17 Best Online Courses Websites That Can Improve Your Skills

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  2. 17 Best Online Courses Websites That Can Improve Your Skills

17 Best Online Courses Websites That Can Improve Your Skills

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published June 17, 2022


Online courses enable you to learn and develop new skills, regardless of your location. While their duration is usually shorter than other formal training programs, you can cover all you require in your desired field by taking them. Exploring the best courses you can access online can help you decide which option to expand your knowledge and stay updated in your industry. In this article, we list 17 websites that offer the best online courses that can help boost your skills and explain the benefits of taking online courses.

17 websites to take the best online courses

If you’re looking for the best online courses where you can learn at your pace, you may consider the following websites. These sites offer various courses to suit your goals and career path. Here’s a comprehensive list of websites for courses in various industries:

Alison is an online learning centre with a wide range of extensive classes in specific fields. These fields include technology, finance, science, and entrepreneurship fields. The courses on Alison are for different categories of learners, from amateurs to professionals. You can choose any course that suits your career or one to expand your skill set from the wide range available on the website. Here are a few popular courses available on Alison:

  • food safety and hygiene in the catering industry

  • safeguarding vulnerable adults

Udemy provides an opportunity for learners worldwide to develop new skills across marketing, business, design, development, and IT and software. The online website offers paid and free courses for subscribers to launch new careers and advance their professional fields. A few of the few courses available are:

  • full-stack web development and AI with python

  • finance training for financial analysts

Udacity is a learning platform that grants users access to free and best online courses in web development, data science, programming, and other areas of IT. The courses may vary in level of expertise and length depending on your demands. Professionals who want to take the nano degree education credential program on Udacity may pay a specific price to learn and develop the skills they require to start a career in tech. A few popular courses on Udacity include:

  • data science for business leaders

  • machine learning for beginners

Coursera allows subscribers to take degree programs from world-class universities and institutions for free or at a discounted price. This online website offers top courses in different fields, from personal development skills to professional areas. Coursera provides quality knowledge because most instructors are renowned experts in their respective fields. With Coursera, you can learn at your own pace because facilitators save the videos and learning materials on the website. You can get these courses for less than $50 per month, and you earn a certificate at the end. Here are a few popular courses on Coursera:

  • google digital marketing & e-commerce

  • IBM full-stack software developer professional course

Skillshare is an online learning platform with various courses primarily for professionals in the creative field. Subscribers can watch the prerecorded videos and audios at their own pace. Some of the creative skills you can learn on Skillshare include design, photography, videography, illustration, filmmaking, and freelancing. Skillshare offers subscribers a free trial for seven days and expects them to pay a monthly fee, depending on the course. Here are a few popular courses available to subscribers on Skillshare:

  • procreate for beginners: learn the basics & sell your artwork

  • productivity masterclass – principles and tools to boost your productivity

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On Codecademy, users generally have access to various coding and software development courses. You can select a specific aspect of programming that interests you, apply for the course on Codecademy, and specialize in that area. Codecademy provides an interactive way of learning and different subscription plans from which users can choose a suitable plan. Users can enjoy free courses on Codecademy. Some of these free courses are:

  • build a website with HTML, CSS, and GitHub pages

  • getting started with natural language processing

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Pluralsight is a learning hub that offers the best online courses to help you develop your technical skills. The instructors are experts in their field, and they provide articles, video and audio materials, and other program assessments to help users develop their skills. Like other websites, Pluralsight grants users a free trial, after which they pay for every course they take. Here are a few popular courses available to learners on Pluralsight:

  • communicating and documenting security incidents

  • HTML 5 and CSS 3: an overview of tag, attribute, and selector additions

edX offers learning services similar to Coursera. Subscribers on edX have access to quality education and training without the hindrances of location or cost. Most of the courses on edX are free. Users that want a certificate when they complete their course usually pay a fee to get the certificate. edX has top sponsors, some of which include top universities like Havard and the University of Chicago. Some courses that users can apply for on edX include:

  • full-stack application development project

  • upper-intermediate English: business and modern life

Memrise offers various language courses to interested subscribers all over the world. It adds authenticity and richness to the languages by providing videos and audio of natives speaking the languages in their native accents and intonations. You can also gain insight into the culture of the native speakers of the languages from the videos. Memrise has many global subscribers who connect and interact while taking lessons from expert linguists. Here are a few popular courses on Memrise:

  • Japanese

  • German

  • Italian

  • Slovenian

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Harvard University offers free and paid courses across different subjects and fields. There are premium classes that relate to business, design, computer science, social science, and art. Here are a few courses you can take on Harvard University’s online course website:

  • nonprofit financial stewardship webinar: introduction to accounting and financial statements

  • the health effects of climate change

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Stanford Online is the online annex of Stanford University, where online users have access to Stanford’s teaching and research materials. You can take some courses for free on the online website, while you may take others after paying a fixed fee. Experts teach online courses in real-time, so the courses available may change frequently. Here are a few courses that are available on Stanford Online:

  • introduction to linear dynamical systems

  • foundations in computer science graduate program

FutureLearn is an online learning website that strives to provide global access to quality education. Courses on FutureLearn cover aspects like healthcare, engineering, business, computer science, law, literature, psychology, and social sciences. You can learn new skills, develop your skills, earn professional certification, and attain an online degree in FutureLearn.

Academic Earth solely provides educational materials and coursework to college students online. The courses are free, and they cover the main college categories, arts, science, accounting, humanities, and technology. Whether you want to learn a new topic or improve your knowledge in your current field, Academic Earth provides unlimited access to quality education. If you want to complete assignments and get certificates, you may pay a specific amount. Here are a few courses on Academic Earth:

  • introduction to financial and managerial accounting

  • special seminar in marketing: marketing management

Open Yale Courses offers interested users free access to the educational materials and courses that renowned scholars teach at Yale University. This online learning website exclusively provides quality education without a certificate, degree, or course credit. A few popular courses on Open Yale Courses are:

  • introduction to the theory of literature

  • environmental politics and law

  • frontiers of biomedical engineering

Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative is an online platform of Carnegie Mellon University that provides various university courses. Users have access to vast research resources and quality experimentation to improve their learning experience. A few courses on this online website include:

  • introduction to programming in java

  • general chemistry

  • media programming

General Assembly provides online coding and in-demand skills bootcamp. While some courses in General Assembly are expensive, there are free workshops on courses like software engineering, digital marketing, and design. General Assembly also grants access to free beginner coding classes.

MIT OpenCourseWare is an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to grant free access to the institute’s academic resources. There are over 2,000 materials on the website for interested users to access freely. A few featured courses on MIT OpenCourseWare include:

  • mathematics for computer science

  • social theory and analysis

  • product engineering process

Benefits of taking online courses

Regardless of your career stage, online courses are beneficial because they can help you to:

  • gain new hard and skills to advance your career

  • transition into new career opportunities

  • learn at your own pace, wherever is most comfortable

  • grow your network outside of your region by connecting to a global market

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