17 Best Restaurants in Dallas 2022

The very best restaurants in Dallas serve up anything from Tex-Mex to Mediterranean and everything in between

This city is big in a lot of ways, and the culinary scene is no different — the best restaurants in Dallas offer a range well beyond barbeque. Where to begin? The city’s bright young chefs make their mark throughout downtown with international flavors blended with Texan charm and a splash of good design. On the casual front, hip eaters in Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville munch at rustic day-to-night hangouts that serve some of the best brunches in Dallas, along with lethal cocktails. And certainly, the glamorous housewives — dressed to the nines with champagne in hand — lend undeniable status to chic restaurants uptown and in Turtle Creek, too. Whatever your cravings, it’s an exciting time to sample the city’s culinary delights. No, it’s not just brisket and tortillas here — there’s also plenty of room for menus that sparkle with caviar, schnitzel, baba ganoush, and handmade dumplings. Trust us: you’ll need to loosen that belt because you won’t be leaving anything on your plate.

Who’s hungry? Here are the very best restaurants in Dallas to eat at right now.

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