to the Want Want Rice Crackers but the most popular one is its classic salted rice cracker. Now, you can order the Want Want Rice Cracker from online stores like Amazon for you to stock up in your Asian snack cabinet.

Want Want Senbei Rice Crackers
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Hello Panda

Hello Panda is a Japanese treat that is popular and memorable, especially due to its cute Panda mascot. They are packaged in an easily identifiable hexagonal box with panda cartoons printed on them.

A hit with kids, these cream-filled biscuits are a must-try treat. Due to its large popularity, we have included it in our list of best Asian snacks.

Hello Panda chocolate filled biscuit

Hello Panda is manufactured by Meiji, consists of a small shortbread layer filled with either chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or many more flavoured creams.

True to its Japanese roots, Hello Panda also offers seasonal flavours like sakura and matcha green tea. You can order these Asian snacks online from anywhere in the world.

Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits with Assorted Filling
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Calbee Jagariko

We believe that Calbee’s Jagariko deserves a spot on our best Asian snacks list. Indeed, Calbee proves that you can package fried potato sticks in a box and still retain its crispy goodness.

When you open the packaging, you will find that the potato sticks are finger-length and pencil-thick. You can easily carry it around as the treats are packaged in a cup container. Jagariko is a very popular Asian snack among the Japanese and those who have visited Japan.

Japanese fried potato stick

Its most famous flavour is the ‘salad’ flavour which is made of carrots and parsley mix. Furthermore, the cheese flavoured Jagariko is also highly rated.

However, we would like to recommend that you definitely try their Hokkaido Butter flavour. We would not want you to miss the rich and creamy butter that is infused in this Jagariko.

You can get your Jagariko fix easily nowadays without having to travel to Asia. You can order this Asian snack online to be sent to your home address.

Calbee’s Hokkaido Butter Jagariko
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Wasabi Green Peas

This Asian snack is a healthy entry on our list. The Wasabi Green Peas is a crowd favourite among many Asian communities.

Made up mainly of green peas and wasabi, this treat is packed with umami that you would not want to stop eating once you start. We find that small packets of Wasabi Green Peas are usually included in Asian snack mixes.

Wasabi green peas in a can

You can find many recipes online on how to make this Asian snack. However, we observe that the desired results are difficult to achieve. If you are looking to fulfil your craving quickly, we suggest ordering the Wasabi Green Peas online.

You will find many manufacturers offering this treat. However, we recommend Khao Shong’s Wasabi Green Peas to order online.

Khao Shong Wasabi Green Peas
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Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet

We also include the savoury Dahfa dried fish fillet in our top snacks from Asia list. This Asian snack is very popular in South East Asia. For example, many in Singapore and Malaysia consider this treat as a childhood snack.

Similar to other tidbits on this list, the dried fish fillet is one that is often gifted during festive occasions too.

Weird asian snack dried fish

Obvious from its name, Dahfa is made up of dried fish that is then processed and cut into thin fillet strips. We find the fish fillet strips to be mildly chewy and full of flavour.

At first sight, we thought that the Asian snack was meant to be shared. However, once we tried it, we felt like just eating it all to ourselves! Indeed, Dahfa fish fillet strips are addictively delicious!

Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet
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Orion Choco Pie

Are you are riding the K-wave and are looking for a Korean snack? We recommend trying Orion Choco Pie, which is one on our best Asian snacks list.

It is made of a marshmallow filling that is sandwiched by two fluffy biscuits covered in chocolate. Thus, we think Choco Pie is the perfect Korean treat for your afternoon break.

Apart from its classic marshmallow and chocolate flavour, Orion in recent years has released new flavours. They include strawberry jam, banana, pistachio, berry and more.

Best asian snacks Orion Choco Pie

Orion Choco Pie was inspired by an American treat. This chocolatey tidbit is now widely distributed in South Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia.

Interestingly, Choco Pie has also grown in popularity in North Korea. We observe that several reported events in North Korea referenced this popular Asian snack.

Orion Choco Pie
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Best Asian Snacks

With so many Asian snacks options available to order online, here’s our list to summarise the top snacks to try:

Think we missed your favourite treat from Asia? Let us know by dropping an email to contact@honestfoodtalks.com.

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