18 Best Restaurants in Bali

If you pass by a tiny Seminyak burger joint with a megawatt interior reminiscent of Puff Daddy video sets of the mid-‘90s, you’ve discovered BO$$MAN. Proclaimed by most to be the best spot in Bali for burgers, BO$$MAN is run by New Zealand–born restaurateur Adam McAsey and chef Jethro Vincent, both responsible for Sisterfields next door. The BO$$MAN branding tries a bit too hard with the whole rap culture theme—“We’re open ’til 4 a.m. errrrrryday, because the BO$$ ain’t got no time for sleep!” reads its website—but with burgers this good, it’s easy to laugh it off. The beef-based selections are 60-day dry-aged chuck cuts, molded by hand on-site, and the pork selection—named The Notorious P.I.G., naturally—is 18-hour cooked pork belly with Asian slaw and candied chilli. The sole chicken burger takes on Korean fried chicken with kimchi, sesame emulsion, and gochujang mayo. And yes, there’s a vegan option, too. Each burger is served with house-made sauces and a multi-colored sesame bun to hold the magic together.