20 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

The cheesesteak is no doubt iconic, but it's not Philly's only sought-after cuisine. The city has shed it's image as a rough-and-tough, hand-held meal kind of town and has emerged as one of the premier dining destinations in the country. Now, the best restaurants in Philadelphia are also some of the most noteworthy in America.

That’s mostly due to a crop of young, talented chefs who, instead of jutting off to larger cities like New York or Chicago, are staying in the City of Brotherly Love to build a community of inventive, world-class eateries that are bringing top-notch flavors and amazing vibes to every corner of the city.

These spots have nabbed national attention and give Philadelphians the chance to not only enjoy the foods we’ve always loved (hello, red sauce and meatballs!) but work in a range of dishes from across the globe—from Israeli to Japanese to elegant vegan.

This list represents the places that locals love the most—the ones we talk about and return to over and over again. It includes a range of amazing places to eat and drink that are located in some of the best neighborhoods in the city and that fit every kind of budget—from the pricey spots for special-occasion dinners to more casual options for any old Saturday night.