18 Best Restaurants in Palm Springs in 2022

If you’re heading to this desert oasis, these are the best restaurants in Palm Springs right now

With its star-studded history and amazing mid-century modern architecture, this sun-fueled mecca has a lot to offer—so it’s no surprise whatsoever that the best restaurants in Palm Springs rise to the occasion, too.

Sure, you’re bound to spend most of your day lounging by the pool. But there are plenty of tasty restaurants and bars that deserve a spot on any list of fun things to do in Palm Springs. Most restaurants in town offer incredible take-out options and beautiful outdoor patios (especially for those who aren't ready for indoor dining yet), and there are plenty of splashy hotspots serving trendy poolside cocktails that just can’t be missed.

This is a town that plans ahead, so we recommend making dinner and weekend brunch reservations in advance (particularly during spring and fall, its busiest seasons). Keep in mind that many restaurants are on the smaller side (which means they tend to fill up quickly), while several of the best restaurants are located within hotels that are thankfully open to the public.

And while Palm Springs is known as the golf capital of the world, it's also famous for its date shakes—no visit is complete without an ice-cold shake with ample chunks of the sweet stone fruit. The Coachella Valley area supplies about 95 percent of the country's dates, making it a popular ingredient throughout Palm Springs’ kitchens.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best spots for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner for your next desert adventure to this glamorous resort town.

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